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    Brother Speedio slow with A-Axis rotation

    Also make sure high accuracy is turned off (M298 L0 ?)
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    Brother Speedio slow with A-Axis rotation

    With parameter changes you can program up to F1968 in inch mode. When doing a feed move with rotary axis this becomes degrees per minute, which is about 5.5 rpm. In metric mode you can program up to F50000.
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    Brother Speedio xd1 real differences?

    Do you have Brother machines now? That could make a difference in the decision too as far as compatibility etc... S700Xd1 will have 28 Tools, Big Plus standard and updated casting (higher rigidity claimed). R650Xd1 and R450Xd1 have very different castings than X2. chips and coolant now exit out...
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    speedio atc blocked

    I would probably remove some grippers and/or the sheetmetal behind the turret to see what is causing the jam. I believe you can hold RLSE key, hit reset and while holding release press magazine reverse or forward to move it
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    Brother speedio variables

    Do you have a tool setter probe installed like a Blum Znano or equivalent? We use that for tool breakage detection as well as tool length setting. If you connect a sensor or switch to the Touch Sensor input on the IO board, you just need to command a M120 when the tool is in position to activate...
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    Brother tc-s2a not homing z axis

    Yes. When you removed the Z axis motor you changed the position of the encoder relative to the ball screw. Follow the procedure in the manual regarding replacing the motor and adjusting the zero position. It is important to get the zero position correct as it affects the tool change action...
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    Mazak UN 600 opinions?

    There is a like new S300X2 Brother Speedio with 27K rpm spindle available out here. These can run a 125mm OSG disc cutter (face mill) 3mm deep at 150 IPM. Foot print is about 43" wide and 84" deep. Room for a 4th axis tombstone set up or compact tilting rotary table. If you are interested I can...
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    For Sale: 2018 Brother TC-32Bn Quick Table CNC Machining Center

    Very similar. The 32B machines were the flagship from 2005 to 2018. They weigh 10,000 lbs. B00 control was great but less standard memory than C00 (10Mb vs 100Mb). Can be upgraded to 100Mb. No short cut buttons. Auto-lube instead of auto-grease. Only uses about one tank (a quart or two) of way...
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    I can help you get offsets set without the probe if that helps to get you going?
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    Did you try turning the machine off and back on? Make sure dry run isn't enabled?
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    DN Solutions SVM 4100

    If you are interested, Yamazen will run a test part for you and show you what the Speedio machines can do for you.
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    Brother Speedio Spindle choice?

    Yeah, .0002" or better with a decent set up. I've gotten them to practically Zero (nearly undetectable with a Mitutoyo tenths indicator) using an ER collet chuck. Was running a .010" end mill in tool steel for a crimping die. Couldn't tell it was doing anything until the cut was over and I could...
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    Brother Speedio Spindle choice?

    I really like the 27K machines but there is a lot to be said for the all around goodness of the 16k machines. If it is your first brother machine, the 16k will be great. Can handle larger drills and taps than 27K. Will run 16k all day long. If you are frequently running very small tools (<...
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    For Sale: 2018 Brother TC-32Bn Quick Table CNC Machining Center

    Hi all. Client in Escondido, CA selling their Brother TC-32Bn rocket flagship machine with integrated pallet changer. Not a Speedio, but... 2756 IPM X, Y and Z rapids, 40+1 Tool ATC, 2.1 seconds chip to chip at 16k rpm. 21.65" X , 15.75" Y and 16.3" Z axis travels. Machine is 2018 with about...
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    Wanted Mori Seiki SL3 lathe with Fanuc control in So Cal

    These are great basic lathes: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/takisawa-2-axis-lathe-s-for-sale-so-cal-great-condition.406273/#post-3980574 located in El Cajon near San Diego. Mike will work with you if your interested. 22" Z, tailstock, 12 station servo turret with curvic...
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    VMC’s Short and Skinny

    Brother S500X2 is about 60" wide and may fit under an 80" door with some relatively minor disassembly I believe.
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    Narrow VMC Options

    Brother S300X2 is 42.52" according to the brochure. No disassembly required. We have one in our showroom here in SoCal that I can take pics and measurements of for you if that helps. Bonus, we have clearance pricing on these now. They have 16k rpm, 21 Tool magazine, CTSI package. Great machines.
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    VMC Purchase

    The Brother Speedio W1000Xd1 has 40" X travel and 20" Y travel in a compact 8' x 8' footprint. 10k rpm High Torque (can drill 1.5" dia in steel) or 16k rpm spindle options. Runs on 200-230V 3 phase, 30A breaker. Shops love the user friendliness, performance and reliability. Great 4th axis and...
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    Hi. Frank with Yamazen here. I take care of the San Diego area. Have you considered Brother...

    Hi. Frank with Yamazen here. I take care of the San Diego area. Have you considered Brother machines? The M200Xd1 5AX (full 5 simultaneous) is a beautiful machine with a $160k price point. The M series Brother also has 2000 rpm turning capability along with 16k rpm milling. Feel free to contact...
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    cnc lathe with sub spindle recommendations

    Your local Yamazen has the TS-4000YS Takisawa available. Very popular out here.