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    South Bend listed on CraigsList

    Thought someone might be interested in this, saw it this morning. http://greenville.craigslist.org/tls/1433377760.html Cliff(SC)
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    Where have all the deals gone?

    Is it me or eBay? Looking around eBay and all the deals have disappeared HIGH prices & High shipping charges. Any one else see the same thing? Cliff(SC)
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    Help Needed with 10K Collet Rack

    I bought a 10K collet rack off eBay all was there but the clamp that holds the bracket to the underside of the ways, I have made a clamp but it will not put the rack pipe in a 90^ angle with the ways . Would anyone have and org. one they could photo and post with a few measurements it would...
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    Saddle & Base

    I have a 1950 10k restored with (Saddle)S101NK A24 (Base) A24 on a saddle I bought off eBay (Saddle) S102NK S63 (Base) S63 I just bought a 1945 9" for the Taper Attachment the (saddle) SY102 Y10 & (Base) Y10 . I need to know, will I have any problem switching the base & saddle, I would like...
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    DRO and Glass scales

    Heed a little help. Has anyone installed a DRO with glass scales on a SB 9 or light 10 if so what brand and would you have any photo's of the install. Where I am haveing a problem, would be for the Z axis or crossfeed how to mount. Thanks: :confused:
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    Dismantaling a 10K help needed

    Well here we go, I have been looking at all of the post on this great site and found a few things but I need a few photos of the quick change gearbox dismantled, and also a color code for battle ship grey that’s what every body calls the color of my SB 10K, what type of paint should I use and...
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    New & who I am

    Hi All, I am Cliff Jones from the foothills of South Carolina, thought I would introduce myself. I am a British car restorer other wise known as a NUT, I own a 1971-72 South Bend 10K that had a light history of use but is in need of a paint job along with minor repair and a few attachments...