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    Lincoln Tig 250 low stick welding output

    Is this a Lincoln TIG 250/250? I have one, bought used decades ago, troublefree for decades, real workhorse. It started acting real odd, couldn't figure it out, sometimes started an arc, sometimes just the HF, power was way off. Turned out to be the contacts in the contactor were worn down to...
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    Lincoln Tig 250 low stick welding output

    Have a look at your stick welding leads. I had a curious situation where the stick lead was grounding to the welder enclosure and draining off most but not all of the power. Worked fine on TIG through the torch cable. Also spread the leads out on the floor to make sure the wrapped up leads are...
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    4130 for sale

    Where do you buy 4130 Cond N rectangular. bar?
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    Will a 3 jaw power chuck work on a Warner Swasey #3?

    The issue is that the W&S closer pushes on the tube to close, and only pushes. A modern CNC chuck like a Kitagawa gets pulled to close and pushed to open. So you could make it connect by making some parts, but you could only grip on the ID of your parts, not the OD. The W&S actuator does not...
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    Off road forklift tires? 15x19.5 highway tires.

    Interco makes that lug tread tire, but I doubt it's highway rated.
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    unusual sized stel bar stock

    There is also Double Disc Grinding. An oversimplification is that they pull oversize material between 2 grinding wheels to take it down to size, and can hold close tolerances on size and squareness. I had it done at New England Grinding and Machine, and a couple other places, they ground 1/4 X...
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    slotter tooling

    PM Member Zahnrad Kopf is making them.
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    Automotive machining question…

    Early 2002. This is typical.
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    OT - Removing Bleaching? Sharpie Marker out of Granite Counter

    There are a lot of different concoctions all sold as Lacquer thinner. They even smell different.
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    Re-machine surface on a 5 feet square Acorn welding table, Greenville, SC.

    Weldsale does it, and I believe they are affordable, but they are in PA.
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    OT - Removing Bleaching? Sharpie Marker out of Granite Counter

    Motsenbocker's #3 is worth a try. It will remove permanent sharpie marks from whiteboards. I've used it successfully on some other odd stains that shop chemicals and cleaners wouldn't touch, like cleaner stains on anodizing.
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    A suggestion for dealing with hobby machinist posts

    I see. I stand corrected. From now on I will believe what you say, and disbelieve what I see with my own eyes.
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    Sealant/Glue for a Part Immersed in Gasoline

    Devcon (Now Loctite) 5 minute epoxy holds up to gasoline. My first application is now 30+ years old and still pliable, and still holding. Hardware stores have it.
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    A suggestion for dealing with hobby machinist posts

    I believe he's comfortable living rent free in your head 24/7.
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    Getting small internal threading bars in a hurry

    How many parts can you get out of a tool like that?
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    OT: Property Damage question... How long should it take to get information or even a police report.

    Sounds like the kid might be from a connected family and is being protected, eh? Try calling the office of your state representative or whatever it's called in NM, they profess to be helpful in problems with state agencies, getting them to respond when a citizen can't.
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    Vise chip covers?

    What is the best material to use to stand up to hot chips?
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    Face groove tool for large diameter

    I'll bet it will go larger than 999mm as is, they might be out of digits for that column of data. If not, a little dressing of the tool holder will make it work. It's worth calling Kennametal for their opinion. BTDT on smaller jobs.
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    Face groove tool for large diameter

    I'd think the 39" tool would work, either by starting at the small dia and working to the large dia or by relieving the inner side of the tool slightly. What brand is that tool - can you post a link?
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    Reconditioning a PLA-CHECK

    +1 for this, if you want to use it on the shop floor and not in a metrology lab. I redid a B&S Hite-Icator. I found the column was assembled of gage block quality parts that needed to be wrung together in order to not have a cumulative error as they were assembled. If I were faced with that...