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    Can anyone ID this lathe?

    Maybe DSG Link Page Title
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    WTB lathe for precision barrel work

    Here's one a few hours away. METAL LATHE They seem to come in spurts on the Craigslist and then its a dry spell. If you keep an eye on the Craigslists for Montana and Spokane you'll have some luck if you're patient. Some of the listings in Spokane are for items in Montana. Scott
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    FS - Sears Gears

    And if he doesn't I will. Scott
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    Stupid lathe chuck question - Unimat

    The two bars go into the holes and are used to open/close the jaws. Usually just for the final snugging up after you have it hand tight. Scott
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    Benchmaster horizontal mill

    R U interested in shipping it to Cranbrook, BC, Canada? Scott
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    New shop, Need a lot of machine tools, Quebec area

    Go look on the Bay. I see machines all the time I would buy if they weren't at the other end of Canada. Scott
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    Turret lathe beginner - help pls

    I took possession of my new (old) Weiler turret lathe and a box of tooling. But I've never run a lathe of this type. Could those out there point me towards a book, article or website that will get me started in the correct direction. And does anyone know if there is a manual available...
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    What kind of plane is that? Are there any more pictures? thanks scott

    What kind of plane is that? Are there any more pictures? thanks scott
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    WTB - Bridgeport Style mill (BC Canada)

    There was one on CL in Kennewick Washinton earlier today. Asking 5000 US and good accessories/tooling. Scott
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    Affordable US-made Mill/Drill?

    Van Norman on Riverside CL Theres a Van Norman on the Riverside CL for only $650. Just noticed it. I'm thousands of miles away so I cant touch it. Scott