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  1. Demon69

    Are you concerned about Interest rates?

    Shits starting to get a bit real out there atm and the Fed are raising rates. How are you positioned debt wise and are you concerned of further rate rises? What moves do you have planned if business tails off in the face of rising rates? Cheers D
  2. Demon69


    Enjoy (y)
  3. Demon69

    OT: Limy Sami medical update

    Spoke on the phone this evening, he's in hospital recovering after a 7 odd hour op to remove the lower bowel. He sounded pretty chipper all things considered. "Im high as a kite, and its perfectly legal!" "Haha, its alright mate, no worries" ........ "Have you been banned yet?" "Er nope, not...
  4. Demon69

    OT:- Its New Year, whos for losing some weight?

    I might go for a quick -10kg in 20 days. Anyone else planning to burn some blubber? Whats your goal and what plan do you have for your body in the near future.
  5. Demon69

    Fellows Presents

  6. Demon69

    OT:- 68,195,851 UK Covid-19 Survivors

    A place to talk about the vast vast majority, ie the 68,195,851 of UK folks who haven't died of covid (Rip the 136,208 that died a death involving covid in some way in 2020-2021 to date). Please keep things civil and as sourced as you can, and if you find the following views and actions apply...
  7. Demon69

    OT:- Faster than the speed of wind.

    Doesnt seem like it should work, but :) Enjoy
  8. Demon69

    3rd Covid 19 Vaccination Shot Today

    First! :D....................
  9. Demon69

    OT:- Would you allow your 2-5 yr old to take part in a covid vaccine trial? Poll only

    As usual no comments please folks, poll only. Cheers D
  10. Demon69

    BROOMWADE presents

    Clearing out my place lead to me taking a closer look at the pump head on my compressor (AC10 Broomwade), a hard days effort (not hard at all really) leads to the reward of beer, its the weekend! nearly. Beer leads to youtube which im calling research :D. Research leads to a happy find that im...
  11. Demon69

    OT:- Will you require employees to get the covid vaccine? **POLL ONLY**

    Just like the title says. Would you require new hires get vaccinated before employment - existing employees be vaccinated upon request to maintain their employment? No posts please folks, anonymous poll only. On topic discussion here. Cheers D
  12. Demon69

    OT:- Covid-19 Vaccines, poll only.

    Lets have another go. No posts please folks! Admin:- If you lock the thread, please provide a reason. Side thought, option for the OP to not allow posts on poll threads? :scratchchin: Cheers D
  13. Demon69

    OT:- Vaccine poll

    2 days only. No posts please. (that includes you cry baby!) Votes anonymous so please participate as itd be interesting to get the general PM vibe on the subject. Cheers D Edit:- 'already did' = 'yes I will'. 'already didnt' = 'no I wont' or 'Im undecided as yet'.
  14. Demon69

    OT:- Should we have a subforum for OT posts?

    In these times seems like forum toxicity has gone up a peg or two. The political voices seem especially loud atm. No harm in that per say but when a potentially interesting thread gets trashed and locked, not so great. Should we an off front page place for some/all OT posts? Any other suggestions?
  15. Demon69

    OT:- GBC to remain as a moderator?

    As the title says. The poll is anonymous, what say you?
  16. Demon69

    Shop Tour with Michigan Legend and Friend Daryl Smith aka (Other Brother)

    A face to the name, as humble and helpful as they come. Cheers D
  17. Demon69

    Daf Motor Works (1971)

    Something for everyone :) Cheers D
  18. Demon69

    Steering box worm shaft and nut help

    Looking for general ideas/info on how these parts might have been made, and possibly how they could be reproduced on manual machines. Im guessing the shaft would have been rough turned, hardened then ground to finish. Not sure on the nut :o Cheers D
  19. Demon69

    'Changing a Traction Motor on an AC6000' Interesting video

    I doubt many of us will need to do this anytime soon, but found it an interesting watch. Enjoy
  20. Demon69

    Smart&Brown Model L capstan lathe

    New to me recently. The plan is to go through it, do what needs doing and get it making parts :) According to tonys site, its an early model as it has an aluminium base. Am on the look out for any tooling in the UK btw. Cheers D