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    Thoughts about content on this sub-forum

    This was posted in a thread and I wanted to share what was written. " as a newer member having thought deeply about my experience here so far, I'd ask the old guard to be a little more understanding and look more holistically at the content than just strictly applying rules. I can think of...
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    Technical support at Haas

    Ok it has been a few years since I called haas for technical support or programing issues. But the number I have no longer works and the system tries to forward me to the HFO. Has this been a thing for a while or is this new? Charles
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    phone apps for machining needs

    I know this is a CadCam forum but I did some searches and didnt find what I was looking for in General or CNC forums. I just got a new Android phone in December. Last phone was a 2014 phone and I couldnt load most newer apps. Now that I have a newer phone I have started looking for apps that...
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    posted a link to new Mazak EZ16 video teaser in CNC forum

    Here it is here https://youtu.be/Nhc3eu3jM6E Charles
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    Mazak posting a teaser of new EZ mill

    I always thought when I saw the first machine they came out with the size of the main frame would be good for a smaller sized machine. Looks like they had that in mind all along. https://youtu.be/Nhc3eu3jM6E Charles
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    Need individual metric gage blocks to replace some that are missing

    As the title says I need some metric gage blocks, standard rectangle grade 2 or better. However Mitutoyo has a 6 week lead time for delivery. Has anyone else purchased individual gage blocks? Who did you use that may have had an available inventory. Looking for 1.3, 1.35 and a pair of 2mm...
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    Sandvik catalog issues and complaints

    I have never cared much for the Sandvik catalog, like so many other online catalogs the company organizes it for the customer support and vendors but not for customers. I just spent two days at home trying to find the boring bars for the fine boring head. And then this morning two hours on...
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    question on older integrex 100y machine

    As the title suggests, I saw a machine for sale on ebay and it didnt look like it had enough room for the b axis head to fit between the chuck and tailstock. I looked for videos and several of them also looked like there was no room. How are you supposed to drill a center hole or bore the...
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    I posted a topic in the CNC section on Mazak EZ

    As the title says I posted a couple of thoughts on the Mazak EZ that I saw yesterday at an open house. Just wanted to let folks know that I put it there. I thought more people might see it there than if I just posted it here. Charles
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    My thoughts on new Mazak EZ machines

    On Wednesday, I attended an open house at the local Mazak dealer in Cumming GA. They were showing off the new EZ machines and had some Mazak techs available. I was going to post this in the Mazak forum but thought this would reach more people. I dont have any experience with Mazak so I cant...
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    Haas video on leveling a turning center

    There have been many posts about leveling and checking for twist in machinery. Haas has put out a video showing how their techs do it on a turning center. https://youtu.be/eeJu_9KP7hQ Enjoy the video, I know many of you will have comments, please keep them useful and remember this method...
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    links about leveling a lathe and alignment

    I copied this post and the links so they can be referenced in the future. Thanks to Richard King for posting them I think this Lodge & Shiply Lathe manual show how to properly align a lathe bed with Levels. As I have said for years now, If your not going to use coolant then leveling is not...
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    Japanese video about production of large cast iron surface plates 480P

    I posted this several years ago but thought it would be of interest to those who may not have seen it. Dont expect a thrilling action film, this is a documentary for a Japanese TV program. But it is interesting and worthy of your time. YouTube link https://youtu.be/t0gg9z4gG3A Charles
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    message from forum moderator

    Just a few quick notes, I urge all new members or any existing forum members to review the two sticky notes at the top of the page that deal with acceptable content and forum posting rules. Some may not have known about these or may have just forgotten about them. I also want to say a few...
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    Wanted 40mm radius gage

    I have a job to put a 40mm radius on the end of some parts, actually it is a rework. I need to have some way to measure this radius. What I really want is what I call a standard radius gage made of sheet metal. Some of the Chinese ones I have seen are terrible, literally just stamped with the...
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    Comments from the moderator on Richard King

    This post is going to be a long one, I will break it up into several short posts then I will lock this thread. Richard has received a 30 day ban from posting on the Practical Machinist Forum. This is not the first time and I wanted to say a few words about it as I know others will have...
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    To anyone receiving a spam private message on woodworking

    There was a targeted and automated attack on the PM messaging system that left messages about woodworking. The system administrators are aware of it and have taken steps to prevent the person from sending any more. No need to contact anyone about these private messages, just delete them. Dont...
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    Pardon my absence from the forum

    As moderator of this forum I have some responsibilities but I have found my personal life taking priority. As my business got very busy, I run a one man machine shop, I found little time to cruise the forum. My mother had shoulder surgery and a few other issues that required my assistance and...
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    digital profile projector video

    YouTube Came across this on Youtube, interesting software HMI. Have not seen this before but thought it would show up eventually. Charles
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    Saeilo Horizontal mill

    I have heard of these guys for a long time but only recently saw one for sale and had a good look at the photos. It looks like a nice compact simple machine. While I am not in the market right now I would be interested to know if anyone can tell me more about the machine. I know they are not...