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    CNC machine monitoring camera/microphone for broken tool detection

    that looks just like the ones I got, they are just a switch inside, you may need supporting hardware, macros, and knowledge to get it all working, I've never worked with Haas.
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    CNC machine monitoring camera/microphone for broken tool detection

    another vote for cheep tool setters, I've been using some that I got from eBay, i think they were <£30. no where near as good as a Renishaw, but they work well enough for basic tool setting and brake detection.
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    Set chuck to ID

    i dont, all done in cam with no cycles.
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    Set chuck to ID

    on both of mine, its next to the estop for the main spindle.
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    Buck 3 jaw chuck out of whack

    must be an echo!
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    Buck 3 jaw chuck out of whack

    it's not always the case that you have to install the jaws in the correct order, I have a set of jaws that have one tooth missing on one jaw, so you have to install them 3,1,2.
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    Inverted Machining Centers. Opinions? Anybody have one?

    don't forget that HP is a function of speed, at 30000RPM that's only 48NM grob can do inverted machining on their horizontal 5 axis, but the table can flip over, making loading and unloading much easier!
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    My last Haas arrived.

    when are they taking it back?
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    Finisher did a poor job with packing parts customer requests remake

    I had the same thing happen with our platers a few months ago, I talked to them, and the QC manager was distraught at how they packed the parts. they plated our next batch of parts for free and gave us a credit note for the value of the order they messed up. i was very happy with this, and...
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    trepanning, 2 parts from one bar

    so I have a set of parts we make for a customer, lathe parts, 2000ish at a time. one is from 2.5" alloy bar, one from 1.625" bar. both parts are 10mm long. in theory, we could get both out of the same bar (one inside the other) but it would only leave enough room for a 1.5mm face grooving tool...
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    Hitachi Seiki 3ne-300, How to connect Laptop?

    I just had a mare getting my Hitachi to talk to me, spent all day making new cables and trying to work out the wiring diagram in the manual, tried different com ports, different settings. turned out the connector on the front panel wasn't plugged into the control in the cabinet........ I...
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    Programming service

    DMG have probably got the diagrams, they had the ones for my hicell, but they will want lots of money for them.....
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    Fanuc Encoders

    alright, I might have got the year wrong. in my defense, either way it's older than me.... just looked on the Fanuc mainboard it has 87 marked for the year, it's a 0T Type B witch according to the Fanuc wiki is 87-89, so makes sense. and it 100% is red cap motors, well the caps are red after all!
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    Fanuc Encoders

    I have tried this, and couldn't get any of the menus suggested up. this is a very early control, around 85 if the made in West Germany badge on the turret is to be believed. out of desperation I rang Colchester lathes (this is a Harrison) and talked to the guy that built the machine! after...
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    Fanuc Encoders

    red cap, 0T control, not sure if its Alpha, think its to old for that but not sure how to tell!
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    Fanuc Encoders

    forgot to mention, the machine manufacturer painted the motor destroying any evidence of a part number or any identifying marks. but I will look into finding a complete motor!
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    Fanuc Encoders

    Has anyone got any leads on Fanuc encoders in the UK? just had a quote from Fanuc that would make your eyes water, and would rather not scrap the machine because of one failed component. A860-0320-T112
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    Milling V-groove with chamfer mill. Disaster or success?

    can't you just set the part at 45Degs and mill it with a regular endmill? much better for surface speed and chip removal.
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    Fadal 6030 ATC issue (Hall Effect Switch)

    did you get the wrong sensor? Hall effect sensors come in PNP and NPN or NO and NC.
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    Increase memory - Acramatic A2100

    good question, we load all our programs over the network, so the machine is set as a network drive and I post the programs directly to the machine hard drive. do you have a network card in the machine?