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    Lubricant For FPS Well Pump "Motor"

    From time to time I pull and repair residential wells and pumps. I have just slowly as quick as I can pulled 650'+ of 2" schedule 40 pipe to get to our Franklin Electric 6" High Capacity Pump Model-50FA10S6PE What happened was we were inspecting the motor and took the sealed cap off the end...
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    NEW 1018 CR Steel Domestic Flat Bar For Sale

    I have a qty of 38 - .75" x 1.5" x 12.25" pre-cut domestic 1018 CR steel flat bar's for sale. Overflow from a job were not running no more, looking to get $7.50 a piece plus USPS flat rate shipping anywhere in the USA. Paypal and credit cards through paypal. PM or post what you'd like, if PM'ing...
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    NEW Alloy 1/2"-13 x 2.5" Socket Head Cap Screw For Sale

    Had a job I expected to repeat more then once and was a dummy and over ordered a bunch of 1/2"-13 x 2.5" socket head cap screws. So I have now a bunch of new 1/2"-13 x 2.5" alloy socket head cap screw qty 25 each in bag in a box for $25.00 + flat rate shipping anywhere in the USA. If you buy a...
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    New nachi spiral point taps for sale

    I have a quantity of 9 new in box in the photo, but I want to keep one for myself, so qty of 8 for sale - Nachi 10mmX1.5mm D6 VTP Cobalt/Vanadium HSS 3 Flute Spiral Pointed Plug Taps. Looking to get $20.00 a piece or preferably 3 for $50.00. MSRP is $41.00 a piece and Travers wants $25.62 plus...
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    New Domestic Alcoa MIC6 Plate For Sale

    I have a new 3/8"x10.93"x48" USA made Alcoa MIC6 Plate for $130.00 + USPS shipping. For this listing and the other MIC6 listing I have both plates still have front and back protective coating with manufacture insignia. Paypal and credit cards through paypal, USA only. Will bandsaw cut for $5.00...
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    Domestic 6061 T6 Rems For Sale

    I have a qty of 38 - 6061 T6 1.25"x3.27"x5.47" flat bars for $5.50 each. USA made Accu-Bar from the Sapa plant. USPS Flat rate priority shipping as many as you want "that will fit" in a whatever size box you want. I took the time to save these from a parts order that had that size thru pocket +...
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    Sinker EDM Needed

    Hi all, I have a couple (qty.2)(I supply parts)303 stainless parts I need sinker EDM'd. Parts are fairly small (a little under 1/4" dia.)round parts that I need a 1/32" hole punched axially 5/8" deep/thru. Need to know if this would be a cheaper alternative to drilling, please provide quotes...
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    F.S. Lathes

    I'm looking to sell 2 - 50's/60's vintage J&L turret lathes, both loaded with tooling and both equipped with bar feeds. One of them is a #3 and one is a #5, I'm looking to get around $5k per machine OBO. Anyone interested let me know.