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    I bought a STRYCO blade welder

    I anneal before grinding the weld, then anneal afterwards, easy to see color. As I remember the instructions I found from Lenox say to pulse the anneal button to control the color and time to cool. I have to admit I've gotten to red, but then pulsed back to blue, and had no troubles at all. I...
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    Would like to Borrow/Rent/Buy a 3/4" square broach.

    Can you adapt a square hole sleeve or bushing?
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    Brass "Chime" tube - 1.125"od x .028" wall x 51.5"long, 34pc - $250

    Got this tubing from the auction of an outfit that made grandfather clock movements 50 yrs ago. They used it for the chimes, I think it's red brass, but not sure. Moving to a smaller shop, time to let it go.
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    Miniature bullet alignment pin

    I don't get how this simple question became such a mess. The OP asked where to source an item, and when people stated he needed to post more information in order to have them made, he clearly stated he wanted to buy "off the shelf". Either suggest a source or move on. What is everyone so bent...
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    Steel Plate, Blanchard ground, 3’ x 3’ x 1.210” $75

    Depends on how strong you are Ken... Will email you
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    Steel Plate, Blanchard ground, 3’ x 3’ x 1.210” $75

    I have a 36” x 36” x 1.210” Blanchard ground steel plate, was base of a large cnc milling fixture. Has 1/2-13 and 5/16-18 tapped holes, no rust, just some coolant stains. As far as I can tell it's within the specs of Nifty Bar for flatness, new would be over $1000. I was going to use it for a...
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    Options for a simple DRO on a tables saw

    Funny to have a woodworking forum on a machinist's site, the tolerance decimal point is one over from metal, or two for grinding! That being said, some of us do try to work as accurately as possible, whether it's necessary or not, including me. I have a dial indicator on my resaw fence, and...
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    Odd endmill break

    Could still send it to them, nothing to lose
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    DRO mount idea.... using 15mm "camera mount" standard rods and clamps...

    IMHO, nothing digital looks as rich as a high quality silver based black & white print.
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    Zoro is their stock low or search engine gone bad, both?

    I liked how Zoro would periodically offer 20% off, plus the free shipping for orders over $50. But I agree, the search engine seems dysfunctional these days. Hope they aren't on the way out...
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    Misleading auction information, what are my options?

    I had a similar sort of experience with Stronghold Auctions on Bidspotter. They had an electric pallet jack I wanted, listing said it was in Buffalo, I'm in Rochester, easy pickup. But looking closer it says shipping only, no pickup. I call to inspect it, they tell me it's been moved to their...
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    Round Shaft holding using Ball Bearings and a Box Wrench technique

    I've used a wood block bored to size and split. But then I'm a woodworker...
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    Misleading auction information, what are my options?

    Do you know a lawyer? This sure sounds like fraud to me, and interstate, so federal.
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    OT: what can i use to hollow out a tree stump?

    Yeah, the chain saw discs really make chips fast. $30 at HF https://www.harborfreight.com/4-in-22t-carving-disc-57886.html
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    Turning large rubber rollers?

    This outfit has the above plus these: https://rolmaconglobal.com/product/rubber-turning-tools/
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    Straddle stackers - anyone used them?

    Thanks for all the input. I wound up buying an older Presto semi-electric for $500. It's surprisingly easy to maneuver, even on the old funky wooden floors of the old shop. Has 5 wheels - big center steering wheel, 2 smaller swivel casters on either side in back for stability. Downside is...
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    Hydraulic oil for older Yale & Presto electric jacks - how critical?

    Recently acquired a used Yale electric pallet jack and Presto electric stacker. Both need some oil, I'm wondering if It's important to use what the makers recommend or will any quality hydraulic oil do? Also, as I have no idea what's in them now, can I just top them up or is there a problem...
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    Milwaukee Cordless Power Tools

    I'd look at the model numbers, if they're the same you're probably safe
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    How to clean out 10/32 threaded hole from chips?

    I tried form taps for 10-24 in brass, worked great for me. Now I use them wherever I can in brass and aluminum, especially blind holes
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    deleting "conversations"

    If you click on the "conversation", there is a box on the upper right that says "leave" click that, confirm it, and it's gone. Going thru that reminds me of the Lord High Executioner's song in the Mikado, by Gilbert & Sullivan