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  1. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: Horn Mill Bodies MU313 & MU332

    These tools ran a test each. The MU313 seat has some very light damage but if filed would be ok, as long as your not making parts for Space X anyhow. The MU332 has a little bit of surface rust on the steel part but should be fine. The part #’s are MU332.0750.03B 3/4” shank overall length of...
  2. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: 7/16" Gorilla Mills lot of 8

    4 7/16" 4 flute Gorilla Mills & 4 7/16" 5 flute Gorilla Mills. $100 + shipping for all.
  3. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: Seco / Carboloy SNMG140416 TP40 Inserts Lot of 50

    $60 for the whole everything. I think I don't know but I think they are old indexable drill insets just based on their odd size and the nomenclature on them. If anybody has the drill that fits these bad boys this is your chance to load up.
  4. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: Thousands of SNMG 432, $30 for 50 inserts

    A client of mine has tasked me to try and get rid of thousands of SNMG 432A from Teledyne Firth Sterling. I believe these are USA made just based on the age of the box and the brand. I am sure carbidebob can chime in on that. Either way I am trying to get $30 for 50 inserts that's $0.60 an...
  5. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: 2 Kennametal 32mm (1.26") Shoulder Mills & 60 inserts

    Zelle, Venmo, Paypal & BTC accepted. Kennametal 32mm (1.26") Long Edge shoulder mills Kennametal part# 3773805 Qty. 2 & 60 matching inserts. 30 of EDPT10T308PDSRGD KC520M & 30 more EDPT10T308PDSRGD KCK15 not in the package. All the inserts are new, one mill was used briefly for a test and the...
  6. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: 2" Walter Face Mill

    Zelle, Venmo, Paypal & BTC accepted. Walter 2" 3 flute face mill. Lightly used for a test in essentially new shape. Item is F4080.019.051DC.Z03.04. Takes ODMT0605 inserts, which have 8 edges. $75 plus shipping.
  7. Shop Supply Guru

    WTB: 60' or so of 8/3 Romex Building Wire

    I spent an obscene amount of money at Lowe's for a 125' length since I need 60' and the 50' won't do. I thought maybe one of you has some extra collecting dust you are willing to part with for some greenbacks.
  8. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: Turning Inserts

    Paypal, Venmo, Zelle and BTC accepted. Brand---Part#----Description----Price per 10 or broken pack-----Quantity available Dorian 7331016953 CNMG 433 PER DPC15HT $25.00 10 Walter 7077862 CCMT 433 E47 WSM20S $30.00 10 Walter 6140310 CNMG 321 FP5 WPP20S $25.00 20 Walter 5876339 CNMG 431 NMS WSM20...
  9. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: Helical, Yg & Gorilla Mill End Mills

    Paypal, Venmo, Zelle and BTC accepted. Brand---------Part#------------Description---------------------Price-----Quantity available Gorilla Mill GM38R4015 3/8"x7/8" .015"R 4 flute Gorilla Mill $30.00 Qty. 8 Gorilla Mill GM38RL4CHT015 3/8"x1-1/4" .015"R 4 flute Gorilla Mill $30.00 Qty. 1...
  10. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: 1/2" Indexable Carbide Boring Bar NEW

    Brand New Carbide Walter Boring Bar Link to item details -- > CLICK Carbide shank 1/2" Shank, 8" overall length, takes CCMT 21.5* inserts. Min Bore is .598" These go for $350 on MSC. I am asking for $150 plus shipping. Paypal, Zelle, Venmo accepted.
  11. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: Various Carbide Drills - Walter, Nachi, Sandvik, SECO & Nachi

    Brand Part. #. Size, Length to diameter ratio & style Price. Qty. Nachi 723876 3.0mm /.118"" 3xD 3 flute coolant through" $20.00 1 Walter 6287460 5.8mm /.228"" 3xD Inox Coolant through $40.00 1 Walter 5564918 5.8mm Flat Bottom Coolant through pilot $25.00 1 Walter 6597627 6.5mm /...
  12. Shop Supply Guru

    Looking for a HSK63A Coolant Inducer

    Just like the title says I am looking for a HSK63A Coolant Inducer. Big Kaiser only has them in CAT & BT tapers. It's an odd bird since most HSK63 machines are coolant or air through as they are higher end. Thank in advance for the help!
  13. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: Helical End Mills

    Helical 30527 qty. 2 $40 each Helical 30512 qty. 1 $40 each Helical 34287 qty. 1 $40 each Helical 82862 qty. 1 $40 each Or $180 for the whole batch
  14. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: Helical end mills various

    All new. Venmo, Zelle, & Paypal accepted. Helical Part# 30527 1/2" x 1.25" LOC, 4 flute square end $40 each - 2 available Helical Part# 30512 1/2" x 1" LOC, 4 flute square end $40 each - 1 available Helical Part# 34287 1/2" x 1.25" LOC, 4 flute .030" corner rad $40 each - 1 available Helical...
  15. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: 2" Walter High Feed Mill Bodies

    Quantity 2, 2" 4 flute takes a 3/4" pilot arbor. Takes 4 edged Walter SDMT1204** inserts, generic inserts would probably fit fine. Both lightly used, one is missing one screw. $60 each, or $100 for both + $10 shipping. Venmo, Zelle preferred but paypal is acceptable.
  16. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: 50mm (1.96") Walter M3024 Face Mill (14 edged)

    50mm diameter body, takes a 22mm pilot arbor. Takes 14 edged Walter XNMU0705 inserts. 5 inserts are loaded in the body and one edge of those were used during a tool test. 5 more inserts are included that are brand new. $75 for all + $10 shipping. Venmo, Zelle preferred but paypal is acceptable.
  17. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: NEW 1/2" shank carbide boring bars E08R- SCLCR2

    Venmo, Zelle and paypal accepted. These are Walter brand E08R-SCLCR2 which is carbide coolant through boring bar with a 1/2" shank. Insert style is CCMT21.51 can fit other radii. $150 each or $250 for both.
  18. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: Various Walter Mill Bodies

    Most are new a few lightly used for tests. Venmo, Zelle preferred paypal ok. $10 for shipping if you take one or all, I ship UPS Ground. 1. 2.5" 5 flute Walter F4030 high feed mill, used good shape. 5 inserts in mill 2 egdes used 4 good. 5 brand new inserts. Max Depth of cut .080" $100 2. 1"...
  19. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: Kyocera Ripper Mill with DLC coated inserts

    40mm (1.57”) 4 flute Kyocera Ripper mill. Inserts in body used for a few dozen parts taking very light cuts. 6 new inserts in pack. $25 and $10 shipping it’s yours.
  20. Shop Supply Guru

    FS: Broken packs of Various Turning Inserts

    Collecting dust from old tests. Hopefully you can get some use. Paypal or venmo or Zelle. Buyer pays shipping. I'll sell the whole lot for $155 ($2.50 an insert) with free shipping if anyone is interested. Walter CCMT 32.51 qty. 2 finishing or boring bar inserts $8 Walter CNMG434 RP5 WPP05S...