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    What's your reason for not having a current backup of all your parameters?

    Something I have wondered for a long time...... It's not that hard to do. It's pretty critical to the long term operation of most machines. Why do so many folks not do it?
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    Fanuc 11 series question

    I'm working on a VMC with an 11M at a small start-up shop. It has a RAM error on boot up. Initializing the control does not clear it. My documentation shows RAM is on the main board and on the ROM/RAM board. I have swapped the ROM/RAM board from another control and the problem stays the same...
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    January backup battery time

    It's time. My personal machine CNC control is Mitsubishi. They recommend 7 year or when the low battery symbol shows on the screen (no message, just a symbol!). It has been ~6 years since I did them when I got the machine. Better safe than sorry when it comes to maintaining memory and...
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    Haven't had this much "fun" in a long time...

    Went to do my routine greasing of the ways and screws on my home machine. Started to squeeze the gun on one fitting and "pop" and no resistance. Grease line broke to the Y ballnut :bawling:. Tiny machine. Must have elves or something at the factory to put these together. Of course the old...
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    ExpressCard to RS-232 experiences?

    I've been using a MOXA USB to RS232 converter for the past 8 years or so to communicate to a variety of CNCs from a couple different laptops. For some reason or other, it died yesterday. While it was a very good unit and the only USB to RS232 converter that I had 100% fault free...
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    OT. Why retired CNC techs should not build furniture

    Scraping in a maple slab desktop. :nutter:Too much time on my hands.
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    Bad day for the shop

    Got a bit windy today. Gotta talk to the insurance man tomorrow I guess. Just finished moving things and spreading some tarps. Hoping for no effin rain for a day or two.
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    running 3 phase CNC on single phase

    I recently acquired a Mori Seiki TV30 for my home hobby shop. Of course, like most all home shops I only have single phase. Knowing a bit about CNC controls and drive systems I decided to try running the machine on single phase before spending the money on a rotophase. The short story is it...