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    ER40 Collet chuck & block ??

    That looks like a handy mod to a QCTP boring bar holder. I can see doing that as well.
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    ER40 Collet chuck & block ??

    There are some reviews of these (unknown China vendors) of hex and square blocks, on Amazon where concentricity was a complaint. But cheap ER collet sets off eBay or Amazon have concentricity issues. They may advertise .005mm (2 tenths) runouts, but they are more like .05mm (2 hundredths)...
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    My Doodlebug tractor

    I purchased a Shaw Du-All at auction in 1986. It came with a single bottom plow and cultivation attachment. B&S Model Z engine. It's sitting out back rusting away. The tires were filled with brine, to get traction for the plow, but it leaked out and ate the steel rims. I wonder if a collector...
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    ER40 Collet chuck & block ??

    I have a project to convert a 5C spin index to use ER40 collets. See this guys making of hex and square 5C collet blocks; He had some issues that he worked out in later videos.
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    OT Spy balloon design and technology

    I was thinking the same thing, and when it was still in Montana. That missile went for the payload and blew it to bits. Damn difficult to see what technology they have, and were using. I would be pissed if I were the guy in a lab trying to put all the blown to bits pieces together. It would have...
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    will using an overrated VFD damage my motor?

    It's got to be the right voltage class, a 400 class will not run at 240VAC, that one is intended for 440-480VAC. Those 400 class VFDs are sneeky, and lots of them.
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    OT Storing a car in a dirt floor open front machine shed

    Mice may not be your only issue. I have a friend that got a Corvette from his father's estate. He parked it in what was a farm building with sliding doors. However there was a hole large enough for a racoon to get through. It tore a hole in the convertible top (hidden by the custom cover), and...
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    VFD for Cincinnati lathe with 3HP. Motor data plate pic attached.

    Over size by 2x only when greater then 3HP, as the input diodes are what limit operation from single phase power source. If you read the 3HP manual, you will see it can operate from single phase with no derating. That's a pricey unit for 3HP. Try this seller, and you can see their inventory...
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    Stuck Allen head bolt

    If you have enough sticking out of the broken end mill, put it in a bench vise, if you can bite it with the jaw, and use a strap wrench on the holder to rotate in the opposite direction of the end mill cutting rotation. The idea is to 'unload' the set screws from a slightly rotated endmill that...
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    Best way to buy/ship expensive item online from UK without getting scammed?

    Assuming it was a shill bid that exceeded you max. Look at all the bids from the auction and click on all automatic bids, if the same bidder that won the auction ran it up, I would offer the highest price of your bid, before a shill came into the auction. Ebay does not let buyers off the hook so...
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    How to get a decent mouse???

    I like the gaming mouse, as they have 7 buttons. For browsing you have a forward and back button on the left side your thumb manipulates. they have 4 levels of DPI precision with a button behind the scroll wheel/button. I've never had a problem with the $6-$10 ones on eBay.
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    Phase Conversion Only

    What is the model number of the VFD you have on this lathe right now? It might be robust enough to use single phase input power. If it will run on single phase input (some VFD's sense phase loss), I would use that. Yes, if the VFD diodes are not rated for full 5HP input current through single...
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    Best auto darkening helmet?

    When these autodarken helmets first came out, I got an expensive one, had to replace it as the head strap mechanism plastic failed. So I got a cheap one off eBay with large window area and 'tru-color". I'm happy with it, other then the odd battery it uses. I don't weld much, so the battery is...
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    My Dads Shop- advice for liquidating

    That is a function of the number of posts you have on this site.
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    Taiwanese Enco 1024 lathe - thread identification

    That could be 25mmx8TPI, turns out my Jet lathe was 50mmx8TPI, yup a bastard size chuck mount.
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    Hobby lathe or combo machine

    Where are you at? Just looking at Facebook market place, here's a lathe with a 2" through the head stock; Log into Facebook asking $1300, that's very light surface rust. Tooling looks like crap, but there may be some, just no photos. The video shows it running. This is in Olin Iowa, You don't...
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    Hobby lathe or combo machine

    Have you tried looking at craigslist and facebook marketplace? Do not pass up an affordable 3phase machine. You can get VFDs that convert single phase to 3 phase. They are easy to connect. That seems to be a show stopper to many wanting a garage powered machine. If you have to hire a rigger to...
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    O/T - High strength/temp elastomer for Lovejoy coupling?

    I would want to see the setup of how this is in your dyno. My experience with this sort of jaw coupling problem was on my skid steer, and it would eat any coupler I tried. There was a 5 thou misalignment. This coupling was driving the hydraulic pump. And I was more pushing snow then using the...
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    VFD vs phase converter

    Relative to a VFD vendor, I've had good service and price from these folks; Variable Frequency Drives - VFD - Dealers Industrial If you do look for a VFD off eBay, make sure it's a 200volt class, this is for 240VAC operation. The 400volt class is for 440VAC operation and can't be used for you...