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    Delta multi head upgrade

    So some years back I was gifted a 1942 vintage 4 head Delta which I love and have repaired the various things that go wrong with these, stripped head elevators, return springs, etc. I was thinking of putting a larger motor on one head so I could drill stuff that it looks like it could, but all...
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    OT: Chiefs fans donate to Buffalo charity

    Pretty impressive, tradition started by Buffalo fans, picked up by Chiefs fans this week Kansas City Chiefs fans, in nod to Bills Mafia, donate $255,017 to Buffalo children's hospital Fans of both teams have much to be proud of, on multiple fronts BTW, accidentally tuned into that game with...
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    Brother circular pocket cycle? Alternatives?

    So, the Brother does not accept a Z argument for G12/13 [as some controls apparently do] and I am really stumped at how to pull off what I need to to, all day every day Here is how I have been running things for decades: Create a list of hole locations Drill at those hole locations...
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    Gotta love this forum, [programming help rant etc]

    Now I have been for years describing manuals for Asian equipment as making your eyes bleed but the information is in there Karma is a bitch but PM to the rescue Subprogram Problems on a TC-S2A Once I read the post by angelw the information in the manual makes sense Now it is bad enough...
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    Parting out Bridgeport VMC1000 1998

    Yeah posted a couple years back but now this really must go. Machine coming Stripping it right now. Heidenhain control, but many of the mechanical components carry over to the DX Eastern Mass Will sell stuff cheap, but remember how much all the good stuff weighs if you want to ship I'm...
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    slitting sheet goods, tips tricks

    Twice in the last 6 months I have wanted to crate longish strips in flexible material[rubber then fabric] and struggled to find a [cheap easy] way to do it reliably. I think I know all the hard ways[hah!] Anyone have an easy way to such a thing?
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    OT: laying into a woodstove with an angle grinder

    So I own stupid damn house. Contemporary. Too much glass. Has a particular look When you own such a thing, you have to go with it. No six panel doors, or carriage lamp light fixtures I have two fireplaces, and the one upstairs I have ceramic glass doors on and it does a decent job of...
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    Small table saw that is worth the trouble?

    I have a Unisaw at work, but it is not exactly portable or space efficient I have basically hated every other table saw I have owned, or at least once I bought the Unisaw I did. It is like everyone in the world uses an XY table on a drill press and suddenly you use a bridgeport and realize...
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    OT: Mass right to repair ballot initiative

    Some pretty wild propaganda thrown around by the automakers trying to retain their market share Massachusetts Voters Will Decide (Again) Who Is Allowed To Fix Their Cars – Reason.com If you think it is not a big deal, some cars need window switches to be programmed by the dealer. And that...
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    MOnarch EE on facebook

    Monarch 10EE toolroom lathe - Miscellaneous Tools - Gloucester, Massachusetts | Facebook Marketplace no connection, local so I could look at it if anyone is interested
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    OT: counterbalanced stairs

    I was so pleased with myself, I thought I had posted about this before but apparently not. I wanted pulldown stairs in my garage for some light duty storage above. I hate the rickety spring loaded ones, and had vain hopes that having somewhat 'real' stairs would mean it would not always be me...
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    Think you guys might like this, clockworks etc

    Inside the rare art of restoring mechanical antiques - CNN Video
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    weeeeeyaad Down on the Farm That Harvests Metal From Plants - The New York Times
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    Netflix Film 'American Factory"

    Worth checking out At the beginning of the film I was amazed at the lack of automation in such a shiny new factory [spoiler alert they fix that in the end] A lot of it goes much as you would imagine
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    UPS and Fedex add fee over 50 pounds

    Starting 12/29 a $24 fee for boxes over 50 pounds, used to be 70. Thought it was my software[have been changing updating computers and software] but it is real, announced in November I guess So, watch out, if you don't pay close attention your customers might get angry
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    What was your bonus this year?

    Probably less than theirs.... Company surprises employees with $10 million in bonuses at holiday party | Boston.com
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    Lathe, mysterious taper

    Acquaintance bought an older logan in apparently decent shape, no visible wear, turns a fairly significant taper. Like .015 in 6 inches. Head isn't kicked, not wildly out of level. Chuck and collet same Just trying to think of something I am overlooking.
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    database error

    seems to be happening more and more tabase error in vBulletin 2.0.42: User pm_forum already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections MySQL Error : Error Number : Request Date : Friday, October 4th 2019 @ 06:04:46 AM Error Date : Friday, October 4th 2019 @ 06:04:46 AM...
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    ebay seller weirdness....raising prices

    So as many do I search ebay for things I have an interest in, not really looking to buy but you never know So I trip over a machine that is cheap, updated and with a travel I didn't even know was available on that machine. But as every one of these machines it has a dead spindle drive[I am...
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    Moving EE, low ceiling, advice please

    I have an opportunity to get another EE, but it is in a building with a ~9 foot ceiling height. helped move a bridgeport CNC in this very building, using a forklift, with me following along muttering 'I don't like this, I don't like this' because it was sat on the forks of a forklift. I always...