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    Mitsubishi M64S Rigid tapping

    Have you tapped with it yet? Working?
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    US flat: what spindle power for a home hobbiest?

    Home grade machine construction is not covered much here. You’ll find almost all suggestions will be to build heavier and more accurately than what you are capable of. Home shop or hobby machining forums will be more helpful.
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    A few bucks to improve Speedio's coolant nozzles...............

    Yes. Replacing the failed turcite under the columns was the biggest part of the job. Had to build a 20 ton capable hoist to lift the column. The column weighs about 25k lbs but a healthy safety factor was desired. I lost track of how many times the column was placed, checked, lifted and...
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    A few bucks to improve Speedio's coolant nozzles...............

    You should. Would be interesting to read someone else's experience. I did a pair of Mori M300Ls 20+ years ago and a couple Makino MC1516-5X machines about 15 years ago. Big projects those.
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    A few bucks to improve Speedio's coolant nozzles...............

    Programmable nozzles are neat and good until they aren’t. I have experience with a couple flavors of them and in both cases they’ve gotten jammed with chips or fine shit and stopped moving. Then along comes the tool or operation that needs accurate coolant aim and things go bad. At the end of...
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    US flat: what spindle power for a home hobbiest?

    Again, a home CNC forum will be a much better place for answers to questions like this.
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    Mitsubishi M64S Rigid tapping

    If you command R1 in your G84 line I’m 99% sure you will be in rigid mode. Set up some scrap aluminum material and a 1/4-20 tap and so a few trial holes. If you are worried about breaking a cheap tap, program the Z pretty shallow. If it is not rigid tapping it will just pull the threads...
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    Mitsubishi M64S Rigid tapping

    I’ve never seen a Mitsu control that needs an M code to activate rigid tap mode. R1 is one common way and It can also be set by parameter to be the default mode so no R1 is required in that case. If a machine is set to rigid tap as a default, then R0 is used when conventional tapping is done.
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    Solar Panels for house

    If placing on a roof, one should install a new roof just before installing the panels or be sure your roof has a good 20 plus years life left. The cost to remove a solar array then re-roof and reinstall the panels adds a big cost.
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    Tool change M6 problem Fanuc OM

    Short term, checking for tools outside the range 1-10 is probably good. Some machines, even with the drum type toolchange have a data table where tool numbers are assigned to drum position. Then if one is using a tool library in CAM, the library number can be set to the drum position. In...
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    Tool change M6 problem Fanuc OM

    I mis-stated in my previous post, the format is M6 Tx. Then in my toolchange macro I just state T#20. On Mitsu controls, there are choices for M-code macro calls. I have mine set to G65 type call so the variable for T is passed.
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    Tool change M6 problem Fanuc OM

    I am working on the idea that possibly the 9001 and registration of 6 in parameter 240, may not be the builder’s doing, but that of a prior user. Thus my advice to consult the machine builder’s programming manual. My Mori Seiki uses discrete commands to move to the toolchange position and...
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    Tool change M6 problem Fanuc OM

    Some machines with the drum style toolchanger do not use M6 for changing tools. Mori Seiki TV30 is an example. It would be best to read through your machine builder’s programming manual to learn how they expect the toolchanger to operate.
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    065 PS Alarm with G71

    In the 70s and early 80s, there were a few Japanese builders that did that on their lathes where the turret was on the far side of the spindle centerline from the operator. Some sort of adherence to "right hand rule" in the coordinate system. Also makes sense when one thinks about a lathe with...
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    Major problem when sending G Code via RS 232 to Haas

    Why on earth are you asking a Mazak question in a Haas thread???????
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    Fanuc 10T spindle drive replacement - A06B-6044-H108 Model 8

    There are several jumpers on the front board that need to checked and set to match the old drive before you power up. The pots will be close enough to run but if the machine has any special spindle functions they may need tweaking to optimize the function.
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    Lathe spindle belt drives

    You ought to post the spec of the sub spindle you are thinking to convert. 2HP or 10? It’ll make a difference.
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    Electronic gearing for gear hobber

    When I see builders like Makino, Grob, Yasda, or Hermle switch to steppers for their drives, I'll start to believe this^.
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    Bt30 Experts - enlighten me with BT30/BBT30 tooling advice

    On my 30 taper Mori, my go to rougher for 6061 aluminum is a 3/4” endmill. I run that up to full channel cut at .2 depth and 70IPM and 8k RPM.
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    Brother tc-s2a not homing z axis

    Does Does Brother use Colt or Ruger or some other brand of revolver on their axes??? 😉. Brother use encoders for position feedback. Resolvers are a less trustworthy feedback system than encoders for CNC applications.