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    Speeds and Feeds for Long Tools

    We typically pre drill with the closest size drill possible. Often only a few thou under. When I can't or don't want to pre drill I usually drop the pitch even more.
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    ASU needs a Prototype Shop CNC Machinist

    Hanermo, you are SO full of shit. Every opportunity, you come up with these WILDLY inflated numbers about how much money people make at tech companies. I know several Apple prototype machinists. They are paid quite well, but the average is probably under 250k. I also know several former...
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    Speeds and Feeds for Long Tools

    1 - Helical is now the same company as Harvey, so for me any long reach tool from them would extremely suspect. 2 - Helical has a bunch of different aluminum specific grinds, and some of them are not so great. For instance, the 35 degrees are fine for roughing, but don't have a lot of...
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    Speeds and Feeds for Long Tools

    12XD at that size shouldn't be too bad. I would helix really small; like start at .002in DOC on a helical interpolation cycle. Then simply increase DOC until it reaches an unacceptable amount of chatter. You should be able to run around .010in at that size, as long as it's been drilled out...
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    Nx + Hypermill or only Nx

    hyperMILL is a great piece of software. That said; I can't see any reason to package it with NX unless you were already a hyperMILL power user, or you needed some specific technology package that is unique to hyperMILL. NX is a great CAM system that is at least as good as hyperMILL, and having...
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    OT: Is technology slowing things down?

    I heard the tracking chip they put in your COVID vaccination can be used for voter ID. Or at least I'm pretty sure I saw that on a Facebook meme. Just another fact that the liberal media doesn't want you to know about. ;)
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    OT: Is technology slowing things down?

    If MAGA politics has demonstrated anything; it's that making an accusation loudly and frequently is proof for a frighteningly large amount of people. Once the misinformation gets repeated enough times, anything to the contrary is just liberal media bias... :willy_nilly: Agreed that mail in...
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    I've given up how to search a forum specific question so I ask what do shops charge for 3D printing?

    I charge a flat $25 for a PLA print. It's not something we make money off of. Print jobs here typically have a pretty high likelihood of turning into machined parts, or are part of an engineering project.
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    Romi machine tools?

    They are decent machines. The C series teach lathes are fairly robust, and the pairing with the Siemens 828D is pretty great. I would not buy anything too fancy from Romi; they are made in Brazil, so of course, set your expectations accordingly. Support is also pretty limited, which is a...
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    Shopping for a 5 axis mill: DMG Monoblock 85 vs Okuma MU6300 vs Maatsura MAM 72, vs ?

    The Makino 5 axis machines that are built on their horizontal castings either can’t go past 90 degrees of tilt (like the A500Z), or have super short z heights to accommodate the 5th axis. When any company tries to build a 5 axis from their standard horizontal 4 axis platform, it’s really tricky...
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    Shopping for a 5 axis mill: DMG Monoblock 85 vs Okuma MU6300 vs Maatsura MAM 72, vs ?

    Which Makino? I like the brand, but outside of the MAG machines, their five axis options underwhelm. Machines like the A500Z have extremely limiting kinematics, and only fit specific product lines. Pretty outside the scope of this conversation IMHO.
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    The first and last Haas I'll ever buy

    If losing the aerospace industry was going to shut down California, it would have happened decades ago. That market is a only a small fraction of what it used to be. No doubt that California is hard on businesses, but again, their economy is growing like crazy despite it. There is a ton of...
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    The first and last Haas I'll ever buy

    Forgive me for being blunt, but what a stupid comment. We are both in agreement that California is a shitshow, but to call it irrelevant is absurd. California is a massive economy all on it's own, and it continues to grow. And I assure you that there are a lot of people moving to other places...
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    Anyone probe parts on mill/turn lathe?

    Sounds like a good part for a bar-fed Chiron mil. That said, you can probe on a FANUC lathe no problem. I'm surprised your dealer has never sold a lathe with a probe. We used to put them on MITS based NLX's with some frequency. They are ubiquitous on FANUC based NT's, though typically used...
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    Xometry's "take" grows to 39% last quarter

    :crazy: F- that. I'm not about to fight a price battle with a company that is losing money. So sick of customers that only care about cost. Shame on anybody who is encouraging the bastards.
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    Call to cash automation… thought about it?

    There have been literally dozens of companies that have tried this with machined parts. Some (like Protolabs) are actually pretty successful at it. Some (like Hadrian Manfucaturing) are still in the exploratory phase. Most have given up, and either pivoted the business or disappeared. I...
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    Shopping for a 5 axis mill: DMG Monoblock 85 vs Okuma MU6300 vs Maatsura MAM 72, vs ?

    I have had fantastic results with our local DMG MORI support out of Portland, OR. The DMG factory(s) are usually an absolute PITA to deal with, but the local team does a pretty good job running interference. They are probably the best support crew in this region, though I think the only real...
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    new Haas HPC causes foaming?

    Sounds like it might be sucking air to me. Somebody with more HAAS experience can chime in though. There was another thread recently about their HAAS high pressure pump being excessively loud.
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    Shopping for a 5 axis mill: DMG Monoblock 85 vs Okuma MU6300 vs Maatsura MAM 72, vs ?

    I wouldn't even consider a MAM. Old design. You either get a lame Fanuc controller, or a poorly supported Siemens controller. Pretty meh platform. Have a customer that is very happy with their Okuma MU6300's on a pallet pool. We have a M560V. Okuma OSP300 is better than a FANUC, but not by...
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    Pickup inside of van trailer

    I'm with johfoster on this one. It would probably ride fine on an easy trip, but needs to be secured in case of emergency. Ever seen a tractor trailer with a pallet smashed up against the headache rack?