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    WTB - 120 Volt Standing Drill Press in PNW

    I have restored 5 or 6 drill presses. I actually like the Taiwanese models from the '80s as long as there isn't something wrong with them you can't fix. So you have to be judicious when you buy them. Here is my vlog of rebuilding a 20" import: http://nwnative.us/Grant/shop articles/drillPress20...
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    Hitachi cordless drill issues

    I own about 12 angle grinders. My two favorites are made by Hitachi.
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    Questions Moving a Reid 618 HYD Surface Grinder

    There is another danger - that of hydraulic hoses held on by hose clamps coming loose on bumpy roads. I had one come loose when I moved my 618 KO Lee home, and OMG did it make a mess quickly when I fired it up at home. I was unfamiliar with the hose layout inside (the machine was after all new...
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    tips for cutting holes in panels

    I have a bunch of Greenlee punches that came in the tapered leather rolls. I also have a newer set of Greenlee punches in a green blow molded box. I have tried several times to sell the older punches (sized for pipes) and have never had any interest. PM me if you want a screaming deal. To start...
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    Another garage sale vise

    Who cares how old it is? Are you going to use this in your shop or are you going to be one of those people who buy machinist vises just to put them in their yard to look at?
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    Where would you buy a welding helmet today?

    I bought a Speedglas XL in 1988. It was spendy at the time, something like $275. However, I am still using it! Sometimes I wonder about a new hood. But then I finish another big project and think screw it, I'm done welding. Riiight. metalmagpie
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    Precision Digital Level

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    Darex M-5 info needed

    With the Darex M-series grinders, the chucks are everything. Read the part of the manual that talks about the necessity to clean and lubricate the chucks, and take that to heart. Except all the places where they say replace this or that bit or send it back to Darex for repair, forget all that...
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    OT need a new camp stove

    Buy used. I bought a 2 burner Century camp stove some years back. Lot like a Coleman stove but (key for me) wasn't made by Coleman. Works perfectly with an annual maintenance session. Stored with a folded dish towel inside, it doesn't rattle. Be careful chasing BTUs. Oversized burners use too...
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    Why always I beams for cranes?

    I once read on rec.crafts.metalworking about a potential "gantry" design. Weld two pipes into a T. Do it again. These are the legs and feet. Take a 3rd pipe and weld 90 degree slip couplings to each end. Now lay the legs out flat on the ground and slip the top pipe over the vertical legs...
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    I can't find the setting to choose the plain text editor

    Where is the setting that lets me choose the plain text editor by default? metalmagpie
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    Dayton 2 HP Electric Motor 115/230 Volts 3450 RPM Capacitor Start Single Phase AC Runs!

    My take is this used motor is priced about 10X too high. $25 for a cheap used replacement table saw motor is about right.
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    KO Lee S618 Grinder Disassembly

    I fill my Y axis oil reservoirs without removing the table. I wish I still had my old railroad-type oil can with a long horizontal tube, but I don't. I cobbled up a small funnel attached to a piece of bent copper tube. If I move the table all the way to one end I can stick the tube into the top...
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    12" tube for air cylinder, looking for a source

    Coincidence, I am currently building a cooker out of a railroad air brake cylinder from 1956. I was going to suggest an air tank. Or, aren't 100 lb propane cylinders about the right diameter? How round and uniform does it need to be?
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    Hossfeld master outbend die 50B

    I have 2 of these and only need 1. So I'm selling my second Hossfeld 50B master outbend die. This is a very large and heavy attachment. It is in good working condition. I recently sandblasted it. With this die and some other tooling you can do a lot of cool things. I bent the rims of the...
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    Possible Scammer trolling the for sale/wanted posts

    I suspect user fordeen is a scammer. User KLJDX also tried to run a fast one on me recently. He, however, is a known scammer. I trust my gut feeling. Neither of these guys got anywhere close to getting my money. metalmagpie
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    WTB no. 2 Hossfeld bender tooling

    Somehow I never got any response to the above posting. Let's try again, shall we? I have a lot of the basic tooling now and am looking for specific dies for bending pipe or tube in common sizes. metalmagpie
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    Ironworker for hobby shop

    I have a Scotchman 314 with the angle shear attachment and the notcher attachment and the 6" press brake attachment and a pretty comprehensive set of punches and dies. I have had this machine about 20 years and have done lots of work with it including fabrication jobs that brought me in lots of...
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    Where to sell optical components (lenses, mirrors, etc.)?

    I am looking for a 45 degree mirror. PM me if you have one.
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    tooling for repeat punching of holes accurately on Ironworker

    Tack weld your plate to your channel and punch them together. Then break the tacks. As long as the plate and channel remain oriented the same way the hole patterns will match up.