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    Soluble cutting fluid hazards

    If I recall, the fear of TCE arose because some rats that were fed large doses of TCE developed liver cancer, this result then being scaled linearly to low doses over large populations. Even if you accepted that methodology (many don't), the risk was actually quite low. And rats are different...
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    O.T.: Getting grease off of plastic appliances

    For cleaning deep fryers and the like, you are looking for a phosphorus containing fryer boil-out detergent, such as this, made by Cascade: https://www.amazon.com/Cascade-Phosphates-Professional-Fryer-85-oz/dp/B00VHD3LGO Contains no lye.
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    Soluble cutting fluid hazards

    Any bacteria growing in water that is later sprayed into the air can cause problems when the resulting aerosol is breathed in. The finer the droplets, the deeper in the lungs they reach. And some of the growing stuff makes a stink, but not all, so lack of smell isn't a sufficient test. So...
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    O.T.: Getting grease off of plastic appliances

    That recalcitrant oil has completely converted to a varnish. Might be one of the edible oils used for seasoning cast iron cookware. A Methylene Chloride (DICHLOROMETHANE) based paint stripper, like traditional 5f5, will likely work, and won't dissolve aluminum. It still appears to be the real...
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    Clausing 2287 20" Drill Press Spindle Problems

    Spindle bearings no longer correctly preloaded? I'd take the spindle apart, clean it, relube it, and put it back together. Treat it a bit like a mill spindle, where the preload is high enough that the spindle won't coast all that long when free-wheeling.
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    O.T.: Getting grease off of plastic appliances

    Do NOT use Bon Ami on plastic. It most likely will badly scratch the surface. Bon Ami is a cleanser like Comet, only using crushed Feldspar as the abrasive, not Silica. Feldspar is softer than Silica, but both are harder than most plastics.
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    OT Weighted Impact Sockets

    Mechanically, there are two things going on, total weight and rotational inertia; these are different. Total weight has nothing to do with the shape of the object in question, while rotational inertia directly depends on the shape. One can easily see the difference by comparing a solid rod...
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    Hitachi cordless drill issues

    The switch is mechanical, and so is the most likely culprit.
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    Soluble cutting fluid hazards

    I used to use KoolMist, and my shop would soon fill with a dense mist bank, and it caused me to cough and things started to rust, so I got the correct 3M face-mask for oil mists et al. This did work, even if I looked like a WW1 soldier in Flanders Field. And things still rusted. So KoolMist...
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    Is the noise coming from the spindle normal? (Video)

    Video was made five days ago, and has been archived, the screen says. That was fast.
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    Machinability of Pewter

    Would a Babbitt bearing alloy work? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babbitt_%28alloy%29
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    ot; DRILLING 1.25"diameter hole with hole saw through quartzite. I need to drill several 1.25 Diameter holes through. a quarztite shower surround.

    Granite. Quartzite is basically sintered but not quite fully fused quartz granules.
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    12 wire motor Delta connection

    Drat! Our European members may know where to look for motor data.
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    12 wire motor Delta connection

    Good point. But not a standard symbol?
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    12 wire motor Delta connection

    With six wires, it could well be dual speed. But the data plate does not say. Or that it's three-phase, although at 415 Vac one would expect so. Now that we know the make and model from the data plate, I'd look that motor up on the manufacturer's website.
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    OT sort of: inline-axial wire stripper

    That's good. In such a restricted and fiddly location, I'd be terrified to work live. Slips are too hard to avoid. Careful = slow. It's probably faster overall to shut power off and then go around resetting everything. Certainly less stressful.
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    Help with Replacement KO Lee T&C Grinder Motor Switch

    Insufficient information. The pictures, while clear, are not all that helpful. In the top picture (of the face of the switch?), one cannot read the stamped text. The other pictures are hard to interpret, for lack of context. Now, KO Lee will not have been making their own switches, so there...
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    12 wire motor Delta connection

    What is the make and model of the motor itself? A clear picture or two of the motor's nameplate would be useful, maybe essential.
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    OT sort of: inline-axial wire stripper

    What can also work is a Euro-style barrier terminal strip of a size that will accept a 1.8 mm diameter bare copper wire. https://www.molex.com/molex/products/part-detail/terminal_blocks/0391001803 Molex part number 391001803, 8.00mm Pitch Beau Eurostyle Two-Screw Terminal Strips, 3 Circuits...