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  1. motorworks

    Solidworks 98 windows 7

    just down loaded a virtual xp pc and got it running !! thanks :)
  2. motorworks

    Solidworks 98 windows 7

    Tried it ... did not work ...guess Im back to Xp
  3. motorworks

    Solidworks 98 windows 7

    Hi I have am older copy of Solid works 98 . It works great in XP , but I cant seem to get it to work in windows 7 any ideas ... and no Im not upgrading lol eddie
  4. motorworks

    Tool Room Lathe

    Hi Looking at purchasing a new Tool Room Lathe The TL-2. Just wondering how deep the spindle hole is ? i.e from the Front of the chuck how far can I push a bar into the head of the lathe? all the best eddie
  5. motorworks


    Ok I went to see the Dermatologist today. A great person. Told him what I did (machinist/shop owner) and he knew all about the type of work that I do He is married to my old instructor's daughter (small world). We talked a lot and he said that he is pretty sure that I have allergic contact...
  6. motorworks


    Hi Another coolant question... I have used x-cool 2000 and Shell Sitala product in the past. Both are no longer available in my area. Back in April I switched to Rustlick ULTRACUT 370R. Not fully at first but slowly I changed the fluid in my machines (mostly manual machines) My hands got...
  7. motorworks

    kent cnc lathe...

    Hi Anyone using or know of the "KENT 18x40 CNC Lathe with Fanuc 0i " cnc lathe... They seem a good price....\ Just wondering...any info would be appreciated thanks eddie
  8. motorworks

    Threaded insert for plastic, larger than helicoil?

    Hi Got great results in plastic with these...not sure if they come in standard https://www.belmetric.com/timesert-thread-repair-%C2%AE-c-217.html?zenid=odhelgk2ngha34gunf8s97upl2
  9. motorworks

    In Respect

    Sorry to hear of you're loss eddie
  10. motorworks

    microscribe 3DX utility program

    Hi I just got a microscribe 3DX setup and I need the "inscribe free utility" I found a web site for it, but it no longer works. Does anyone have it, or know where to find it? It did not come with my probe. eddie
  11. motorworks

    Installing a bearing??

    Hi Yes a light bulb, a chandelier type :)
  12. motorworks

    Kipwaret for lathe

    Hi I was reading about Kipwaret for lathe and tried several times to download the trail... keep getting a viedo page. What's wrong, where do I get to get the demo Software looks good eddie
  13. motorworks

    OT: Oddball Thread Sizes

    "So I'm left with buying a M18 x 2.5 die and making my own threads" Plan to do these by hand? Not going to be easy
  14. motorworks

    OT - going back to school, a little at a time

    Your 35 now? In 5 years time you can be 40 with a degree or 40 without! Your choice, but you will still be 40! Go for it It will make a great 40th B-Day present!
  15. motorworks

    Make con rod for small engine?

    HFD Have a look here I rebuild cranks for ATV and Sleds They have a listings on rods via size: http://www.cvtech-aab.com/contenu/index_ang.cfm http://www.cvtech-aab.com/DocumentsAtelechager/2008/catalogue_11-08/motoVTT_appBielles.pdf
  16. motorworks

    Metric diameter steel rod source- shorts

    see: http://www.metricsteel.com/ "Metric diameter steel rod source- shorts" They sell full lengths..... As for metric fasteners, there are now many places selling these in Canada. Just do a search.
  17. motorworks

    How smart is Smart car?

    another reason to buy one see link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOgFPOG-fsY
  18. motorworks

    Importing German machine from Canada to USA - duty ?

    We Canadians are great guys Get him to send it via parcel post and mark it as a gift or sample :)
  19. motorworks

    600 group regrets going to China

    rc-ringer ;) e2die
  20. motorworks

    john that you hiding in there?

    john that you hiding in there?