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    FS 4" Hardened/Ground step jaws for Kurt D40 vise 5 sets available

    I have some 4" Snap Jaws for a Kurt D40 vise. These are hardened and ground with a step in them. I have 5 sets for sale, 4 sets have an .865" step and 1 set has a .990" step in them. I have no idea if these are their current offering, but they sell for $160/ea on their site...
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    FS Bison 4314 8" 4-Jaw chuck A26 mount

    FS Bison 4314 8" 4-Jaw chuck A2-6 mount I have a Bison 8" 4-Jaw chuck with an A2-6 direct mount for sale. The picture of the back looks like it could be forged, but this is a semi-steel chuck. This could easily be adapted to another spindle, I was going to mount it on an L0 myself. There is...
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    Deckel Tables, planer? scraped?

    The original tables on the Deckels look to be done on a planer, they have those rows on the table flats that appear to be done on a planer. I have several old machines that have this style table on them...Yates American did the table saws like that, as did Crescent on the old jointer I have...
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    WTB: 6x12 or 6x14 Perm or Electro Mag Chuck

    WTB: 6x12 Perm or Electro Mag Chuck I'm looking for a mag chuck for a small surface grinder I just acquired. I have some type of controller than the seller had given me with the machine, I think it is for 120v, but don't have it with me to check. A 6x12 should work. The grinder is a...
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    Understanding the Rivett 1020/1030 Tachometer

    I don't think this is specific to the F model, although the S models are slightly less RPM on the top end, someone with an S might be able to chime in and say if they have the same generator or not. I suspect the generator is the same. The drive shaft of the Rivett has a Servo-Tek DC voltage...
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    Is FP1 vertical head spindle swapable between MK4 and SK40 ?

    Can this portion be swapped to a vertical head for an FP1 with an MK4 spindle ? IOW, can this mate to the rear portion of the MK4 vertical head ? I think I'm more curious than anything else as all my tooling is for MK4. Was curious mostly.
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    Outer bearing diameter spec for 10L bronze split bearing

    I have a bearing I measured and it seems that the outer bearing diameter is 2.5000". Does anyone know if that is the spec ? Maybe a better question would be what is the diameter of the bore inside the bearing caps/casting. Does anyone know what that should be ? I realize it is probably not...
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    DRO for Deckel FP1

    I keep pondering adding DRO to my FP1. While I would rather have an FP2 for the long haul, that doesn't seem very probable, and I could always take the DRO off the FP1 if I was to sell it, or sell it separately. Singer has this kit that is similar priced as the DRO Pros kit: 3 Achsen...
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    How to remove Rivett 1020F cross slide?

    How to remove Rivett 1020F cross slide and Apron? I have removed all the set screws on the cross slide and removed the top of the taper attachment but the gib doesn't want to come out. Anyone know the trick to getting it off? I'll post a pic, but on my phone right now and I might need to add it...
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    A User-friendly Follow Rest by Harry Bloom

    Delete this thread removed content as others don't understand fair use act.
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    Plaza Machinery - Anybody know what happened with the machines/tooling?

    I was curious if anyone knew what happened to Joe Bergamo's estate, after he passed last year? He must have had the mother load to pass on to his family and kids. I know he had a son, but he was divorced AFAIK. I bought a fair amount of stuff from Joe over the years, and will certainly miss...
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    Differences in Deckel NC what is and what is not desireable?

    I saw Ross list that FP2NC and I would have loved to have bought it, just that I'm in the middle of trying to build a basement/foundation for a house that will host my next shop. I just need to focus on that. Knowing how Ross takes care of his machines was very tempting...but I didn't know too...
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    What size vise are you using on your Deckel FP1/FP2 ?

    Ok, I have struggled with this in my head for quite a while. I currently use a Kurt D675, not a real new vise, but a decent vise. I've long pondered over this as I've felt the Kurt D40 was a much better size vise. The D675 is just a bit big on the table for the FP1, and is big for the FP2 also...
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    Help with Info on Pratt Whitney lathe

    I'm hoping that JohnO might be able to help out. A friend I went to high school (wife) with is trying to sell this, and I think asking a bit too much ($3900). It's on ebay with no bids, although it's worth it to the right buyer...my guess is that $2000 is more realistic. This seems like a newer...
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    WTB - Bent Leg Lathe Dogs

    Looking for a few lathe dogs with bent legs. Not looking for a lot of them, just need a few sizes like 1", 2" and possibly 3" or 4". Probably won't turn too much larger, but do have a hunk of 4" aluminum at the moment I'd like to make a cat's head fixture. Let me know what you have, as I said...
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    Anyone using ball bearing ER nuts on their ER chucks?

    I've noticed several companies offer ball bearing based ER nuts. I've been using an ER40 collet chuck on my mill and just got an ER32 collet chuck. I've been using the 4 point wrench, which I like better than the spanner style wrench. However, the ball bearing nuts require the use of the...
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    Convert Wohlhaupter w/4MT shank to MK4

    I recently bought a Gamet boring head from Stephen Thomas, but unfortunately it was just a tad big on the Deckel. It had a 3/4" straight shank on it. After using it, the inertia from the heavy head would tighten up the MK4 collet, which is undesirable to me.:( I sold that head to digger doug...
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    Heavy 10 Spindle Spec

    Does anyone know the spec on the Heavy 10 spindle, for the surface where the front and rear bearings are located? I've acquired a D1-4 spindle for a Heavy 10, which has a slight raised area in the middle of the front bearing surface. I'm trying to determine if it's worth my trouble to try and...
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    What tooling or accessory do you find most useful on your Deckel ?

    Me and Dan were discussing how useful the Index Attachment is, inside the For Sale forum. Since getting my Deckel I marvel at how they created the attachment to go onto the table, or the table mount...like most of the Deckel accessories, they are very well thought out. I've heard in...
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    OT: Can't post images, tells me too many links!

    I was trying to post an image in a post, either by uploading or linking from DropBox. PM tells me there are more than the allowable links. Is this so on all forums? I was posting in the Deckel forum. EDIT: in order to post a pic, I had to post the message without and then edit and add it. It...