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  1. cyanidekid

    looking for forensic engineer for stainless food equipment.

    one of my clients is in the kitchen equipment business, and has a completely incompetent operation designing and fabricating their units. they experience consistent, repeated, and entirely predictable failures in gear that costs upwards of 150K. I have been swimming upstream just trying to get...
  2. cyanidekid

    collet storage ideas?

    looking for some inspiration/ideas on collet storage. I know the Hardinge swing out racks are pretty awesome, and having lots of Lista or Vidmar drawers with 3D printed trays is nice, but short of that type of high end solution, what have folks found works well? talking R8 and 5C stuff and some...
  3. cyanidekid

    Starrett No. 164 drafting table T square

    A kind neighbor just gifted me a Starrett 164 T square that has an odd spring plunger on it. At first doing an image search nothing came up, but a txt version of the 50th anniversary catalog had this; “cut No. 164 represents a nickel plated T square, with spring tempered steel blade and...
  4. cyanidekid

    video; " A Naval Gun in the Making"

    came across this on the tube. it doesn't seem to be dated in this edit, but given the caliber (looks like 15"/45?) and the fact the film was made at all, im thinking its post WW1when the details of the process were no longer top secret. maybe early '20's? fascinating despite annoying lack of...
  5. cyanidekid

    Hossfeld style Vs Di-Acro #3, bender comparison

    Hi all, I have a DiAcro #3 bender that I use and love, but I also wound up with a HF Hossfeld type bender. in 4 years I haven't even unwrapped the stretch film around it, and im wondering if there is something the type is particularly suited for? what can they do the DiAcro doesn't or isn't...
  6. cyanidekid

    anyone parting out a Kalamazoo horizontal Bsaw?

    Hi all, looking for 3 items for a Kalamazoo horizontal bandsaw. the work support casting that bolts to the right of the bed, a main clamping screw, and a blade cover 59 1/8" (for a unit that takes a 10' blade). I'm breathing new life into an AH9AW automatic that was scavenged by the...
  7. cyanidekid

    emco maier pinion, for the cost of shipping, pickup for free

    I have what looks like a new carriage traverse pinion, in a bag marked Emco Maier C3B070080. no idea if it is the part indicated. it's a 14 tooth gear that fits a 12MM shaft, 11MM wide. just trying to help someone, free for shipping or pick up for free in Brooklyn NY.
  8. cyanidekid

    coolant skunked B&S perma sine, cleaning tips?

    I got a Brown and Sharpe Perma-Sine at auction a while ago (6X12) for a decent price. I think something like 400 if I recall. it's in good condition, without gouges or major dings, a few scratches but nothing deeper that about .002, but noticed it was really weak. I assumed that was because...
  9. cyanidekid

    "FKD JAPAN" countersink

    I've got one of those "magic steel" tools and I've got no idea where and when it joined the menagerie around here. It JFW and keeps going, and going and going. works great on laser cut stainless, chatters less than most, hasn't chipped. Of course now that Iv'e said it, its doomed! It's marked...
  10. cyanidekid

    interesting lathe radius tool JE Freyman &sons

    just came across this, its up on Ebay. interesting. thought I'd pass it along;
  11. cyanidekid

    bismuth free machining steel, any experience with it?

    I'v been trying to get a hold of some bismuth containing free machining steel, as an alternative to lead bearing alloys like 12L14, really just to experiment with. It seems hard to find, and I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with it? three questions; 1) machining properties...
  12. cyanidekid

    has Brownells stopped selling electroless nickel?

    I was just looking for product info on some old Brownells "electroless nickel concentrate A-1" that's on hand, and I and went on their site, and no such products came up. have they stopped selling it? on a different note, this bottle is 14 years old or so, and on the label it says "best if used...
  13. cyanidekid

    OT, hydroxy associated with increased deaths, biggest study yet

    just in the interest of all here who may be on the hydroxychloroquine or the chloroquine (or thinking about it), with or without the Azithro, there is a new study out in the Lancet today, a meta-analysis involving 18.000 patients on those, and 80,000 not taking them, and it looks like they...
  14. cyanidekid

    need help in the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

    I just herd on the radio that there are a number of businesses in the Brooklyn Navy Yard converting their operation to provide essential PPE equipment in short supply. I'm a block away, and would like to offer any assistance I can, from consulting to welding to light manual machining (Bport...
  15. cyanidekid

    45k$ Dining table

    I had a request to post pictures of a 45K$ dining table I was working on so here you are;
  16. cyanidekid

    Building the Rolls Royce Merlin engine, doc

    Nice documentary on building the legendary Rolls Royce areo engine, about 30 min; Documentary: Building The Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine
  17. cyanidekid

    machining 8" shells, 1917 canada

    my apologies in advance if this has been posted before, but it's a really interesting video. at 9:51, "sharpening" a tool bit with a hammer?
  18. cyanidekid

    wrong gear on the threading dial?

    well this is a new one to me. I hadn't done single point threading on the Angellini MAS165 I acquired last year yet, and was cutting some 14 tip internal threads. figured since its a 4tpi leadscrew, I could engage on any line. this dial is marked with 4 lines. (yes, could engage on 1/2 marks...
  19. cyanidekid

    WTB Diacro #3 bender forming nose

    Need the forming nose for the Diacro #3 bender new to me. I know they are available new for a reasonable price (260 or so) but thought I’d ask here first, thanks for looking! Merry merry and happy happy, cheers!!
  20. cyanidekid

    stolen equipment/tool registry

    Good afternoon folks, I would like to propose a registry on PM for stolen tools and equipment, and also remind everyone to record their serial numbers NOW for the possible police report I hope you never need to file. I had my Miller Maxstar 161STH welder stolen from my checked baggage on...