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  1. J

    Vise squad -- pics -- let's see yours

    Picked up this vise the other day has a name of Tri-Vise by Simco on it. I'm not familiar with the vise but seems to be well made and welcome any info on it.
  2. J

    Do you still have any straight edges available? If so would it be possible to get an approx cost...

    Do you still have any straight edges available? If so would it be possible to get an approx cost of the tool and shipping to OKC? Thank you for your time, Steve Schuler
  3. J

    Bridgeport Series 2 value?

    The original Series II 4J head is 4HP and beast. It's parts are spars and more expensive, however most of them can be had. I love my Series II 4J partly because it does weight a couple tons =)
  4. J

    Help with Mitutoyo Digimatic Scale Pinout?

    Would anyone happen to have any documentation on the pinout/color code for a Mitutoyo Digimatic scale that they wouldn't mind sharing? I have searched hi and low for this and have had zero luck. The pinout info for my Newall was readily available. Thank you Steve
  5. J

    Converting a 40 Taper Pull Stud From M16 to 5/8-11

    I have quite a few BT40 holders with M16 pull stud threads that were given to me. I know they are no use in my Fadal 4020 because of tool changer compatibility, but I have a Series II Bridgeport with a 40 taper and 5/8-11 drawbar. I share tooling between them by removing the pull stud for use on...
  6. J

    A very straight forward Insert question that is hopefully not too dumb

    Are any metric and imperial inserts equivalent in size and/or interchangeable? I'm going to guess no since I can't find an answer anywhere or equivalency chart, but heck I can't find my keys and sunglasses most of the time so.... Thanks to anyone willing to answer.
  7. J

    Videos with sraping content by Wes Johnson

    I can honestly say that ewlsey's channel quickly made it's way into my top 5 list and IMHO, if the way YT's suggested video feed wasn't so horribly bias to clickbaiting drama fostering "Jake Puals" he would easily have 10Xs as many subs. Just a very watchable, pleasant and educational channel...
  8. J

    Water cooled power cable for air cooled torch?

    Thanks. I already have a 20 flex and love it, I have this 9 flex also but no air cooled power cable for it. Thats why I was hoping to use this extra watercooled i have for it, but now I understand why it is not possible. I was just hoping to make another rig with spare parts. Instead I think I...
  9. J

    Water cooled power cable for air cooled torch?

    Thank you, that makes sense. I guess I was just thinking about the heat in the torch and not about the cable, but now I think I understand. In an air cooled torch uses the gas to cool cable not water, since air/gas does not cool as well the air torch cable is larger as to not generate as much...
  10. J

    Water cooled power cable for air cooled torch?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could help me with this. I've got an extra superflex power cable for my 2 series 20 water cooled torch and I have a 2 series 9F air cooled torch with no power cable. The fitting on the torch side of the cable is a 1/4" female (for a 20 water cooled torch) and...