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    Can I measure current draw on a stepper motor?

    Tomorrow morning I'll return to the customers plant to look at a stepper motor driven conveyor that occasionally trips out on over current. Without explaining ALL the details, my question is..using a DC amp clamp, is it possible to read motor current draw on a stepper motor. That's it! Stuart
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    OT: What..no tables

    I posted a similar thread but it went nuts and was locked. This one will probably go nuts as well, but after 3 glasses of wine and some YouTube time I'm ready to go crazy. The infamous 'Pakistani Videos' are cool, but why do they toss all the shit they make on the floor for the next dude to...
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    How to accuaratey set up square stock in the lathe.

    I have 36 inches of 1 1/2" square bar that has features that must be turned in the lathe. I screwed the first victim up and don't want to ruin my second attempt. I dialed the first attempt in using the 4 jaw and a DTI but must have missed the mark a few thou's. On this second attempt I'm going...
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    19" LeBlond Taper Attachment Operation.

    A historical society near me has a 19 x 60 HD LeBlond lathe with taper attachment. How do you disengage the cross feed screw so the taper attachment will function? I'll include a not so great pix of a similar lathe. Stuart
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    AC to DC Converter Question.

    I have built a conveyor system per the customers prints which required it to be 'universally powered' anywhere in the world. The customer stipulated 12 DC motor, controls and batteries/charger. This is a prototype...so the logic has changed midstream..now they would like a 120v AC option. All...
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    OT: Standing to work versus sitting to work!

    I believe that I've asked this before, and maybe had the thread zapped by the head cheese..but watching the Pakistan truck repair videos, and other as well, I don't understand why other folks work, (in dirt) squatting down, when a proper height workbench seems so right at least to me. Why don't...
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    How to determine force required to move a load.

    I have a steel framework that holds 240 extruded HDPE 'sticks' that are 4" wide by 2" high by 13 feet long. They are in contact with two steel frame members across the 13 foot dimension. When a single 'stick' is pushed with a force gauge, it measures 2.5 pounds of force to move the 'stick'. If...
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    OT: Shipping/Packaging Question

    I hope this is the appropriate forum for this question I have to ship a small wooden crate from the west coast to the east coast. I have a good truck freight quote for a crate that I will build to put the parts in. The crate is 24" x 20" X 9" high and weighs 240lbs. I don't plan on putting it...
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    OT: Is Voice of America (VOA) a credible news source?

    My home page is Google News. I feel that independent and honest news reporting has gone the way of the dinosaurs..every source is uber-agenda driven. Is VOA not in this same category? Does anyone here watch their feed? Their site claims they are BS free. Please...no crazy political...
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    Lathe for Sale in Northern California

    I have no association with this item at all but thought it might interest someone on this forum..plus the price looked very reasonable. It's in the Eureka/Arcata area..80 miles south of the Oregon border, on the coast. Stuart Lathe - tools - by owner - sale
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    Is this the proper procedure to bend 1/4" aluminum flat bar?

    Shoot me..I didn't do a search for this.:o I have some 6061 1/4" x 2" Aluminum flat bar. I dusted it with Acetylene soot, heated with a rosebud until the soot cooked off, plus some, then bent it 90 degrees. That worked, it didn't show signs of stress cracking or melting. I beat on it with a...
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    OT: Question About UPS Deliveries.

    I am near the end of the UPS drivers route, therefore deliveries came very late in the day, or even in the evening. This isn't handy when waiting for a part. Previously, I had the option to 'change delivery' and hold the package at the customer center on a will-call basis. I could then pick it...
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    Question about a 14.25 degree taper angle.

    I've not searched much for the answer elsewhere, being a bit slow minded, so I thought I might ask here. I have to deal with a device (gearmotor) that has a shaft that's finished to a 14.25 degree angle. Is there any common tool holder or adapter that is finished to this same angle? Stuart
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    OT; Hovmand Small Pail & Bucket Lifter Question

    Does anyone on this site own one of these battery powered lifters, or has anyone worked on one? I'm trying to figure out the mechanism inside the vertical tube that lifts the bucket or pail. They don't show the guts of the lifters which I guess is understandable. Stuart Bucket and small drum...
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    Electric Motor Shudders When Stopping.

    I have a Rockwell 12" sanding disc powered by a 1.5 HP, 230v single phase motor. When its running and you shut it off, as the RPM's wind down and it comes to the centrifugal switch threshold, you hear the switch 'click' and something happens inside the motor and it give a momentary shudder...
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    OT: Covid-19 Confusion

    I'm not going to wade into the other thread on this subject as it's about a million pages long and has turned into a political shit-show. My question is this..how can folks think about opening up, going to bars and movies and the beach when absolutely nothing has changed in regards to the...
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    Question About Valenite DPG-532 Carbide Inserts!

    I acquired a bunch of Valenite DPG-532 (VC-7) inserts. I have searched high and low and can find no lathe tool holder to fit this insert and cannot even find the shape listed any longer. I'm guessing this style was either proprietary to Valenite or is so old it's time for the garbage can. It's...
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    OT: Travel Insurance amid The Covid Pandemic

    My wife and I had airline ticket to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon in May of this year. I purchased travel insurance to cover the cost of the airline tickets if something were to happen...which it did, the fungus hit and California ordered shelter-in-place with essential travel only, plus the...
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    Harig Air-flo spindle

    I have a Harig air-flo spindle I bought years ago on Ebay. The chrome is gone off the spindle and the bushings are worn..so the spindle won't float very well. Other than that it's in good shape. FREE..for the cost of shipping to you. I'm in 95503 and the spindle assembly weighs 23lbs. Stuart
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    OT. How Do You Renew A Craigslist Listing Weekly???

    I have several items listed items for sale on Craigslist. They are typically listed for about 44 days and you can't renew the listing until it runs out..which means it's 44 days down in the queue. There are items which seem to be renewed weekly..they always return to the top of the queue..how...