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    CAM Recommendations for 2 axis gang tool lathe

    I haven't used SmartCAM in 15 years but when I did use it I did a ton of lathe programming with it and I would go back to it in a second if I were in your situation.
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    Who uses Okuma C-axis?

    metlhed, We have had this exact problem with our Okuma L370M. We first noticed it on grooving features that were getting clipped by the tool when rapiding away from the part. For a few years now we have been turning droop control on (G65) when starting any rapiding moves (i.e. G00 G65 Z0.1)...
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    Nakumara vs Okuma

    We have an Okuma L370M. A real workhorse. The only complaint that I have is that our turret uses VDI tooling; this make milling very weak. We have to conventional mill practically everything because of chatter issues. However, I would easily recommend this machine. Daryl
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    lathe software

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    lathe software

    PHDesigns, I use Esprit and SmartCAM. I think that SmartCAM is easier to learn, has better reporting capabilities out of the box and that fact that your geometry IS your tool path makes it a lot easier to manipulate the model to get the code you want. The importance of this can’t be...
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    anyone out there with the new Mori's?

    Ahh, the lube...I forgot about the lube. You definitely need a good supply of way lube and a really good oil skimmer with this machine. It’s pretty ridiculous.
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    anyone out there with the new Mori's?

    Jerry, I ask the machinist who runs the Mori and he said that you could do as rotate the turret with the hand wheel as you described, but it required a parameter change and for him it isn’t really necessary since he knows the drop-dead length that he can extend the tool from the collet nut. Daryl
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    anyone out there with the new Mori's?

    Jerry, If you extend the tool out more than 1.85, the tool will hit the back machine cover. So there is absolutely no fudging it. Daryl
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    anyone out there with the new Mori's?

    We have a ZT1500 with live tooling. Overall I am a little disappointed in it. The maximum length that we can extend a live tool from the collet nut is 1.85 inches. Ouch. The memory capacity is extremely poor. We even have it upgraded to near the top limit and it’s only at 1 meg of RAM...
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    Another Turning Question

    For years I have been plunging a grooving tool in the corner with good success.
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    What brand of bar puller works best?

    We've been using Dunham bar pullers for several years. We cut our bar stock to about 40 inches long and have pull up to 2.0 inch diameter bar without any problems. Daryl
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    SmartCam users

    We are using ver. 12.5, but only for our legacy files.
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    Evaluating Esprit

    Dan, I’m afraid that I can’t recall specifics about the bugs that these users felt were not getting attention; I can only give you my own observation. Whenever you have a problem you can get on D.P.’s web site and enter a SupportWeb incident. This can be anything from an enhancement request to...
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    Evaluating Esprit

    dan45, One of the hurdles I quickly realized that I had to overcome with Esprit is accepting that it was not SmartCAM and that things were going to be different. Some things would be worse, hopefully most would be better, but they would certainly be different. There are times when I really...
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    Evaluating Esprit

    dan45, I have been using SmartCAM for the lathes and turn/mills since 1996 and I think that SmartCAM has a very good turning package. If you want ultimate control of the actual cutter path, SmartCAM is hard to beat. I’ve also been using Esprit (for only a couple of years now) but I can...
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    Gibbs 2007, Esprit 2007, NX2007, which to buy

    rethinkit, Joe788 is right on! Only I would go one step further and make a working post on a particular part that you have a condition of completing the purchase. The salesman for a CAM company will undoubtedly tell you that the post won't be a problem, but by negotiating payment until after...
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    Why UG NX?

    failsafe7, I wouldn't totally discount that they had other motives, but we contacted UG and this was the dealer that they set us up with. The whole time they were at out facility they were with me and they worked on the task at hand. They never loaded software on any of our computers and were...
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    Why UG NX?

    Not too long ago we were looking at a couple of CAM packages and UG’s NX was one of them. Being convinced that each of the CAM programs we were considering could adequately create cutter path, the key criteria became this: generate GOOD code for our Mazak Integrex turn/mill (sub spindle and a...
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    bob cad

    Bob, All too often the post processor is treated as an afterthought with CAM sales. The salesman usually doesn’t make a big deal about it except to say something like; “we have posts for most machines out there...” and maybe say that they might need “a little modification, but it’s real easy.”...
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    Spindle liners

    We've bought a few Trusty Cook liners and they are nice. About $250 each. Daryl