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    RIIC Laboratory Hydraulic Press, searching for the correct oil

    You can send it out to a lab with a analyzer. What that costs I don't know. Or you could just get some shell tellus in the weight you think you need. I don't think you will have any problems. Just don't dump any automatic trasmission fluid in it. Had a truck that I used automatic transmission...
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    3 jaw chuck for polishing steel tubing help

    One of my first jobs as a kid was rebuilding engines at a shop (if you want to call it that) that had pretty much no machine tools, but he had a pedestal grinder. That's what I did when cleaning and polishing tie rods, push rod tubes, valves, etc.. Just put some gloves on and loosely hold to...
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    RFQ - (2) Machined Aluminum Parts

    The 27.9° angle clearly visible in the top right hand (side view) drawing. Would be easy enough to slitter saw the two in two, or make individually. I assume he would not be happy with a band saw cut. He probably ought let that be known though...
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    California's taken away all my cleaners: any advice?

    Well I feel sorry for your situation, not sorry enough to tell you to move to Arizona. I am sick of all the out of staters moving here and ruining my hole in the ground. I see one after the other crapifornia license plates, I bet you when I'm on the road I could easily count per trip 30+...
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    Looking For Iput on Which Epoxy to Glue 304 SS

    Agree on the brazing and soldering, but setup properly it could be fairly quick. TIG is what I'd also do myself for 1000 parts and for me would be quicker than brazing or soldering. Although like I said that part could be spot welded even quicker, depending on application it might be the way...
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    Looking For Iput on Which Epoxy to Glue 304 SS

    I myself would TIG them, like another said you don't need a full fillet weld around the things, a couple stiches or heavy tacks would probably work. If I had a crapload of them to do, maybe I'd consider silver soldering as well. You could also give it a decent press fit and spot weld them...
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    Cast iron surface finishing methods

    I'd say a little older then that (just guessing), the very first lathe dates back to 1300BC, in Egypt. I'm sure it wasn't cast iron, but yeah there's some time from then and now to improve. I'd look into Egyptian ways of doing things. You could also look up Jacques De Vaucanson, he was the...
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    Member, Thermite

    Yeah I get a kick out of him too. I thought I just saw a a current posting of his yesterday, but the topic/thread evade me. This maybe best from looking at your history. Did you maybe ever think he doesn't feel the same way about you?
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    Metric aluminum tubing

    At least it's not stainless.
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    Metric aluminum tubing

    Generally I try to beat some common sense into my cusromer, normally when they hear the price of metric stock they change their mind quick. For those applications where it's a must I go to Parker, they are one of few that I know, you could also try McMaster, maybe get them to give you their...
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    Can anyone tell me what this tool is

    That's kind of nifty, I was on board with thread MIC, glad I didn't bet on it.
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    lathe chuck for holding on milling machine

    Yep, works good. Use them for vertical, horizontal, and angular workholding. Use them on RT's and angle plates as well. For a lot of stuff a good 6" reversable 3 jaw scroll Buck chuck works good, but depending on work I'll use up to 12" chuck on the mill. You can make yourself a nice adapter...
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    Where to find small carbide counterbores?

    Yeah, why piloted? For small general stuff harvey tool has alot of stuff. They probably have a 9/64", there apways adding more sizes of their regular tooling. If they don't have it and you need qty of 6 they should ve able to make it. I think qty of 5 is their minimum for custom made tools...
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    How can I clean the splatter off tight close quarter places

    You need more then anti spatter, that is terrible in every aspect. I could go on, but...
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    Alternate ways of finishing a stainless steel sheet.

    Sounds like you need to learn the art of polishing with a air grinder. Use a glue ball, scotch brite flap disc, or cratex. You could also nail a piece of scotch brite to a board and drag it. Super easy, It's flat and small. I could finish those in literally 2 minutes with a air grinder, both sides.
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    Alternate ways of finishing a stainless steel sheet.

    For finishing - #1- time saver #2 stroke sander How big of sheet? For slots - Punch Laser Plasma Water jet Plenty of ways to skin a kitty.
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    Shops working only in the EU? Why would this be?

    It's not why he wants to sell only in the EU, it's why is it so hard for USA business's to sell to the EU? They charge import taxes to anyone in the EU on items with a declared value from the USA. This makes it nearly impossible to do business with the EU, on top of UPS and maybe USPS as well...
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    Need suggestions on tooling for a part (10x small tooling)

    I wouldn't call a .618" thick part a thin part. You don't say what material your cutting. I would go with the cutter or one like David Scott mentioned and flip the part doing the detail in 2 ops. Standing the part up vertically if that detail is open face and using a form tool would go the...
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    Silver Solder beading up

    Yes as far as I know all stainless can be soldered. I myself would TIG weld it, if possible. I have soldered 300 series stainless steel a few times quite some time ago. Kind of finicky at first as I recall, but once you get the hang of it it's fairly easy. I used the stuff below to solder...
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    Greenland - for sale? LOL

    LOL! The question is who would become more like who?