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    RFQ - Small 1/8" Aluminum Plate

    Hello, What sort of tolerances do you require? Do the edges require chamfering and are the corners kept straight or do they need to be rounded at all? Are there any additional features on the plate to consider (ie any holes etc)? Thank you
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    OT- Is there a bank account that does not allow withdrawals?

    Having worked in a banking institution, I would suggest you get into a bank and have a word with them. I think this situation can be seen in two different ways. 1. That you would like to generously financially help your niece through a rough time and want to ensure she is using those funds for...
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    Are McMaster-Carr's web site admins a bit strange?

    As far as I knew McMaster Carr does ship outside of the USA. I came across their international shipping terms a few weeks back and there was nothing to say that it would be an issue, although from my understanding international shipment for them is relatively new. I do find it odd that the...
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    Dunn & Bradstreet just wasted 20 minutes....

    This reminds me of the "local yellow pages" calls we constantly get though! We actually have a briefing for new employees as to how to handle their call as when they call they somehow think that by "updating your details" they have got you to agree to something (we still haven't figured out what...
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    RFQ - Small Aluminum Round Part

    Do the edges need to be sharp or would you want a radius on them? Countersinking around the top of the drilled hole? What is it for (if you cannot say what exactly - roughly what industry)? Thank you
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    Firing a customer when they still owe you money

    Politely decline, tell them you're too busy and suggest another shop? It's not worth turning a burnt bridge to ash, especially if you have not completed business as such. I appreciate it can be frustrating if you have a strained relationship with your customer, but you certainly don't want to do...
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    Crunching the numbers to self employment

    Do you have a regular customer or do you take a lot of little jobs? When our shop owner went into self employment he was working full time along with an additional 40 hours between evenings and weekends and he was behind on work, so he was confident walking out of his previous job that it could...
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    OT: Best way to initiate an ebay return?

    I do a bit of selling on ebay and have had a maybe a couple of instances ever where the buyer has claimed it to not be as described. I appreciate an email to say hey this is not right and if I can I refund them a fair sum we agree on if it is something I have not noticed. If I for some reason...
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    OT- Protecting smart phone data if phone is lost or stolen

    The password protection on apple products are okay, but with voice recognition or fingerprint recognition there are still ways around it and the right person with the right knowledge can get into the phone. Most people who have stolen an iPhone just try to wipe it without getting into it and...
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    LIX 3D Printing Pen - Shut up and take my money!!!

    I came across this on the news yesterday and I know its so simple and effectively is like a glue gun pen (except what is expelled is rigid) but this is so cool. I want one so bad! The phrase "Shut Up and take my money comes to mind!" It is not yet released but slated for release later this year...
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    For Sale MN Bridgeport EZ Path 1 CNC Lathe, Prodigy gang lathe injection mold machine

    Prodigy is no longer available for sale. The boy injection mold machine is now the only machine listed above still available. Thank you.
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    For Sale MN Bridgeport EZ Path 1 CNC Lathe, Prodigy gang lathe injection mold machine

    To clarify on the Boy Injection Mold Machine - this can be purchased without the dryer at $2000, or with the dryer for $2500. Thanks
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    For Sale MN Bridgeport EZ Path 1 CNC Lathe, Prodigy gang lathe injection mold machine

    Sorry - they wanted to come up as the same photo in the post above.
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    For Sale MN Bridgeport EZ Path 1 CNC Lathe, Prodigy gang lathe injection mold machine

    Sorry for the delay in photos. The EZ Path has been sold, the Prodigy gang lathe and Boy injection mold machine listed above are still available. Here are photos :
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    For Sale MN Bridgeport EZ Path 1 CNC Lathe, Prodigy gang lathe injection mold machine

    Hello everyone, Due to a recent upgrade in machinery we are selling a few machines to make space for our new arrival. Potential buyers should be aware they are responsible for any costs associated with trucking. These are all sold as is, all machines can be viewed in our shop under power in...
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    wedding band

    There's a website - tungstenpride.com they're selling the rings from anywhere between $200 - $1000 and they claim it's safer than gold, platinum etc. they have a link to a video of a demonstration for a product called the ring cracker which goes over the finger and ring and when a screw is...
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    wedding band

    I am not sure I will ever look at a sock the same :eek:
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    wedding band

    Making your own ring is very sweet. Too many people go out and break the bank on a ring, when once you say your vows and put it on your finger it all means the same thing. I wear a titanium ring I made two years ago along with my wedding ring and I've never had any trouble with it, haven't even...
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    Patent Question, false oath

    America Invents Act was signed in by Obama - I knew it changed the way you challenge patents, googled it quick and found this Mechanisms and Strategies for Challenging Patents at the USPTO in the Wake of the America Invents Act | Articles | Finnegan was very interesting read. We deal with a...
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    Drilling 304 stainless

    I had a quote for 304 and 316 recently. I quoted same diameters of a few different diameters and the 316 I at least $1.00 more per lb average from various suppliers we use. (Some way more than $1.00 per lb) We primarily use 303 and much prefer running that. 303 is around the same price as 304...