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    Listen to the Joe Rogan podcast #1873 with Brigham Buhler, very enlightening on why drugs costs are so insane.
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    Steel for cooking

    Lol... its fine till you heat it, lets put it on something exclusively used to be heated up.
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    Steel for cooking

    Considering most people cook in Teflon and happily ingest ptfe's I wouldn't worry one bit about any grade of steel.
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    Steel for cooking

    Use 12L4 and live dangerously.
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    Which lathe to buy? New Doosan vs used Haas??

    Why not a 20 year old Mazak? ;)
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    anyone have experience concrete floor grinding?

    I just did my home garage 26x32', concrete was in excellent shape but very tightly power trowelled so I just needed to break the top layer to help the epoxy bond. Took 6 hours of straight grinding.
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    Tried and True Machine

    Raced a sprint enduro at Millville yesterday. Went down hard in a rock garden and banged myself up pretty good. Moving slow today.
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    So is it slowin down? (business/mfrg)

    If you didn't see this coming your head is so buried in the sand or up your ass...
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    Tried and True Machine

    Ya man for sure, I'm not an insurance agent. That comment was more of a this is something everyone should think about and have plans for.
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    Tried and True Machine

    Get short term disability insurance, its not even expensive. I will quit riding when I die.
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    new format - a thumbs-down

    HATE this new layout.
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    Cherry mantel crack repair

    Looks even rusticer now.
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    Minimum charge.

    You the cops bro?
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    Create Tool (in Wuhan) non-responsive

    "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." - William J. Casey, CIA Director (1981)
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    Anyone want to scrape the compound on my LeBlond Regal Servo Shift?

    Seems like something Cash could do and turn around quickly.
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    I'm tired. Tired and I don't think I have any left in me, to give my company

    Ya man, getting crushed under the reality of the new normal. You are totally sane.
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    Has anyone heard from Tonytn36 ?

    Glad to hear you are doing well Tony. Hands down one of the top contributors to Practical MACHINIST.
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    Automobile Manufacturing, all the new EV's, how is the tooling made?

    Very familiar and yes absolutely its a better, more advanced method of doing the same old stuff. But that was my point, manufacturing tech is thousands of incremental improvements. Thinking that EV's have taken some massive leap forward from a manufacturing stand point is incorrect, especially...