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  1. David Ferguson

    How to slowly ramp up RPMs on motor

    I think Phil is suggesting a Variac, here is a link to the company's website: https://variac.com/index.html That is what your current speed controllers do.
  2. David Ferguson

    Does Anyone Here Do Signs? Aluminum Backing Vinyl Lettering

    We've had several custom signs from places like this. Fast and shipped to you. https://www.signs.com/aluminum https://www.smartsign.com/custom-metal-signs
  3. David Ferguson

    How to exit a dead end cut without moving the cross-slide?

    Perhaps you could explain the reason for not moving the cross slide? Won't you be able to put it back to the same position with the cross-slide dial, or DRO?
  4. David Ferguson

    Haimer Taster Arrow Not at Zero

    Uh, that's how it works, the edge you are finding is not in the center of the ball, it's at the edge, so the tip has to be offset 1/2 the diameter of the ball to get the needle to zero.
  5. David Ferguson

    Struggle Finding New Employees.

    I suggest you consider using a Machinist Recruiter. Yes, you will pay a premium (but only if you hire someone), but they actively go looking for the folks that aren't looking for a job.
  6. David Ferguson

    CNC Lathe only moves half the required distance

    Did you see this page on the Haas website: https://www.haascnc.com/service/codes-settings.type=gcode.machine=lathe.value=G171.html
  7. David Ferguson

    DNC software

    I use software from https://dncsoftware.com because it has X-Modem support to provide error-free transfer to my Fadal VMC. I've been using the same version for more than 10 years. Flawless..
  8. David Ferguson

    Mazak Quick Turn 8's Issues

    When I first installed my lathe, the hydraulic pump wouldn't run. Two legs of the 3-phase needed to be swapped to get the direction correct. Might be worth checking...
  9. David Ferguson

    Knob on my SL10 Turret?

    According to the service manual found here: https://www.haascnc.com/content/dam/haascnc/en/service/manual/service/english---sl-series-service-manual---2004.pdf I think it's the coolant knob (pg 276)
  10. David Ferguson

    new here looking for answers

    Have you conacted Fives Landis for support? https://www.fivesgroup.com/high-precision-machines/grinding-ultra-precision https://www.fivesgroup.com/high-precision-machines/grinding-ultra-precision/service/technical-support-training
  11. David Ferguson

    Face groove help

    if you start at diameter 13.380, and add a .254" wide groove, the outside diameter of the groove will be 13.888, since the groove width just adds to the radius and must be doubled for the diameter change.
  12. David Ferguson

    Fadal 88HS operator position page

    You want to use the Set Fixture Utilities. This offers functions to calculate a whole center from 3 positions, calculate a corners, or just jog to a specific location. It can compensate for the edge finder diameter as well.
  13. David Ferguson

    OT- Source of heavy duty mat for cabinet work surfaces ?

    lots of choices from McMaster-Carr in 1/4" thickness. This is solid. I have used 1/8" solid sheet for work surfaces in the past. https://www.mcmaster.com/rubber-sheets/thickness~1-4/
  14. David Ferguson

    Grizzley G4016 Need To Buy Linear Optical Scales

    Grizzly is/was an advertising sponsor. Perhaps they expect that to translate into some respect and help for their customers.
  15. David Ferguson

    Tool stops cnc lathe

    So you are feeding in, and the depth of cut should be 0.1mm. Has the stock been rough turned so that it is round? Do you start your feed in free air, so that the depth of cut is no more than 0.1 if the stock isn't round? How much horsepower does your lathe have?
  16. David Ferguson

    Does ANYBODY use eBay anymore?

    I went on ebay and searched for "tool setter" your device came up, but it looks like you have a lot of competition. Also the fact you have zero feedback (not a single transaction!) is a little disconcerting.
  17. David Ferguson

    Where can I find forming taps/material displacement taps?

    Commonly available at McMaster-Carr, $18 ea. https://www.mcmaster.com/taps/flute-type~fluteless/thread-size~m3/
  18. David Ferguson

    Cutting long stock on CNC Lathe

    And just because you have 10" of stock behind the chuck, remember it can still bend if you run it too fast. That is why CNC lathes often use spindle liners with an ID that is very close to the stock size.
  19. David Ferguson

    Cutting long stock on CNC Lathe

    How about some details. Specifically, what is the diameter of the stock? What is the length of stock that you are clamped on? What is the length of the stock sticking out of the chuck? What is the chuck hydraulic pressure? What kind of jaws (material, smooth/serrated, total grip...
  20. David Ferguson

    Wannabe Amature Home CNC Machinist, first time writing G-code and cutting metal, video - how's it look?

    The direction you are cutting (material cutting on the left of the cutter relative to the direction it's feeding) is called conventional milling. Sometimes you can get a better finish using climb milling, where the material will be cut on the right side of the tool relative to the direction of...