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    GibbsCam Importing and Exporting newer and Older versions of SLDPRT, DXF ect. files

    You should be able to go into file and its either "save a duplicate" or "save a copy", then at the bottom underneath where you can name the file you can chose which version of Gibbs to save the copy as
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    Surface Finish Issues With Extended Length End Mills

    I guess I'm not surprised either you aren't getting a great finish with that high of feed and that length tool. I do lots of 10-15x D surfacing. I usually use a 1/2 tool and leave 1-5 thou going fast then finish going nice and slow with the finishing tool
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    Looking for some direction/ advice...

    Has anyone else on here used Solidworks CAM? I have no idea how good it is or ease of use, I've only used it for modeling and extracting dimensions for some manual jobs
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    Looking for some direction/ advice...

    If you will be creating your own models obviously Solidworks is a good place to learn, if you are being sent 3d models, I have gotten the most help from having someone nearby I could ask for help. I know that isn't always an option, but I had the luxury of learning to program on the job. We use...
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    OT:- 68,195,851 UK Covid-19 Survivors

    I can't be grateful for the freedoms me and my family enjoy by birthright based upon liberty and anti-coercive sentiment, and at the same time be spiteful when most of them are being challenged by authoritarian rule? Seems more like a regime than an administration at this point
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    OT:- 68,195,851 UK Covid-19 Survivors

    I bet, I mean I have a dog in this race and all but its just funny to see people going round and round without going anywhere for weeks now. Imagine if some HSM got this much response from his post on his new Mini Lathe
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    vaccine mandate

    It is an absolute straw man and categorical error to compare any vaccine we may have had in the past and these current "warpsccines." The different standards for testing effectiveness and safety are usually what's cited when I hear peoples objections. I know I know we have so much data and...
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    OT:- 68,195,851 UK Covid-19 Survivors

    where is my popcorn emoji when I need it? 29 pages later and its the same thing lol, commies using "trump cult" as an insult without the ability to recognize even the most glaring and utter failures of the former Vice President, and some righties stooping to the same level of playground...
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    "Drilled" hole tolerance

    bet the customer wouldn't like their part delivered according to his chart with a 1.511 bore if the print calls out +.0005,-0 on a 1.500
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    Haas CNC Reviews

    We also have great service from Productivity here in MN so no issue when there is a problem... Got me wondering if their service is nearly as fast with their Makino or Matsuura machines though
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    Facemill for light duty mill - aka 3 hp BP clone

    I ran a lot of 304, 316, 420,440c, and 17-4 on a knee mill at work. I found the best results with either a 2" 3 tooth or 2" 4 tooth Seco face mill. We had a 6" cutter I tried a few times, even in 303 a knee mill doesn't really have the rigidity for that type of milling