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    DN Solutions SVM 4100

    That price is for the 4100 or 5100? What does it cost to add work/tool probes and a conveyor?
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    Trying to automate doing up fixture bolts using my VMC...

    Floating tap holder and a fix-it-stick. They're fixed torque but cheap so you can get a few different spec if needed. Those tap holders don't have a lot of travel so you might end up needing to add some z motion while tightening to keep it preloaded depending on the pitch and how long your...
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    Best way to watch for the bar running out?

    If you arent using an autosaw then why not set a stop so bars all come out the same length... or get one of those whiz-bang digital measuring tapes if you're constantly needing to cut them different lengths but then you are still relying on a person (or multiple people) to get it the same... Or...
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    The lights out checklist

    I think Wrustles thread on his Haas robot cell might be worth looking at...I think page 5 might be where posts relevant to you might start (I am NOT suggesting you get a Haas robot package). Sounds like your parts are the right size to load a pallet full of blanks into a Speedio with a spindle...
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    VMC’s Short and Skinny

    By rod or pipe do you mean warp drive?
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    Siemens NX X

    Silly question but... does the cloud version require internet access to run once it's open? If I lose my internet connection while running Fusion360 there's a popup that I've lost connection but it still runs CAD and CAM, will NX work the same?
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    Siemens NX X

    Out of curiosity is anyone willing to share a recent quote for a "vanilla" seat of Design? Do you get a discount if you bundle it with CAM? It's been a while since I used NX but I remember our VAR had about 10 different tiers for each Design and CAM.
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    Motorized workstation crane recommendations?

    Thanks for the input, I have reached out to some Gorbel distributors. I got one quote back $26k, seems high to me but I have no experience with these systems so maybe that's totally reasonable. I agree with you Daniel it should be a light enough load to move by hand. I like the motorized 3...
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    I saw a post you mentioned a pneumatic driver tool and I'm curious if that was an eBay find or...

    I saw a post you mentioned a pneumatic driver tool and I'm curious if that was an eBay find or if you have a brand recommendation for buying new? I'd need several of them for an assembly cell so scavenging for some mix-n-match used units might be more trouble than its worth... Do they have...
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    New Machine Day - Robot Invasion!

    Replace the stock table partition with one that has had the offending corner removed, and hang some a semi-truck-naked-lady-mud-flap from the corner of the machine partition.
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    Low volume suggestions workholding / pallet for round stock on mill

    There's no reason your rotary/indexer can't also function like a pallet. Heck, just make a trunnion for the Orange vise and use their pallets...
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    Low volume suggestions workholding / pallet for round stock on mill

    Load the parts kinda like a machine gun ammo belt along a 4th axis, tilt up and get at one end, flip 180 and get the other? If you don't have a 4th axis and project budget doesn't justify one you could get a 180* indexer for a couple hundred dollars and roll your own indexer to do the flipping...
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    New Machine Day - Robot Invasion!

    That's very similar but the one I'm thinking of used an off the shelf (but obviously high end) vise like a Schunk? and a yellow Fanuc robot in the demo. Seems like there are a few outfits tackling higher mix automation that way.
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    New Machine Day - Robot Invasion!

    I saw a robot cell where the EoAT was actually the softjaws, and they were fitted with some type of quick change receiver and an auto-vise on the table. Swapping between parts didn't require changing out parts on the robot, just change the program and the fixturing and robot handling swaps out...
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    Cutting tabs from a milled part

    Maybe the mismatch potential is too great to use soft jaws in a mill, but what about 3D printing some to hold/protect the surfaces you don't want to gouge while leaving the tab exposed while you chisel/engrave away?
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    Looking for a good mid grade 3d printer to get started with.

    Do you want a large printer to make large parts or lots of small ones? I had good luck with an Ender 5+. Make an enclosure, and upgrade to an all metal hotend if you'd like to use "higher grade" materials like PC and Nylon. I now have a Qidi i-Fast instead because I wanted something with dual...
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    Fixed tool offset comp

    You are totally right, I needed to take a step back and look at what were actually doing, bad case of tunnel vision! Thanks guys!
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    Fixed tool offset comp

    Not quite what I'm looking to accomplish, but I thanks for the suggestion That's still the same number of keystrokes (6) = same number of possible errors. I'd like to save that number somewhere and have it automatically applied Maybe I could alias the tool change macro like... O9006 (SET COMP...
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    Vise chip covers?

    I've used PLA covers while cutting cast iron dry, not sure how hot the chips were but they managed fine with the heat, it is abrasion that will eventually ruin them. Luckily they print fast and cost next to nothing, so its easy to have extra on hand. As mentioned ABS or PET would probably be...
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    Vise chip covers?

    I 3D printed a bunch of short cover segments to use in my Orange dual station vises, that way if I had 2 small parts I used 1 segment in each station, or 1 big part I'd fill the entire middle with multiple segments. Was helpful keeping aluminum chips and coolant from spraying back in my face...