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    Who Makes The Best HSS Twist Drills?

    Hey all, As a low production job shop/ prototype shop, I get a lot of jobs where I can't justify the cost of running a solid carbide tsc drill. So I end up running a decent amount of HSS drills. I've tried a few over the years (Supertanium drills from Lawson products, 2175/2075 Q cobalt from...
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    Hurco VMX won't feed past 590ipm

    Hey all. I've got a VMX50i that I'm cutting a pretty big part in with a dynamic toolpath. 320ipm cutting and 900ipm on the backfeed. The problem I'm having is that on the backfeed moves it only accelerates up to about 590ipm and then finishes the move at 590, so its not like it isn't capable...
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    BT30 pullstuds

    Hey all I have what some are probably going to say is a stupid question but I'm going to ask anyway so flame away lol. I'm looking at two different brands of bt30 machines (Brother and DMG) and plan on getting both, one uses the 60 degree studs and the other uses the 45 degree studs. I know in...
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    Inverted Machining Centers. Opinions? Anybody have one?

    I've been going down the rabbit hole recently looking at a bunch of different machines not necessarily for anything that I need or am going to buy but mostly to see what's out there. One thing that really caught my eye was the IM series machines from Modig. They're inverted 5 axis machines...
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    Who Makes the Absolute Best Roughing Endmill for Aluminum?

    I've tried the Destiny diamondback, GWS alumigator, Swiftcarb rampmill, KOR5, GWS ASR-5. All seem to settle out around 50CIM in 6061 for a 3/8" endmill in my 18hp VMX30i. Generally speaking I'm out of HP before any of these tools break so I'm sure they could be pushed harder. Is there...
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    Mastercam Optirough Stepup Parameters

    Hey all, I'm a veteran user of Mastercam but something has been eluding me for quite a while now. When using optirough and I have stepups turned on it always retracts in between each stepup. I would like the tool to "spiral" up the part, constantly engaged in material for the stepups. I've...
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    New DMG 65 Monoblock Spindle Options

    Hi all, I'm currently getting a quote for a new 65 monoblock and I'm undecided on what spindle to get. We are a job shop that cuts mostly aluminum and plastic but do get the occasional 1018 or 303 part. Generally the harder material parts aren't all that big. I'm looking at the HSK 20K...
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    DMG DMP70/35 with 5 axis

    Hey all, I am looking to see if anybody here has any experience with the new DMP series of machines from DMG. I would like to get one with the integrated 5 axis table since we are looking at expanding our 5 axis capabilities. I am a little hesitant based on all the feedback I've heard about...
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    Speedio vs Robodrill to upgrade existing VMC

    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade two Hurco Vm5's to something newer and faster that has the same footprint. Currently the Vm5 is (18x14x14)has tool and spindle probe and has a 8k cat40 spindle. Quite honestly its slow and lacking in the hp and rigidity department. We are mostly a prototype...