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    Deckel FP1 nr 30537 Årsmodel

    from swedish to english in iTranslate.com: FP1 No 30537 Year model? Have just bought an old machine, probably 50 numbers? Looking for a manual for this. Needs description of function for speed and feeding levers and lubrication instructions. till originalposter: denna webbplats är engelska...
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    OT -need information about Chromebooks

    I remember that is was a bit nerve-wrecking at first "if you do this you will risk damaging your computer" It's been a while, and my 14y kid is using it now, so I don't have access. info at https://galliumos.org/ with wiki and forum support The change involved opening the case and setting a...
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    OT -need information about Chromebooks

    I read (on account of it being all googly): "A Chrome book is not a computer; it is a data-milking device, and you are the cow..." this is why, when given one, i converted it to Linux (GalliumOS), and now it's usable as a tablet-sized browsing thingy. Kind regards, Hans
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    Any benefits in mounting the tool post on the cross slide and removing the compound (Schaublin 135)

    I suppose the two slots are to accommodate the numerous accessories that Schaublin made for this system: grinding spindles, vertical slides etc.; for a lot of Swiss cottage-industry mechanics a Schaublin 102 could have been their only machine tool, so conversion to milling/grinding could be a...
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    Help identifying Pultra lathe

    That's because it's the serial number; the model number is 15/90 (as in : model 15, spindle height 90 mm) ~ 7 inch swing - please verify. You should definitely check http://www.lathes.co.uk/pultra/page9.html which has a write-up about this very model. there's a couple of them on UK Ebay; if...
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    A Deckel part and why I think Ebay has become largely irrelevant (Germany)

    Martin, that seems to me to reflect manufacturing culture; at least in the Netherlands, if you talk about a "draaibank" (lathe) people generally zone out very quickly. I once had a conversation with a guy on a train - I was carrying a lathe headstock, as I was prone to do in those days - and...
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    A Deckel part and why I think Ebay has become largely irrelevant (Germany)

    Hi Martin, Marktplaats is actually a division of Ebay; started independently in the dot-com-boom-years, and quickly became the leading "sell-your-stuff" site in Holland. Because of them, Ebay never took off here. So when the time came for the founders to strike it rich, Ebay bought them...
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    Buying a Schaublin 135

    IMO a repaint job on an old machine always looks worse than leaving the original paint. Unless. My vote is for cleaning the machine drastically and letting it be. If you go the Ruemema route and get the geometry back to better then new: then a repaint job (which takes ages when done right, and...
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    Buying a Schaublin 135

    Might be a good idea to get the money to the seller and secure a receipt, and worry about picking up the machine later. As in: tomorrow. Hans
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    Remanufactured Schaublin 102

    And that's why Schaublin machines don't use the umlaut themselves, neither in their curren incarnation at smsa.ch, nor in their older literature, where they say "SCHAUBLIN 12 FRÄSMACHINE" - note the Umlaut that is on the A in fräsmaschine, and is missing in schaublin - in a text otherwise...
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    What is the best way to secure wifi?

    While this is true when "they" start brute-forcing your credentials, most hackers nowadays first use lookup-lists obtained elsewhere, with something like the most used 1.500.000 passwords. that's where using G^h5DFEG4rTt beats Welcome12345. Hans
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    Is this a back-geared headstock?

    Yes, it's a backgeared headstock as Paolo wrote. From the given collet sizes and the pictures, I would suspect the collets to be W25. (25mm ~ 1 inch spindle bore): if the largest is 55/64th, it can't be a W20 (at max 20mm ~50/64th), and a 5C would have more "meat" left, I think. The stand is...
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    What is this machine?

    Hi Ron, I'm certainly no expert on these machines; I just vaguely recognized the pictures and concluded (what with the COSA label) that it was European, probably Swiss, probably watchmaking. A little searching ensued, et voila: a link. BTW, don't you just LOVE the name "Simplex" for such an...
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    What is this machine?

    Automatic Pinion cutting machine A Bechler Simplex horological gear making machine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_vkEisUo9k Hans
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    OT- Language question - Tapping Machine in German ?

    I'd say Gewindeschneidmaschine. An "n" on the end makes it plural. You might even try Innengewindeschneidmaschine. For Internal tapping machine - that gives me hits in my search engine of choice. Like Thermite says: string together the components into a single word. Good luck, Hans
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    A new collet for me .. What is it ..

    Canavese was an Italian lathe manufacturer check out INDUSTRIA MECCANICA TORNI TORNIO CANAVESE CREMA CREMONA MACCHINE UTENSILI | eBay which is a leaflet from the manufacturer. for sale 44 EUR or make offer. Apparently, it was a (now defunct) Italian lathe manufacturer. from La storia della...
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    Oil grooves and Deckels

    From a 1940s Schaublin catalogue:
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    Help! What is this? Precision Tool made in Japan

    Toolmakers microscope That looks suspiciously like a pair of centers for a Zeiss toolmakers micropscope Accessory box the microscope itself; the platter can be rotated and moved X-Y by micrometer; Measure distance by targeting one feature, go to the next and read the difference on the mics...
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    Schaublin 150 vs Colchester Master vs3250

    Maybe it's this one : Schaublin 150 completely disassembled! :-)