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    New roof leaking

    The third pic shows flashing on top of the shingles. As the post before me stated you need flashing done correctly. Your flashing on the roof against the wall is incorrect, only the flashing on the side wall should be seen. The bent part is under the shingles , not over like you have Also...
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    Need recommendation on decent benchtop, metal, vertical, variable speed bandsaw

    I have the Swag table and a portaband saw. No louder than the 5x6 it replaced.
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    Making a reamer

    I may have an idea that could work. A step drill made to order might work. After turning each step the bit is milled flat on two sides. Search for step drill to see what I am think may work.
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    Indexing rounds for accurate miters

    Make a vee block with SHCS to clamp the round. Saw the parts 1/8" oversize before clamping. Clamp the vee block and make a cut. Swing the saw table to the other miter. If possible set up a length stop. Push the miter to the stop block and make the second miter.
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    anchors in block and brick walls?

    Drill in the solid part of the block. Nail or screw Simpson angle plates to the vertical members. Use a roto hammer with a 3/16" diameter masonry bit and drill about 4" deep. Cut a piece of tie wire 4" long. This the wire used to tie rebar. Place wire in hole and then hammer 16d galvanized nail...
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    Trunnion Repair on Do-All ML Band Saw

    I worked for Wood Workers Warehouse after I retired as a carpenter. We sold tools ,some house brands like Reliant. Their bandsaws were decent for hobbyists. Just before we went bankrupt a customer came in and asked if he could get a new trunnion for his saw. Same thing, picked the saw up by the...
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    Ball Oilers, stupid questions

    I could never tell if oil passed thru the ball oilers. Ordered cup type with lids to replace the ball oilers. I tapped a drywall screw thru the oiler and pulled them up with the claw of the hammer. Solved that problem. mike
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    Digital readouts on a manual lathe ? Thoughts Please

    Place an O-ring on the tailstock quill. When you advance the quill you can measure the distance. Costs almost nothing and works well. As far as a digital readout , I do not have recommendation , but do not even consider I Gauging crap.
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    O.T. - Hearing aids (again but technology and laws are changing)

    I bought MD hearing aids . They made sounds louder but not clearer. I stopped using them because they hurt my ears after two hours of use each day. Waited several years til I decided to try Miracle Ear. These are custom fitted for each ear. They are pretty much hidden. They work well, I do not...
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    Cutting #8-32 threaded rods

    I bought several size threaded rods from various suppliers. McMaster Carr, Bolt depot, Micro Fasteners etc. Less expensive than making my own. I have rods from 2/56 up to 1/4-20. Most come in 3'-0" lengths.
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    OT - Removing Bleaching? Sharpie Marker out of Granite Counter

    I would try GooBeGone spray. I have a dry erase board that I marked up with a sharpie. Left it for several weeks before attempting to clean it. Tried acetone, lacquer thinner, alcohol Goo Be Gone. Only the Goo be Gone completely removed the sharpie. Cleaned the board with one wipe.
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    Moved lathe and now have taper.

    The sticks are called parallels. Used to sight boards for cup and wind. Fine for woodworking, not fit for lathe bed twist. Each parallel is placed at the end of a board and at 90° to the board. You have to bend down to sight the parallels. If both parallels sight evenly across them the board...
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    Off. Topic: Compression socks vs tight socks

    3 years ago I had edema caused by an infection. I was told to wear compression socks by my doctor. Bought 7 pairs at $50.00 a pair. I stopped wearing them when the edema was gone. Then bought regular dress socks from Amazon. Supposed to fit sizes 7-12 , I wear size 10. These socks were tighter...
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    Hitachi cordless drill issues

    I have a Milwaukee Hole shooter that only ran in forward. I opened the grip and saw that a plastic part was cracked. Got the part # and found out the part needed cost too much. Looked like a $1.00 part but cost much more. I do not recall what the cost was. At first I thought I would glue the...
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    To Flat or Not to Flat?

    I bought ten 1/4" endmills for $15.00 at an auction. No flats . I was slotting 1018 CRS when the cutter pulled down. Work not ruined because this was a thru slot. I then ground a flat on every one.
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    Who makes good work boots in the USA?

    I am a retired carpenter that worked many years outside. Bought first pair of Redwings in 1962. Usually got 2-1/2 / 3 years out of them before they needed new soles and heels. Wore Redwings til I retired 40 years later. First pair cost me two weeks pay. First year apprentice made $1.38 an hour...
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    rough finish

    You only have to lift the lathe to remove and install a motor. There are two belts beside the drive belt. One belt is for high speed . I have this lathe, i only run in low speed and have only installed the high speed belt when I received the lathe for break in. There is no reason to get to the...
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    OT: bolt extractor recommendations

    My daughter took her Pontiac Le Mans to a garage to get the oil changed. They said the nut was so rounded they could not get it off. She asked me if I knew a garage that could do it. I told her to drive over and I would look at it. This was the first oil change since she bought the car 4 weeks...
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    Milling machine fine feed

    The jib bolts may be too tight. Try loosening the bolts and see if that helps. Because both the fine feed and the coarse feed are both stuck, fairly sure the jibs are the problem. Your manual should tell you how to adjust the bolts for the jib.
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    Something change and now I get chatter.

    Last week i had a similar problem. I was turning 6061 aluminum and the finish was lousy. I use HSS tooling. Ground the cutter with a 1/16"radius, still had a poor finish. I removed the piece and saw that half the the round was smooth and the other half was rough. I realized the chuck might be...