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  1. Elwood1968

    WTB: Cincinnati 10" Universal Dividing Head and/or Dividing Head Enclosed Drive Gear Box

    Looking for a Cincinnati 10" universal dividing head, i.e. with the input drive shaft like the one below: Also looking for a Cincinnati enclosed driving gear box (not the short and long lead version with the three gear shift levers), preferably sized for a 10" dividing head (the arm that...
  2. Elwood1968


    For Sale: KENNAMETAL 25mm Counterboring Tool CBTF250R2WD20N3M (3 available) New, never used, still in original factory plastic sleeves. Does not include inserts. Price new from Carbidedepot.com: $334 Selling these for $99 ea., shipping included. Payment by check only (sorry, I closed my...
  3. Elwood1968

    FS: Starrett 25-441J Dial Indicators - 1" Range, 0.001" Graduations - Five Available

    For Sale: Starrett 25-441J Dial Indicators 0-1" range, 0.001" graduations, 0-100 face, 0.100" per revolution with counter, 0.375" stem diameter, lug back Link to 25-441J in Starrett catalog Used, but in very good to excellent condition. Action is smooth from 0 to 1", crystals are...
  4. Elwood1968


    For Sale: a Type "A" arbor support for a Cincinnati horizontal milling machine. Fits the Cinova 80, MI, ML, and similar No. 2 size machines. I don't believe that this support will fit a No. 2 dial-type machine. Measurement across the wide part of the dovetail is apx. 5-7/8". Depth of...
  5. Elwood1968

    FS: APT Hole Making Blades - Series "E" - 37 Blades of Various Sizes

    For Sale: APT Multi-Tool System high-speed steel and cobalt blades and carbide insert holder for drilling, boring, spotfacing, counterboring, and back-counterboring in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. These are "E" series blades for heavy-duty use, and require an appropriate "E" series...
  6. Elwood1968

    FS: Criterion DBL-206 Adjustable Boring Head for 1-1/2" Bars on 6MT Arbor

    For Sale: Criterion DBL-206 Adjustable Boring Head Accepts 1-1/2" diameter boring bars Mounted on 6MT arbor. 2-1/4"-10 threads. Divisions are marked in 0.002" increments. Center hole will bore from 1-3/4" to 5-3/4", outboard hole will bore from 5-1/2" to 9-1/2", and cross hole will bore...
  7. Elwood1968

    Mystery NMTB50 holder with thru coolant

    So I picked this item up with a batch of NMTB50 face, shell, and endmill holders, but I can't figure out what is it's purpose. It appears to have never been used. It has a stationary collar to allow a coolant connection. The drawbar threads are 1"-8 threads, but the bore for whatever is held...
  8. Elwood1968

    FS: The Machinist's Bedside Reader, Vol. 1

    The Machinist's Bedside Reader (Vol. 1), Guy Lautard, Second Edition, 8th Printing Softcover, 206 pages, good to okay condition. Cover has some markings from stickers, corners are generally good. Internal pages are good. $45 shipped by USPS Media Mail, payment by check or PayPal (+3% or F&F)
  9. Elwood1968

    Fs: Allied machine (amec) spade drill bits

    For Sale: Allied Machine AMEC spade drill bit inserts, various sizes, some new, some used, 33 pieces total Dimensions are cutting diameter x blade height x blade width Bits in new condition ("new" meaning there is at least some remnant of the protective rubber coating on the cutting edges) 5"...
  10. Elwood1968

    FS: Left Tailstock w/Center for Cincinnati No. 2 Cutter & Tool Grinder

    For Sale: Left Tailstock w/Center for Cincinnati No. 2 Cutter & Tool Grinder $50 plus actual shipping. Payment by PayPal (+3% or F&F) or check.
  11. Elwood1968

    FS: Horton Model 184 4-Jaw Combination Scroll/Independent Chuck 10"

    For Sale: Horton 4-Jaw Combination Chuck (has both a scroll and each jaw is independently adjustable) Horton Model No. 184 (listed as a 10" chuck, but actual outside diameter is 9-7/16") Semi-steel body. Outside jaws only. Three bolt (5/8"-11) backplate, with 7" register. Center hole is...
  12. Elwood1968

    FS: SCULLY-JONES 63116 NMTB50 to NMTB40 reducing adapter

    For Sale: Scully-Jones 63116 adapter to use NMTB40 arbors and mounts in an NMTB50 spindle. Used, but good condition. $100 shipped USPS Priority Mail. Payment by PayPal (+3% or F&F) or check.
  13. Elwood1968

    FS: CINCINNATI Vertical Attachment Drawbars

    For Sale: Cincinnati Vertical Attachment Drawbars (two different drawbars available) 1. Drawbar 64043 for Heavy Vertical Attachment Type AHA Fits milling machines 2L and 2MH; 2, 3, and 4 Dial Types; 4 and 5 High Power Types. Bolt is stamped "64043". Bolt has 1"-8 threads for NMTB50 tooling...
  14. Elwood1968

    WTB: Criterion Boring Head NMTB50 Shank

    Wanted To Buy: NMTB50 shank mount for a Criterion DBL-206 boring head. Requires a 2-1/4 x 10 thread.
  15. Elwood1968

    FS: Cincinnati Milling Machines Coolant Piping Overarm Brackets

    For Sale: coolant bracket parts to mount on underside of overarm on Cincinnati horizontal plain and universal milling machines. The numbers stamped on the parts indicate that these were made for Cincinnati dial-type machines, sizes 2, 3, and 4 (see illustrations below from service and parts...
  16. Elwood1968

    FS: ER40 ISO/NT50 Collet Chuck and FREE Sq Hd Retention Knobs

    For Sale: Rego-Fix Swiss ISO/NT50 ER40 Collet Chuck p/n Hi-Q/ER40 Very good condition. 50 taper has only very light marks. Drawbar thread is metric M24x3. $20 plus actual shipping. Payment by check or PayPal (+3% or F&F). See next post for retention knobs.
  17. Elwood1968

    FS: Cincinnati NMTB50 Helical Drive Gear 134602

    For Sale: used Cincinnati NMTB50 helical drive gear p/n 134602 Not sure what mill or attachment this is used with, but it's a Cincinnati factory drive gear, stamped with p/n "134602" (barely visible stamped on the face of the gear in the first photo below). Based on the size of the gear, I'd...
  18. Elwood1968

    Parts Catalog for Cincinnati Horizontal Milling Machine Attachments?

    I'm looking for factory parts catalogs for Cincinnati horizontal milling machine accessories such as vertical attachments, slotters, etc. I can find the original sales brochures, but the machine parts catalogs don't seem to include the parts breakdowns for the accessories, with few exceptions...
  19. Elwood1968

    FS: CAT50 Endmill and Shell/Facemill Holders

    For Sale: three CAT50 tooling holders. These appear to be unused, but two of them have light surface rust from storage. Will sell as a lot ($60 for all three) or individually, price as shown plus actual shipping. Payment by check or PayPal (+3% or F&F). 1. BAKUER TFS 8135032.12...
  20. Elwood1968

    WTB: Buck S-247 Backplate NMTB40 to 6" Set-Tru

    Looking for a Buck S-247 backplate, which adapts from an NMTB40 taper to their 6" Universal (i.e. Adjust-Tru) chuck.