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    I had my first major machine crash today

    Cool. I'd wild guess about 800-1000 to get new sheetmetal fabbed for the two covers and you paint. Check hot rod shops and big HVAC guys. Of course the covers are not needed at all unless OSHA visits you often. Big fun eh? Makes you think that these things could kill me and not care at all...
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    Many Acme Gridley Screw Machines and other Equipment for sale - Durand, Mi

    You have never been to the "Durand dirties" ? How old are you? Not just a drive-in but a film studio also. Before there was any of this net stuff. Not that I would have ever gone there when I was young..... Maybe you just know Railroad days. Screw machine shops in and around Durand. That is a...
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    Best small precision cylindrical grinder?

    Things to know that would be nice. Ballpark budget first. Variety of work material, shapes, run sizes and min part sizes also. Will you need to change wheels often? Should I mention part tolerances? Older Cincis are built like a tank and can be so very abused and just keep on running forever...
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    Where do the amateurs post?

    Hi, my name is Bob and I am not sure amateur or professional. I get paid to do it so that make me pro? Many things I do not know. Many things I think I know and then there are the know unknowns. One of these days I might be master of all and a pro. Until the good lord takes me I will love those...
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    High accuracy angle measurement

    If only this would work at this price and this accuracy. It is rise over run and number of pixels/3. This ignores the lens and those pin/barrel problems plus the part is round. The plastic lens on these guys are not flat field by any stretch of the imagination. Yes I do use them and super handy...
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    Question about set screws and protecting threads

    So the difference between a "brass plug" and a brass setscew or these https://www.mcmaster.com/set-screws/tip-material~brass/ is that the plug does not rotate and sort of forms to the thread. Plug style commonly used on precsion bearing nuts or clamping where you do not want to see any twist action.
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    Ball ended Hex (How to machine?)

    Do want the hex on the relief? One choice is super easy the other not so much. Poly turning to an existing tip can be a fun exercise. A Walters grinder or this ilk can do this easy-peasiy but not as fast. Cold heading is just plain cheating. Now we are talking serious part volumes. Many wheel...
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    High accuracy angle measurement

    Place the part in a know perfect vee block perfectly square on the plate. No dust or lint. Set the sine and run a indicator/surface gauge across it. Just inside the tip and just inside the exit. This tells you the cone is spot on or not. Now you have to worry if the flat is indeed square to the...
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    Intellectual Property

    I will ass-u-me that this in print on the original quote. Or are you not playing with a full deck and assuming that business is fair and nice to all? As customer I paid for design work. If I paid you I now own that and owe nothing else. If you did if for free we have a different story and...
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    shrink fitting a crankshaft flange

    Entire crank a solid chunk? That would be a bit of metalworking. More for press. I do not like welding on a crankshaft be it build up for stoke or other fix. The things are like rubber bands and move in ways you would never expect. Other side is that I am a crank guy and do so love making them...
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    Intellectual Property

    That would be Mr Lopez. Rather cut throat guy and hatted by so many. All quotes for a project open and then he would invite all into a meeting to see what everyone else did or quoted fully exposing everything proposed and then the chance to re-quote. Have been in this and interesting times...
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    Intellectual Property

    What I missing? Customer bought design time from you. You deliver the full information and you make your rate on it. Now if you want making the parts you have to compete with the world. I would expect the customer to take this and quote five to ten sources. Do the design work for free and then...
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    Many Acme Gridley Screw Machines and other Equipment for sale - Durand, Mi

    Wasn't there a once world famous Drive-in movie theater in Durand? :)
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    I keep hearing that this winter will be bad for manufacturing in Europe.

    Those roundy things are confusing to most US drivers. End of the freeway in Standish is now one so 80mph to what the heck. It is amusing to see people try to figure it out. The wife goes into panic mode. The only way I know it was that there was that there where several back on my college...
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    Wet Grinder with CBN Wheel - Best Practices?

    Here is the thing/problem with CBN and diamond bonded wheels. They come in so many flavors of grits, bond types, hardness and structure. All these need to be matched to an application. One wheel spec can be poop and another be like magic with small changes. Figuring out the right one is trial...
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    how to automate my lathe

    Many years in building automation robots and vision. I like people. Those brain dead, full of personal problems people that do things they should not. Yet no matter how bad or not up to 100% production rate I love them and for sure at times I hate them. Wait until the time a guy comes in with...
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    Where do the amateurs post?

    Many here will not like this and it is sort of banned to keep out tons of hobby BS stuff and that has worked. Maybe add some drive screw covers like bellows or the long springy things. (Never leave your nuts exposed to the world :)) Have a few of those same spindles that everyone here hates. No...
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    Wet Grinder with CBN Wheel - Best Practices?

    Maybe this one down aways?? https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/brake-controlled-truing-wheels.159296/ The only note I would change is that is best (faster) to run the motorized opposite the wheel rotation. Be careful of direction if it tries to unscrew the nut on the dressing...