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    Diaform grinding wheel profiler free to pick up in Ontario

    Hi I bought this cheap at an auction 10 years ago, it was obsolete then, it is even more so now. I never removed it from its box, I can't grind things flat let alone with some fancy profile. The new owner must come and pick it up from my shop in Kitchener Ontario. In the unlikely case that...
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    Gear hobbing process question, what causes difference on one flank vs the other

    Hi We make the gears for our first prototype by wire EDM and that works pretty well. When we need to make the first run of 20 gearboxes we get the gears hobbed by a local shop that specializes in this type of work. Gear noise is a big issue for these gearboxes, we are trying to make the...
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    FS Jones and Shipman 540P surface grinder $3000US Ontario

    I bought this grinder for a new shop that my friend wanted to start but the shop space situation changed so now its back in my shop and in the way. I have only run it long enough to make sure it works. The hydraulic table feed works and the grinder leaves as good a surface finish as my...
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    How old is this forklift

    I just bought this Automatic (maybe Yale) brand forklift. The model number is LF82P-025-HF, serial number K-1949-H1. It has a 4 cylinder propane engine and a standard transmission with a clutch. I didn't bother doing too much research before I bought it, but now that I own it I can't find out...
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    Foam to make tool box organizers

    I want to make foam tray organizers for socket sets as well as other hand tools. I have seen the foam that I want used by other companies that make these organizers but I don't know what the foam is called. These other companies seem to have a way of milling this soft foam so that they can get...
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    Romi flatbed CNC lathes, old vs new

    Hi I have an older EZ Path lathe and like the control for doing one-off kind of work. I am considering buying a newer Romi (M20) with Fanuc control. Are the newer ones as easy to use in that semi manual mode? The power feed with stops, making a chamfer, doing a fast roughing cycle? Anyone...
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    Prototrak AGE3 bedmill, is there a fast way to move the head in a controlled way?

    I have had a mid 90's Prototrak bedmill for a number of years, I use it rarely because I don't like anything about the control other than the fact that there is a scale on the quill and it changes the Z position on the control. Moving the quill up and down manually is not very controllable...
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    Offset for rough cut with Brother Wire EDM

    If I want to make a cut that roughs out a cut followed by a skim cut do I have to add the offset in using my CAM program? I am making the toolpath by cutting and pasting a tool path made in HSM express using a 0.010" cutter and letting the CAM do the tool comp. How much offset is appropriate...
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    Interesting article about Chinese ball bearing production

    Canada's leading newspaper the Globe and Mail (the closest thing we have to the NYT) has a whole section devoted to the future of China this weekend. I found the little segments featuring regular Chinese people's cares and concerns very interesting, it left me hopeful that China and the West...
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    WTB Deckel single lip cutter grinder

    Looking to buy a unit in good condition. Will need collets as well. Please email me at [email protected]
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    Brother Hs-50A Parameter file backup

    I have a bit of spare time and energy to teach myself how to use this machine that has been sitting on my floor for 3 years now. Yesterday I made a cable and figured out how to upload and download programs with DNC software. Next I would like to backup the parameter file but the manual...
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    Machine auction results

    I witnessed a live/online auction north of toronto today. I'd say the market for used machinery is pretty soft. The prices are in $US and they were the final bid. I guess there is so much cheap money that old equipment is not worth the hassle. The small stuff was not as cheap but cheaper than...
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    5 Axis milling of gear teeth

    I am looking for a shop that is experienced in milling spur gear teeth with 5 axis CNC machine. The gears are about 2" in diameter, 1" face width and will probably be made from PEEK. Quantity 40. They would need nonstandard cutters if hobbed, I don't want to wait that long. The radius at the...
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    Sunnen mandrels SL series vs PL series

    I am trying to expand my mandrel selection in the range of 1" to 2" diameter for through holes (enlarging bushing type things). The Pl series ones are expensive on ebay (about $100 each) the Sl ones are cheaper ($60). What is the functional difference? Is it only a replaceable shoe?
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    Interesting finding on Loctite and taper fits

    We did some experiments at work to determine what the torque carrying capability of joints made by interference fits created by tapers (12-16 degrees included angle) on shafts/hubs. These parts were steel and the surface finish was turned not ground. Using green Loctite retaining compound...
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    Turning very worn commutator of Prototrak servo motor

    This motor actually still worked when I took it apart, but the rear bearing was pretty well seized up with carbon. The wear on the commutator is very deep. My plan is to try to fix it by taking very small cuts with a sharp tool. Any suggestions that might increase my chances of success would...
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    Modern lathe control that works like Romi EZ-Path

    I really like how my Bridgeport EZ-path lets me work with the handwheels and easily do do power feed moves, tapers, and roughing cycles. Is there a modern version of a lathe control that works like this? I am hoping to retofit a flat bed Standard and Modern lathe to make it easy to use like...
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    Gear quality measurement

    I am in the electric vehicle drive business, more specifically small electric vehicles, from ebikes to things that peak at 15hp. We started out designing and manufacturing the inverters and have since branched into designing and manufacturing motors as well. For some of the higher volume...
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    Cutting gear blanks with laser cutter out of 1045 sheet

    I am designing a gear reducer for a medium duty kind of vehicle that needs to be economically manufactured in volumes of about 1000 units per year. Powder metallurgy is not an option at this moment, the tooling costs are too high. Would prefer to keep process in North America. The accuracy...
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    Head gasket leak that doesn't cause the coolant system to overflow in Powerstroke

    I have a 2001 Ford F250 Pickup with a 7.3l Powerstock engine. It was making white smoke and the coolant was disappearing. The oil was kind of milky but not really bad, the coolant . I figured it was either a head gasket leak (which I did not want to fix) or a oil cooler leak which I kind of...