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    Looking into a Mazak QT15n

    For whatever it is worth- the older controllers are not forward compatible with Mazatrol programs written on the newer controllers. Newer controllers are backward compatible. In other words, if you write a Mazatrol program on say, a Matrix machine, you cannot use it on a T-32.
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    The Ethics of Automation

    Dont be stupid
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    The Ethics of Automation

    Just want to make this clear. I have never re-posted anything from Facebook and anyone who believes ANYTHING they read on Facebook is an idiot.
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    Mazatrol Matrix Nexus - Unwanted Taper in BAR OUT

    Maybe hacky means something different in Sweden than in the states. :eek:
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    The Ethics of Automation

    This is pretty informative. https://towardsdatascience.com/the-truth-behind-facebook-ai-inventing-a-new-language-37c5d680e5a7 Shutting down a chat bot when it stops showing a reasonable outcome is about as ominous as changing a faulty light bulb.-that is from the article.
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    Have you ever made your own chuck? If so how did it go?

    You are all going the wrong way. How about a one jaw chuck?
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    Where are the six new steel mills?

    How about this, Republicunt cuntservatives. That's even better.
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    Where are the six new steel mills?

    We drink real beer where I come from. Not that piss water.
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    Where are the six new steel mills?

    I know some cuntservatives that are good machinists.
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    Fairer taxes, less stressed small businesses (and workers?)

    What the hell is a deuche? Are you calling him a German or something?
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    Where are the six new steel mills?

    God bless the liar. The thief. The draft dodger. The coward. The bully. The psychopath. The misogynist. The adulterer. The criminal.
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    OT Voith-Schneider tugboats.

    Pretty cool engineering, technology. Voith Water Tractor Movie (en) - YouTube
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    Mazatrol Matrix Nexus - Unwanted Taper in BAR OUT

    Agree. Definitely a tool data issue. When in doubt, describe your tool as SPT or NO TOOL, whatever option it is that your control will give you.
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    Where are the six new steel mills?

    Portland is a world away from me. I'm on the right side of the mountains.
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    How does the Chinese energy crisis is affecting your business

    If nothing else, I give the Chinese credit for having a much better grasp on reality than so many Americans. Do they have dumbshit conspiracy theory morons over there like we do in the U.S? Totally freaks me out how people here believe in that Q Anon vomit. Chemtrtails, stolen elections, child...
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    Where are the six new steel mills?

    Everybody calm down, I just heard that JFK is returning and will put Trump back in the White House. Everything will be all right.
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    Bad luck hiring experienced employees

    We see the same thing. In fact, so much of it that we have given up on finding experienced employees that work out. The ex-Boeing guys are the worst. They talk big, but mostly do not know shit. Or they will want to reinvent the wheel on repeat jobs that run great the way we are currently doing...
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    O.T. Hearing aids

    A recent change in Federal regulations will allow hearing aids to be sold over the counter. This should bring the price way down.
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    Tool offset in mill/turn machine

    Tell us what kind of machine and control.