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    FS: Oliver Die Filer

    sending you a PM.
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    FS B&S -Starrett- NSK- center drill lot- live centers-surface comparator gauge -V-blocks

    if you still have them, I will take J and L please. J. MT 3 live center $40 L. NSK Odometer style mic set 0-5 are the odo style 5-6 is standard type carbide faces friction thimbles tenth reading. $150 sending you a PM. jef
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    Starrett 663L micrometer heads

    sending a PM................
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    FS: Hold Downs

    sent a PM. .......
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    Monarch 10ee For sale

    sending you a PM...........
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    FS Van Norman 22L in northern NY

    sent a PM .........
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    Clausing 4 jaw chuck

    sending you a PM.....
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    FS: 3 bulk lots of taps

    i will take whatever taps have not sold, Peter. jef
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    FS: Lot of two part dies and free loc-line

    sent you a PM regarding these dies. jef
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    Is there any interest in resharpened end mills.

    i can use 1/2" and up. single or double end. most interested in roughers, but i'll take 2, 3, & 4 flute. heavy on the bigger sizes. I will PM. jef