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    Can I get some advice on Centerless setup? (been a while)

    Hello. Been a while. Running a Cincinnati #2 grinder at a new job and just wanted to clarify that the work rest and grinding wheel should be parallel. The grinder is set up now to where if I bring the wheel to the work rest, when it touches on the exit side there is .040-050 gap on the entry...
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    Centerless wheels

    Just a question. Does the size of the regulating wheel matter in comparison to the grinding wheel. Seems like both times I’ve changed grinding wheels at work. New wheels 20” worn wheel maybe 16”. Grinds better with the smaller wheel. Not sure size of regulating wheel now but seems pretty worn...
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    Bar grinding

    Hey. It’s been a while. Got a job about a month ago centerless grinding steel bars not sure what kind of steel. 1 1/2 to 4” bars 12-24 ft. Having lots of problems. No one to really discuss them with right now. One guy quit, one hurt his shoulder. 24” x 20” wheels. Having a problem with a section...
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    Centerless balancing

    How do I know if my wheel is unbalanced? Symptoms? Got a new wheel. Not sure if it's a different wheel or something else is wrong