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    Home produced HSS scraper blades?

    Fwiw I'm slowly gathering up information and the tools to at least do some entry level scraping. I did buy a Darpa hand scraper with the 40 & 60 mm carbide blades. Some years ago through a contact at the local sawmill I managed to pick up about a dozen used HSS planner blades of roughly an inch...
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    High Precision Measurement in 1952?

    Yes the Metrology or maybe the Antique Machinery and History sub forums might be a better place to post a question like this. But this general forum gets many more views with a much more experienced and diverse audience. Roughly 8 years ago I was sent this sine bar by a total stranger. Pictures...
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    Cutting Dados with a Radial Arm Saw?

    My apology's for the stupid entry level question. I just bought an older Dewalt 10" Radial Arm saw for cheap. I've already got a 12" chop saw so cut to length type of work is already handled. Mostly the Radial was bought for rarely done work the chop saw can't do and at a harry home shop level...
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    Practical Machinist and the Antiques forum as a long term reference source?

    My absolute and very sincere apology's since I've never once posted a photo in any forum yet, and I'm actually way too computer illiterate to probably do so. But...................this Antiques forum holds a great deal of interest for me. So I just recently decided to go back and start from the...
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    Brown & Sharpe 558 Cylindrical Square

    I do a lot of lurking on this particular forum, And I've learned a great deal here. There's also far too many people to list that post here regularly who I have a great deal of respect for as highly qualified metrology experts. I just managed to finally buy after more than a years looking, A...
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    13 Shapers for sale

    Got this off the H.S.M. forum, www.govliquidation.com/list/c7287/lna/1.html Apparently there are 13 South Bend shapers for sale in Texas, May/may not be in brand new condition, With the way I read it they include Vises, Indexers, Rotary Tables. Too far away for me to bid on, But if anybody...
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    Best tool post and tool holders Aloris/Dorian?

    I'm about to tool up a new lathe and am hopeing for some input from the members here as to what brand they prefer between Aloris and Dorian, Who has the best selection of different tool holders, Accuracy, Ease of use, Quality, And repeatability. Lathe requires a AXA size tool post and holders...
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    Newall Constant Surface Speed DRO

    Hi, First post for me in this section, Newall offer on their C-80 dro systems a optional programable constant surface speed set up. This is intended to be used when facing for the most part. I've tried to get a bit of information on motor/and or frequency drive requirments from my supplier but...
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    Sorry I didn't realize my original post had been moved and then I reposted it again here. I do realize we have a seperate South Bend forum and have posted there before. Due to the nature of my questions and shapers are mentioned here I assumed this would be the most logical place to get some...
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    Shaper History

    Hi. first post in this section. I've wanted a South Bend Shaper for the last 20 yrs. Last month I bought one. Out of curiosity I spent a couple of hrs. with Goggle trying to find out what years S/B had them avalible for sale and how many were built. Maybe that info is not on the web but I did...
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    South Bend Shaper history

    Post removed as it should have been put on the antique, machine tool history forum Pete
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    New South Bend Rotary Tables?

    For the S/B Shaper owners here, This may or may not be news but if you go to the new S/B website and click on accesories you'll see a picture of an original design S/B rotary table. And no it's not avalible yet, Or even if it will be for sale, But I can't really see them useing that picture if...
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    Ot but a pm on this board

    I fully realize that the moderators can't totally police this board, But has anyone recieved a pm from a "Jennettt" Word for word as best I can remember "Hi hows it going, I'm new here" Then an e-mail address. Now I ain't Einstien but I'm not about to click on that so Deleted the message...
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    Just bought a 7" South Bend Shaper part 2

    O.k. Don't say I didn't warn you, But here's the start of at least 1001 questions, And some info on my new Shaper. Picked it up in Tacoma washington yesterday, It's still sitting on the U-Haul. Shaper was sprayed with a Metal preservitive so it really needs a cleaning. So far it looks like there...
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    Just bought a 7" South Bend shaper

    O.K. as the title say's I've just confirmed thru e-mail/phone conversation, That I've just bought one, Just have to go back to work for another 2 wk. shift in a remote location. Come back home and arrange shipping here. Check will go out monday morning and seller will hold till shipping is...
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    Checking Z Travel

    I have a Taiwan built Bridgeport clone, Same basic machine as a Jet 836 but with power feed on the spindle. I can tram the head in very accurately to the limits of the test indicator, But cannot think of an accurate way to test the spindle and knee travels for vertical alignment. For example the...
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    Newall SA-100R

    I've been talking to a suppier somewhat local to me about a Newall DP900 4 axis dro and am about to order it. I wanted the 4 axis system ( x,y and reader heads on knee and quill travel)as I think this gives you a very vesatile system. This system can be set up with the 4th axis for the spindle z...
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    Lathe face Plates

    Hi new here and this is cross posted on the hsm board, but maybe someone here knows something missed on the other site. What I'm looking for is a D1-6 mount 18" dia. face plate, MSC,ENCO don't even list them. found a few second hand one's but prices start at around a grand, new american built...