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    Material FS: Brass & Inco 718

    UPDATE: Brass is gone! Thanks guys, Nik
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    Material FS: Brass & Inco 718

    Don't know what the deal was, that's just what it said earlier. Anyways, PM sent. Nik
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    Material FS: Brass & Inco 718

    Clear out your inbox please. Nik
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    Material FS: Brass & Inco 718

    Wow, stuff that gets shipped to me seems to go around the whole country too:willy_nilly: Glad it got there in one piece! ;) Nik
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    Material FS: Brass & Inco 718

    UPDATE: ~25 lbs of brass plugs left. Nik
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    Material FS: Brass & Inco 718

    NP man. A med flat rate will hold the remaining 40 lbs so it'd be $49 shipped. I believe a small flat rate will hold ~10 lbs, so $16 shipped (pending actual amount shipped). Nik
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    Material FS: Brass & Inco 718

    UPDATE: ~40 lbs of brass remaining. Yall are right, the plugs are ~.500 x ~.750-1.750. It's a 6" rule in there. IIRC I was told brass. I'm posting some comparison pics...the slug is 360 brass & the filed areas look pretty similar to me. Nik
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    Material FS: Brass & Inco 718

    I have ~90 lbs of brass plugs that were used in rubber molding. Don't know the specific alloy, and they are all different lengths. $100 OBO I also have a piece of 718 Inconel, no certs. Min OD is 4.375, max is 4.800, OAL is 5.830. Weighs ~34 lbs. $100 OBO I'll take Paypal, cashier's check...
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    Ductile cast iron ring, run-out/ovality

    Modified jaws like yours help...but they still don't hold a candle to pie jaws. It might help to skim your jaws, then indicate them clamped & unclamped. I found that the jaws themselves were springing & distorting & transferring that to the parts.
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    Feeds and speeds for turning/drilling(walking)boring 15-5 Heat Treated 36-40 Rockwell

    You'd do well to give it a pilot hole with a stubby drill as deep as the spade insert is long. Allied has deep hole guidelines on their website too. How well are the drills aligned? IME, this makes a huge difference.
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    How do you get an internal thread on size quickly?

    Functional Size Gages | Gagemaker Small Diameter Gages | Gagemaker While these are pricey, it's worth every penny, IMO. The bigger types (+1.5") use interchangeable thread rolls for measurement. I've never used the small ones (.625-1.5 range), but I love using the other ones, both OD & ID...
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    G76 X... Z-(1 lead) K... D0500 A0 F... Add +.150 to your groover Z offset if it's not synced with the threader &work your way in. Leave Rapid at 100%. As was said, rapid & spindle speed will affect length of the pullout
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    Npt tapping lathe speed and feed help

    Feed hold behavior varies by parameter settings. It can either finish the pass then return to start or immediately retract, return to start, then the next pass continues at the next diameter. What I don't know, and never had the balls to test, is whether it'll keep the lead during the...
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    Overload Crash 6.5" dia facemill

    Seems like the probe routine should be checking Z height of those bosses/other features, then assign it to a variable. Make rough ops a macro reading the variables to determine starting Z for roughout. No air cuts. No crashes like this either. I don't get why an operation like that would...
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    sfpm for shiny surface with carbide tools

    IME, it's all about the heat generated at the edge + the material. Have you tried running you finish pass dry? At a lower sfpm of course.
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    Haas G13 = What in Fanuc?

    Not a canned cycle, but what about G02.1/G03.1?
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    What type of management system would be appropriate for a small business "going bad"?

    One problem I see is that you're their friend. And friends aren't supposed to hurt each other, right? So why would your guys expect any consequences from you? IMO, leaders do need a certain distance. Be as friendly or nice as you like, as long as everyone knows that not performing their job to...
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    tool pressure and hole tolerance after slotting

    I've run parts where we had to rough, stress relieve, 2nd rough w/ sharp .015R, pull part & let it sit overnight, finish with .007R, then pull & let sit some more to see if it'd warp out of tolerance.
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    Long length boring bar

    Should have said "in that size range"...longest I've personally ran was a 3" ~44" long devibe.