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  1. ttrager

    Struggle Finding New Employees.

    Honestly, this doesn't make a lot of sense. I re-read the OPS post. He described the (reasonable) steps he's been taking to hire someone. He describes the working conditions (good), and the fact most of the people have stayed and are happy. He hasn't modified his business practices or hiring...
  2. ttrager

    Struggle Finding New Employees.

    There are two, and only two possibilities for having "qualified and experienced" employees in any Industry: 1) You hire someone so experienced you can basically black-box them into a position with minimum hand holding and continue to pay them enough they can't be "black boxed" out from under...
  3. ttrager

    Struggle Finding New Employees.

    The problem isn't new. The prevalence and magnitude since COVID is. IMO.
  4. ttrager

    Struggle Finding New Employees.

    IMO too many incentives have been thrown out there by our government for people to not work. About 2 years ago I think it was a couple of young fellows were laid off for a little while. People kept in touch though, and when they came back the story was they were making as much or more in...
  5. ttrager

    How to move on from a vital position?

    1) Identify the job responsibilities that make you a great employee, and that you enjoy doing and have kept you there (likely already know this) 2) Identify the factors that have you dissatisfied enough you are contemplating leaving (too little pay? too many hours? what have you) Start...
  6. ttrager

    Where can we find a good gunsmith machinist?

    Sort of old school in our modern age, but have you considered putting flyers for the position in gun ranges throughout the area that would allow it? Just a wild spitball, but gunsmiths like to shoot like anyone else who enjoy guns. To find Antelope stake out the watering holes? Maybe adverts...
  7. ttrager

    Wanted: Small-ish Optical Comparator

    Whatever you purchase, if it's used make sure you inspect it yourself 100% once installed, both the physical condition and all functionality. We had a nasty experience last year when The Boss bought a larger CCP from what he thought was a reputable CCP partner. Was supposed to be in great...
  8. ttrager

    What are smaller job shops doing for job routers/travelers?

    We have an old version of E2 from Shoptech, and we use the router's printed from that system. Small shop, 12 machinists + support/admin.
  9. ttrager

    Member Mike Powell doing O.K. ?

    Maybe. But the chemicals are real, their toxicity is real, the burning toxic smoke cloud is real, the plume and spread projection on a map by the Ohio governor I believe it was is real, and we have governmental agencies well practiced in cover ups, at all levels. In this particular event I...
  10. ttrager

    Member Mike Powell doing O.K. ?

    As we are finding out, burning Vinyl Chloride turns it into/creates Phosgene, a deadly colorless gas. I did some quick lookups and confirmed that Phosgene is created when you burn vinyl chloride, and also confirmed that Phosgene Gas was used in WW1 as a chemical weapon. (EDIT: Corrected to...
  11. ttrager

    Pre-Process Inspection

    "Making a new print" may very well not be bulletproof. Re-handling (or over handling) anything, particularly something that involves a lot of numbers and attributes opens the door to errors creeping in on each thing that's handled again. Where I am at some people had underestimated how...
  12. ttrager

    Cost effective Laser engraving solution

    We have an old Versalaser VLS 350 with a 50W CO2 laser module. I wasn't around when it was bought, and as I understand it it is an "entry level" laser. EDIT: It has a standard lens module with a .003 diameter beam and an HPDFO lens module for a .001 diameter beam. The HPDFO .001 beam is...
  13. ttrager

    Making SOP for new shop floor trainees

    I wouldn't hand them a Standard Operating Procedure, per se. I'd hand them a Setup Checklist. In a past place I worked we had distinct "Job Run Books" with several pages in them, but each page contained concise work instructions and checklists with no extra verbiage wrapped around them. They...
  14. ttrager

    Machine shop floor team development setup and management? How did you start?

    Perhaps, as others have pointed out in this thread, focus on distinct "small bites". When I read your opening post I interpretted a broader initiative to include a "foreman". How to you "take just a bite"? Lay out your tasks and needs, distinctly, so you can see them in a list. Then circle...
  15. ttrager

    Help With New Customer

    Good thread I'll be listening to.
  16. ttrager

    How do you find a good accountant?

    You have the two examples to work from. 1) The one you aren't happy with, and 2) Your brother's that you've praised. It's not an easy or fast answer, but the answer is: Bait your hook with what you like about your brothers and go fishing. Over and over, interview after interview. It's a...
  17. ttrager

    Task List for shop Departments

    It sounds as if you have people on staff capable of some moderate to advanced Excel work? MS-Access . . . might . . . work for you, assuming you had someone capable of VB coding. Multi-User, fully fledged application environment that's relatively inexpensive and manageable. Basic applications...
  18. ttrager

    Machine shop floor team development setup and management? How did you start?

    This is a complex thing you are looking at accomplishing. But it WILL, without fail, be one of the most significant experiences you will have in your lifetime of working, no matter how it turns out. While I don't know the specifics of your shop, there are some general guidelines that I believe...
  19. ttrager

    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    I've always had good luck with Peanut Butter. I remember one time in my youth when I was renting a basement apartment, we had a mouse problem one year. You could hear the little buggers scuttling around up in the drop ceiling. Prepping a couple of mouse traps while talking to the landlord...
  20. ttrager

    Can not do it the old way it would kill me...

    Best I can come up with, one of which is echoed by others in this thread: 1) Increase ventilation, add overhead air filters in key locations. 2) Don't know if this one makes sense in a machine shop, or at least I've not seen it yet as a general remedy (not counting environments requiring...