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    Need THREE Rockstar Machinists for Rocket Engine Components

    I read this in his last post:
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    Waste oil

    Some (most?) waste oil kits have a way to preheat the oil to thin it before it is burned. Cutting it with diesel would do the same.
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    Axelson lathe at HGR

    Text off the add for future readers: "Axelson Engine lathe. It works. Some speeds work some may not. Comes as you see it. $1000obo you pick up"
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    Evaporating Ultrasonic Waste Water

    If it is just oil floating on top the water below could be pumped or siphoned out from under the oil and then evaporated. Of course the oil can be skimmed of but not easily if it is already in barrels.
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    Lincoln 71M. 045 dual shield worm tracks?

    Here is a link to some esab info. http://eng.esab.co.kr/Web-App/Upload/2012/04/05/Storage%20and%20Handling%20Recommandations%20Consumable.pdf This is a better one that has all the reconditioning info but it looks like esab changed their site...
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    Lincoln 71M. 045 dual shield worm tracks?

    Your problems are coming from old wire. You might be able to cook it to get all the moisture out of the flux, if too old the flux will just not work anymore, I am not sure exactly what happens but some kind of oxidation with age. If it is on a metal spool just put in in an oven for 8-10 hrs at...
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    non-functioning 1997 Deckel Maho dmu50v for sale to a good home

    If you can edit your profile to add your location that will stop all the "where are you located" questions. May need to do so from a computer, not a phone....
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    Source or repair crane counter weights

    Pics worked great. Sorry to hear about you friend:(
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    Hwacheon 17" x 40" lathe -- what's it worth?

    The best kind of deal, Congrats.:cheers:
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    8" 3-Jaw Chuck (for Sale)

    If you have machining questions be sure to ask, just do mention what brand your machine is.
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    NEBEL Micro Turn parts

    I can use some parts for mine if you want to part it out. For sure a gear in the apron, will have to look to remind me what else... Does it have any toolholder/tools? These machines are rare as they never could break into the 10ee market. The reading I did when I first got the one I have...
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    Used End Mills (and other tools) for sale

    OK, how about $25 each for the four boxes. + shipping cost in flat rate boxes. But I would think it would be easier for you to put them all in one or two boxes instead of four. Divide them all into two med flat rate boxes just to keep the weight down. I can suggest easy ways to reasonably...
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    Used End Mills (and other tools) for sale

    I understand the gamble of used tooling dumped in buckets.... Here is a quote from another thread: "cyanidekid said: ... un-packaged HHS end mills are never considered worth paying for by professionals (or serious hobbyists unless they have a lot of time and nothing better to do than sort...
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    Used End Mills (and other tools) for sale

    I sent you a P.M. offering to give you $100 for most/all of this. Probably would all fit in a flat rate box (med? or large for sure) so add that cost. Dont really need the cat 40 tool holder...
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    Have you had a chance to watch this one yet? I started it yesterday... https://clikview.com/watch/the-big-reset-movie-english-version_7OGf2OJ7dh3f9bi.html
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    RFQ--Hawse Fairlead

    Should they be fabbed out of 316 stainless? Looks easy to make out of thin plate and weld.
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    Husband passed away and looking for value of South Bend Lathe

    In your pic #4165 in post #55 the small box has some pipe looking things with a hole drilled in each end, these are pins that connect scaffolding together when stacking levels to make it tall. Not part of the lathe and needed for the rest of the scaffold. edit: I quoted the post 55 but pics did...
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    Stuff for sale Stephenville Texas.Big stuff cheap!

    Sounds kind of backwards to me. Move to TEXAS to downsize??
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    F. S. Parting out 1943 Monarch 16CY

    How do these attach to the lathe? Will a "standard" 2 inch indicator work in them? Do you still have the wipers? P.S. I got the broken oil cap and it looks great to me, very well packed, thank you.