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    1994 Haas VF3

    1994 Haas VF3 20 tool umbrella changer p-cool Wired for 4th No chip auger This is a brushed machine Recently removed from service. Machine is not under power at this time $8500 Located in Shady Side, MD PM me if interested
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    CNCToolCat's Cat-House

    So I took the family down to southwest Virginia (Damascus) in early August for a short vacation. Intent was to do some hiking, fly-fishing, bike riding, etc. There was a lot of rain but we got all the planned activities done by missing rain and being flexible. I've always had the location on...
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    No differentiation in font for read vs not-read thread titles

    Fantastic - thank you!!
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    No differentiation in font for read vs not-read thread titles

    Well that trick was nice while it lasted. Now its removed and I can't tell what I've read and what I haven't.
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    No differentiation in font for read vs not-read thread titles

    Well - I changed it and it does indeed work - Thank you!! Unfortunately - all 'branding' from PM disappears and it lust looks like a generic xenforo site. That said, its better than the moronic way its currently implemented...
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    No differentiation in font for read vs not-read thread titles

    Saw thing happened to another forum I'm on when upgraded. Let me guess - PM transferred to Xenforo. No problem with Xenforo, but this newest "upgrade" it includes (no way to tell which threads are read, drives me crazy. And I'm sure no one will change it.
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    Shop Thread - Covenant Manufacturing

    Cool! Post some pics!
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    Haas "Floppy enabled" turned off by itself?

    Floppy drive or the board it plugs into (serial board??) came unplugged (or failed) and now the control can't see the hardware so it won't allow it to be enabled? Just complete guess...
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    What psi concrete is the typical warehouse / factory floor?

    Anyone have access to a commercial concrete spec for reference, including finishing? I'd love to know how a Costco floor is spec'd. Every time I go I'm drooling over/on it...
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    What psi concrete is the typical warehouse / factory floor?

    Damn - there's a lot of great info in this thread. I need to learn a lot more about concrete prior to any shop build/rebuild.
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    Ban political discussions

    Make a separate section. Not sure it needs to be hidden. Anyone who brings up politics or religion outside that section gets a warning first and then a three day ban. I will probably get a few bans in time...
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    FS Machinery Manuals & Brochures

    10+ years later, very cool of you to hold these and continue to sell vs shit-canning them.. Well done Machinery_E..
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    Contacted by contractor for quote

    Its hard to say, it could be a door opening to a new opportunity, and it could be them trying to dump their problem on you. If you don't have time to work out the details to your satisfaction, I would defer to the sage advice of the greaseman... "run like hell buddy"
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    Kustomizer's Shop

    Damn. I thought three phase would be the cat's ass. F three phase at that price.
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    Kustomizer's Shop

    Yeah - I asked the same thing a few months ago Ox. Frustrating. I'm on the burbs of DC drinking through an f'ing electric straw and Kustomizer is on three phase while looking over his shoulder for grizzly bears....
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    VF2 with a pallet pool...

    Yeah the $50k is part of what caught my eye. Of course its a Haas $50k so the price for appropriately optioned/functional may be a different story. April 1st. I hope I didn't get suckered into that.....
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    VF2 with a pallet pool...

    I still can't decide if its lipstick on a pig. Not that a VF2 is a pig. But it does seems like a more 'productive' solution than that manly looking parts loader thing...
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    Monarch 10" EE Lathe For Sale

    At 20k for an EE, I think this falls into the range of "if you have to ask, you can't afford it"
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    PARTING OUT 2001 Makino a55e HMC ...

    Damn - kinda scary that parts for a machine of that vintage and caliber are hard to come by...
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    VF2 with a pallet pool...

    Got spammed with this just a few minutes ago. Seems interesting. Curious as to what others think. I can't decide if its a great idea or a swiss army knife - i.e., not really great at anything. Seems like a decent stepping stone to production for those that own or are considering purchasing...