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    Champion post drill, complete

    This is in good shape, when I put it in the barn it was hit with LPS3, has all the parts. Wheel has the groove for a V belt if you want to power it with a motor(or steam engine!) $150.00 Pick up in 08558 loco lima @gmail.com
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    Wilkinson planer cast base

    I have the base only and it is missing the door. Good shape other than a lot of drilled holes in the top. Marked WILKINSON. I only have this one bad picture, can't get to it for a better one. I want to keep the leveling casters that are on it. Will need help to get it out. Walk out basement but...
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    Cast Iron legs, several

    I have several leg sets and bases. Bought for projects that never happened or came on other machines. Pretty old white legs...no name, note there is a bar screwed to them, probably for a stretcher. $200/pair Base for machine with cast top bolted to them, no name, had a die filer on it when I...
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    Ballscrew mill table removal?

    Hi, I'm getting a new Prototrak mill and to get it into my shop I need to remove the table. I have had several knee mills totally apart, but I understand the ball screw should never be separated from the nut. I need a sanity check...if I remove the right hand bracket with the handwheel and the...
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    Ptottrak MX2 mill

    Alliant mill with Prototrak MX2 control. Vise is not included. $7500.00. Located in central NJ, a bit north of Princeton. I bought this in 2012, at that time the screws were new as was the control. One year ago(summer 2020) I redid the upper head with new bearings, belt and brake. Parts for that...
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    Newall NMS30 setup question

    I just put one of these on a lathe. The unit has no on/off switch, but rather in the setup mode you can select how many minutes that it will turn off. I can't get mine to turn off, no matter how many minutes I input. All other setup features worked as expected. Anyone have one of these and can...
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    Colchester/Harrison lathes V grooves on cross slide, purpose?

    I was using our 15" Colchester the other day and noticed for the 1000th time the V grooves that run along the length of the sides of the cross slide. They can be seen in the top two pictures here: Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe Page 2 What are they for? Can't be to clamp something across as you...
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    Great documentary of building the Mackinac Bridge

    I've been across this a few times. This is a very nice story of the bridge. Building the Mighty Mac - YouTube
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    FS Smart & Brown 1024

    I’m selling my Smart & Brown 1024. I bought it in 2016 and spent 18 months renovating it. It was taken nearly all apart, only the spindle stayed in. I made many new parts, mainly for the apron mechanisms. I made several new shafts all from 4140, and replaced many bearings. Also ordered over $500...
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    Alliant mill, head bolt hole circle?

    Does anyone know for sure what the bolt hole circle is on an Alliant mill? I haven't been able to find out for sure. Looking at getting a replacement head. Thanks!
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    Burke machine tool conneaut ohio, address?

    Does anyone know where their factory was located in Conneaut? I found a reference online that they moved there in 1910. Just curious as I have several relatives in that area, and I thought I'd goo see if the place is still there one day. Thanks!
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    Covid and shop teaching?

    How are people handling this issue? We have suspended the teaching in the physics department for the foreseeable future. I'm trying to imagine how it might be done while maintaining social distance. Anyone else at a college/university or tech school dealing with this?
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    Old Pratt & Whitney lathe in VT, on fb

    I came across this today. Price is right. I wonder if the small compound sitting on the ways near the chuck is included. Lets hope it does not go for "legs" as the seller suggests.
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    Wheelhouse & Engine Room NY Harbor 1930

    Found this video, really great footage. I know some of you will enjoy this, I certainly did! YouTube Also check out others from this same channel.
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    South Bend 9" on auction

    I'm just going to put this here: No Reserve: c. 1938 South Bend 9" Lathe for sale on BaT Auctions - ending February 7 (Lot #27,776) | Bring a Trailer
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    Smart & Brown 1024 Coventry drive clutch adjustment?

    I have been using my S&B 1024 for awhile now and I have developed some slippage with the Coventry Tool Matrix drive. It has tow speeds and I have mainly used the low range. When I put the machine back together the drive seemed to function fine so I didn't mess with it. I have taken pretty decent...
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    Sensitive Drill Press, High Speed Hammer Co.

    Selling my High Speed Hammer drill. This thing is a heavy mother! Very nice drill press, it has what is essentially a brand new spindle and quill that I bought when the company was still in business(see the pic of the packing slip) It has probably drilled at most 50 holes. As you see I also...
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    BCA Jig Borer

    I'm selling my BCA jig borer. It was a longtime goal of mine to own one of these rarely seen in the US machines. When one came up I jumped on it a few years ago. Soon after getting it an Aciera F2 came my way and while I'd like to keep the BCA I need the room and want to fund a new project. It...
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    Any experience with Toolinghouse.com?

    On June 15th I placed and order with Toolinghouse. I immediately received an email confirmation. I never got any tracking info and obviously have not received my merchandise. He has not responded to 3 emails and phone calls. Anyone here ever use them, and what was your experience? Website...
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    OT price check replacement septic system

    Like the title says...what can you expect to pay? I have received a couple of quotes that seem way high. One had almost 8K of engineering fees. This is to replace an existing system that I am being told needs replacement. It has been backing up and needing pumping every couple months. Thanks