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  1. SeikiCorp

    2 speed 3 phase motor?

    So, At 60 Hz it can be a 4-pole or 8-pole motor depending on the winding chosen. This is typical in a modern CNC. 3-contactors. This explains how it is done on most Air Compressors. Look in section Star-Delta. It also explains how the safety and interlock circuit work...
  2. SeikiCorp


    If it is a cooler only, and not providing lube oil to the gearbox, Velocite 4 or 6 is common. If it is also lube oil, a DTE series would be common.
  3. SeikiCorp


    That is a oil cooler with a attached tank and pump. the temp should be set near '0' and not the lowest temp. It matches the ambient temp at 0. It is to control temp rise from the gearbox / hydraulic systems in operation. Makes the machine more stable during the day.
  4. SeikiCorp

    Mazak Nexus 200-II M problem

    Did you contact Mazak / Mitsubishi yet?
  5. SeikiCorp

    2 speed 3 phase motor?

    If the 2 speeds are half / double speeds, It might be a wye-delta switch gear. Very common on modern CNC spindles. It switches over the motor windings for a 'electrical' 2-speed gearbox of sorts.
  6. SeikiCorp

    Mazak Nexus 200-II M problem

    I am sure that original message has been fixed in the past 2 years. Error 0c can have more than 1 cause. This just means it failed the error checking. If the software reinstall does not fix it, we just replace the entire control.
  7. SeikiCorp

    Mazak Nexus 200-II M problem

    The reinstall software is already inside the control. But you could seriously mess up your software install if done incorrectly. You could overwrite or corrupt the reposition device and that will brick your machine until Mazak makes a on-site service call to re-set this. Become friends with...
  8. SeikiCorp

    Mazak Nexus 200-II M problem

    We have had the same issues many times. Windows will boot fine, control will hang on the Mazak Splash screen. Error 0C. When the controls get near the 10-12 year mark the memory card inside begins to wear out. You can re-install the Mazak software and that will usually fix it for a while. Until...
  9. SeikiCorp

    Help Identifying Collets (SSC1)

    Used in 1 1/4 milling chucks and hydraulic holders. They don't have any real 'collapse' and need tight tolerance tool shanks. +0 -.0003 max.
  10. SeikiCorp

    Indicator locating post size for fanuc edms

    All the parts you need come with the clamp kit. M8 Spacer cut about 4mm off the thread end. Cut 20 mm off the hole end and re-tap for 10-32 for the Noga arm.
  11. SeikiCorp

    Fanuc Robocut Alpha OC EDM Settings

    You don't specify wire size. So I will assume .010. Here is the 2 settings I would start with on my Alpha1-iC. My 'R' technology doesn't work after a software update. So I will not show it.
  12. SeikiCorp

    Weird problem with Fanuc RS232 blowing fuses

    Fanuc controls feed +24v on pin number 25 on most machines. This is for portable DNC boxes. ( FANUC Handy-File and the like ) That is what the micro-fuse in the back of the LCD is protecting. This is not the multi-amp fuse feeding the entire LCD. Check pin 25 against the Frame Ground (...
  13. SeikiCorp

    Fanuc 18i Card Reader Errors

    The older 18i series are picky about the cards capacity and formatting. 32MB max. Fat12 file system. Format the cards in the control. If windows says there are issues with the cards after you go from CNC to PC, do not let windows 'repair' the card. Windows tries to change the binary header on...
  14. SeikiCorp

    Why should I get a Fanuc control instead of a Mitsubishi?

    Fanuc has a much longer life cycle for control support. 15 years after a control is no longer made, the critical parts are still available or a 'upgrade' replacement is available.
  15. SeikiCorp

    Are milling chucks obsolete?

    NT Tool used to nickel-plate their holder bodies and then grind it off on the taper and bores. So you got a fair protection from the surface corrosion. But I don't know if they are still made in that way.
  16. SeikiCorp

    Getting small internal threading bars in a hurry

    Micro-100 has them in stock with a 60 degree tip ( UN threads ) But the Metric 55 degree tip does not stock that small. Can you use a 60 Deg in a pinch? https://www.micro100.com/products/tool-details-it-050200
  17. SeikiCorp

    Fanuc CNC Ethernet IP Installation

    Now it becomes interesting.. Does your control have the 'fast ethernet' option installed? Exactly where is the cord plugged into? ( take a photo ) Do you have the 'data server' option? From the list of 'available devices' on the Fanuc, The base control usually shows, Card ( Or PCMCIA ), or...
  18. SeikiCorp

    Old wire

    Can your machine anneal the wire before it is cut? Not all machines can do that due to patent restrictions. That will take the curl out of the wire.
  19. SeikiCorp

    Hitachi Seiki VK45 Z axis alarm help

    Record your EXACT version of this board. There were many revisions over the 8 years this was made. Should be 16-02-00-xx for the 'old' version. And 16-02-02-xx for the new version. The new version has a dependency of a matching LSPC board. Not backwards version compatible.
  20. SeikiCorp

    Hitachi Seiki VK45 Z axis alarm help

    Call Mori-Seiki for a replacement board. N.E.C. pulled out of the CNC market in the late 90s, But Mori might have the parts in Japan. It is not easy to replace without the AT-YUMO program that loads the data into the board. Have a expert do this for you.