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  1. J

    Milltronics ML15 lathe Servo Drive Problem

    I have a Milltronics ML15 lathe with a bad servo board. I purchased a set of 3 boards from a Milltronics mill that have the same number (GA370-3 370-3001 (C). The original X axis card in the machine still works and the machine will home the X axis. If I try the new cards on the X axis it will...
  2. C

    Milltronics Partner 1 E

    ...repair and bought a new Brake resistor prior to this happening changed 2 encoders and also replace the monitor with a digital screen from Milltronics. The Belt is off in Z axis. Never completed the task of getting it running a local company shut down and I bought a Mazak to replace it...
  3. J

    Updating mill and lathe

    I'm curious why not a Milltronics lathe? What's your experience with them?
  4. T

    Value of machine in storage? Milltronics Partner 4

    I have a Milling machine in unheated dry storage, been there for almost ten years now. Milltronics Partner 4, Cent V controller on it. Head is off it, and otherwise just a few other of the peripheral parts had been removed for the move and been in storage since. If I were to sell it, what's it...
  5. A

    Milltronics ML15 lathe Servo Drive Problem

    contact Bob Mcmanus, he used to work for milltronics for more than 20 yrs, h has his own repair company in Minnesota, excellent guy, has helped me over the phone for free as late as 9pm ! his phone number is 952-288-6340. I have bought repair parts from him at much lower cost than milltronics.
  6. Milacron

    Two new forums added to PM... Fadal and Hurco, Milltronics

    In process of moving relevant threads from here to the new forums but it's a tedious process moving one at a time. Resisting a mass move as often enough a keyword is in a post not really relevant to Fadal, Hurco or Milltronics specifically. Meanwhile feel free to post away. :typing:
  7. J

    Tool Eject on Milltronics Partner 1 not working

    I have a Milltronic Partner 1-D with a Centurion 5 controller. Problem: Tool Eject button does not eject the tool. The machine is lightly used and never was used as a production machine .... mostly a hobby machine for me. For the past several years, its basically been used as a drill press...
  8. G

    Lathe program eliminating small fillet

    Never seen one much less programmed or run one.
  9. A

    CNMG 432 or 433 ?

    I have a cnc lathe inspector going to inspect a larger turning center on Monday, the lathe Is a Milltronics SL6, double the Hp and almost double the weight of my current cnc lathe.
  10. L

    Problema con el Amplificador del eje X

    Es un centro de mecanizado Marca Milltronics presenta falla constante en el amplificador del eje x
  11. Bakerprecision

    VMC vs CNC Knee Mills

    Anyone with experience on a Milltronics RW15? Found one locally for $16k (2006) 40x20x20 10hp, pretty clean looking. I can't find much info on these older Milltronics units. Are parts easy to find for these?
  12. M

    Looking to move into an industrial machine, and looking for the right machine for the job. Seeking people smarter than I to help guide me.

    I like Milltronics machines. They have a very user friendly conversational control and some decent high speed machining. I like their IL machines for the VMCs as the motors are mounted directly to the spindle and they aren't belt driven.
  13. U

    Who else uses or even knows about the quick to use ‘Automatic Chamfer’ feature on Milltronics Lathes?

    A couple years ago at my first CNC Machining job which happened to be a production programmer role; I was thrown onto a Milltronics Lathe (ML-20 Circa 1999), and shown the ‘automatic chamfer’ feature which I used to get around to modify and/or hatch out quick simple programs to face, spot drill...
  14. Ox

    Lathe program eliminating small fillet

    I seen a Milltronics lathe at The Tool Show several years ago, and I was waiting for it to break in half just sitt'n there. I can say that it did NOT put me in mind of my Monarch! -------------------- Think Snow Eh! Ox
  15. A

    small dia drill bit with replaceable tips

    ...i would get more comments about different brands of prarbolic flute drills, i may try a different brand or just keep going the way im doing it, the lathe is drilling these holes fine, im always thinking of ways to do drilling and other operations faster and better on my milltronics cnc lathe.
  16. Ox

    Lathe program eliminating small fillet

    I have 3 Fanuc's, and one Mits with a turret in the front (some also have another turret in the back as well) and they all program as if they were rear turrets. If Milltronics botched this up, that's just another reason to avoid. -------------------- Think Snow Eh! Ox
  17. Bakerprecision

    VMC vs CNC Knee Mills

    Does anyone know if Fusion 360 post processor (Milltronics) will work with the RW15?
  18. J

    Wanting to get into CNC and exploring options.

    ...is limited to mostly hobbyists with deep pockets. There are a ton of other makes that'd fit the bill used: Brother, Fanuc Robodrill, Southwest Industries, Bridgeport, Milltronics, etc.. Plenty of decent machines go for $5-13k. Just make sure to budget for rigging, transport and tooling as well.