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  1. Superbowl

    Wanted--one inch arbor for Hardinge TM/UM mill

    Wanted-- one inch arbor for Hardinge UM/TM horizontal mill. I know some of you have installed a vertical head on your mill so maybe you have a horizontal arbor gathering dust that you likely will never use again. Please let me know if you have one you no longer need. Thanks, Dave
  2. Superbowl

    Machining brake rotors---salt belt rust

    First off, in the 50 years I have owned a car I have never paid for a brake job on any family car so am quite experienced. However I don't live in the snow belt where salt on the roads is super common in winter. My daughter however, spent the last three winters at a school in Ohio. The other...
  3. Superbowl

    Small cnc vmc used prices

    I have a fairly serious manual home shop (BP series 2, 10ee, etc.) and at some point want to get a cnc machine. Most posters here recommend a used Haas mini mill over Tormac or similar small VCMs. I see a 16 year old mini mill was just posted in the For Sale section for $35,000. I have no idea...
  4. Superbowl

    FS-- Monarch 10ee two speed gearbox

    This 10ee gear box came in a pile of some other items I bought at an estate sale. The current issue of HSM magazine has a step by step article on mounting a three phase motor to this type of gearbox which was harvested from a DC motor housing. It turns smoothly and quietly by hand and the...
  5. Superbowl

    Roper Whitney #20 portable punch

    I have been thinking about getting a RP #20. The newer ones have cast-in mounting ears to bolt them down to a bench. The old style used a separate base. Most often the old style used ones are sold without the base. At first I thought the bases were just lost or got separated from the punch...
  6. Superbowl

    Need help to choose a pallet jack load wheel bearing

    A while back I picked up some random new/old stock pallet jack load wheels. I want to use them on a project (not on an actual pallet jack.) I thought it would be easy to figure out what bearings would fit inside them but with out knowing what brand/model pallet jack they were designed to fit, I...
  7. Superbowl

    Viewing new/daily posts on a phone

    On my computer I can click on the hyperlink words in the header to view only the daily/ new posts with out having to click on each individual thread and scrolling through the old threads. I don't see any way to do that on my phone. Am I missing something or does the mobile site lack this...
  8. Superbowl

    WTB. Enco/Sargon DRO (sitting on your shelf?)

    When I moved my mill the DRO crapped out. It is a 1990's era unit made by Sargon and this one is branded as an Enco. This uses scales with an odd 25 pin connector. If anyone has one lying around I would love to purchase it. Thanks.
  9. Superbowl

    DIY dry ice blasting

    I have got some machines that I want to remove peeling paint from without disassembly. The areas around the motors, gibs, lead screws, etc. are not places for grit blasting. Has anyone tried using dry ice in a small hopper type or pressure pot type sand blasting unit??? It is just for a few...
  10. Superbowl

    Fastenal Bolt prices

    I am lucky enough to have both a Fastenal and a Graingers nearby. Usually buy non-critical hardware at Home Depot but the local one does not stock anything in 7/16 diameter. I needed four black oxide 7/16-14 SHCS about 3/4" long to install a set of vise jaws. I stopped at Graingers today...
  11. Superbowl

    Who has a Lincoln Weld Pak 180 HD

    Hi Guys, I picked up a Lincoln Weld Pak 180 HD (Home Depot model) in a package deal on a bunch of other equipment and it is not working right. I am thinking the problem may relate to the voltage setting knob. This knob's label has five settings labeled A-E that span 180 degrees around the knob...
  12. Superbowl

    Mil-Tec Freedom Shell Mill

    In a package deal for some equipment and machines I ended up with a Mil-Tec Freedom 3" shell mill (Model 02007) with an R8 shank that fits my BP. I don't know much about these but from what I read they call it a "freedom" because it takes three types of inserts (round, octagon, and square.) It...
  13. Superbowl

    Nichols Horizontal Mill

    Hi Guys, I just picked up a Nichols Horizontal mill. I did not get a key but I hot wired it temporarily to run. I would like to get a key. I don't know if they are all the same cut or not but if I can at least figure out what blank it uses I am sure I can pick the cylinder and make a key. If...
  14. Superbowl

    10EE apron Bijur unit

    I took the apron off my 1957 10EE and have found the Bijur metering unit that feeds the well with the cloth packing and pipe cleaner wicking was clogged. It is marked as a MRA-00. I could not find this number in the Bijur catalog so I emailed them for the current number. They replied that the...
  15. Superbowl

    10EE in Michigan for less than Two Grand

    If only I had more room MONARCH 10EE, CLEANING HOUSE, RUNNING, ALL RELATED TOOLING, 1944 | eBay
  16. Superbowl

    Mounting a scale to 10EE cross slide

    Hi Guys. I have a new to me 1957 10EE that came with a Sony DRO. The previous owner mounted the carriage scale but not the cross slide scale. I am not sure the best way to mount a scale to the cross slide. Also there is a short threaded rod/bolt that is captured and slides in a channel on the...
  17. Superbowl

    New to me 1957 10ee parts

    Hi Guys, I am a long time lurker on other PM topics and unexpectedly picked up a 10ee recently from a lady who needed the machine gone asap. I really did not need or have room for another lathe, but could not pass up a 10ee at a bargain price. I just got it rewired and up and working. So far I...