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    cutoff with no nib

    I have a 1/2 " dia. part about 3/4 in long running with a bar feeder . No subspindle. Is there a way I can cut it off with no nib?
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    turning hardened cast iron

    hi, We are trying to turn cast iron that is heat treated to 50RC have tried everything from hard carbide inserts to ceramics but nothing seems to work. Various feeds and speeds and doc but they all fail on the first part. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    My thread is ugly

    1/2 -13 tap in a blind hole .75 deep in 8620 CR. 15-50 sfm. Good flood coolant. 11MM drill. Lathe with floating holder indicated w/in .001. Threads are badly galled looking. Any help would be great.
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    boring silicone grommets

    Does anyone have any experience with boring silicone grommets in a lathe? I think I have the workholding down, but the problem is the tool. I used a 3/8 2 flute endmill oriented like a boring bar to get a high shear angle, but it made a nasty finish and just kind of pushed the material out of...
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    640 t auto coolant on

    I have a Mazak 250 MS with a 640T control that defaults on startup with the auto coolant off. Does someone know the parameter that makes it default to auto coolant on?
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    What is this?

    Does anyone know what this is? I found a bunch in a drawer. They look like cams for an old automatic to me.
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    Stacking parts on Gantry Table.

    Hi all. We are looking at stacking parts on the gantry table for long runs. Mazak GL100 gantry with shuttle table on a 6200 Multiplex. The problem is that the pallets rock a lot when the table is shuttling between pallets. Any ideas on how to keep the parts stacked and clear the hand? The slugs...
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    Machine replacement

    Hi all. We have an old Mazak QT 35 With a 15" chuck and programmable tailstock (vintage 1995) that may need to be replaced. Mazatrol T-plus control. Looking for replacement suggestions. Thanks.
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    ID work in 17-4PH

    I have a part with an 8.5" deep hole 1.29" +/- .015 dia and 1.235 dia +.003/-0 w/63 rms in the bottom .6 of the hole. Any suggestions for tooling? Mazak Integrex 300SY w/Mazatrol 640 Fusion. Material is 1.5 dia 17-4PH SS. Any help would be appreciated!