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    Explosion with serious injuries at Ohio metals plant

    Do any of you guys work here? https://www.wowktv.com/news/west-virginia/fayette-county-wv/crews-on-scene-of-fire-at-plant-in-fayette-county-west-virginia/
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    Large train derailment in Ohio.

    Any of you guys work at the metal fabrication plant in Bedford Ohio?
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    Suggestions for New Co-Moderator to South Bend Lathes

    Congrats! May you never have the need to swing The Ban Hammer! lol
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    Electrical markers? Yes, 500 minimum. Ah, I will make my own...

    I looked all over for those when I was re-building my lathe.
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    Help Needed Identifying my South Bend Lathe

    Nice looking machine. Definitely metric from the ID plate.
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    Four jaw chuck recommendations

    Man I wasted a ton of time looking for that thread, but couldn't find it. I found my notes though as the info seemed really good to me when looking for a lathe chuck and considering the contemporary offerings. Here are the ones that were in high regard for buying new today: Gator Fuerda Sano /...
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    A question about the new ratcheting flex head box wrenches

    I don't know about what you are calling "new" but the Gear Head ratcheting swivel head combo wrenches I have are top notch. Mine are about 15+ years old, metric and standard sets. Not sure if the quality has changed but I am a pretty serious gear head working on everything from vintage...
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    Four jaw chuck recommendations

    There was a thread recently about good chucks in the "General" section. Those guys were mentioning brands I never heard of that they really liked, all Asian names. See if you can find it, it will give you some options. The Sanou (sp?) mentioned in here was liked.
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    Where does the term "Fillister" (as in Fillister Head") comes from?

    All I know is that a good Pan Head Screw can be turned down to make one!
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    Local trucking - Oahu

    Another lead. I just left a client and he was taking a delivery from Aloha Freight. He recommended and gets a lot of steel and welding materials delivered from various places. I was impressed because the driver called 5 minutes before he got there and was on time and also asked for help to...
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    SB Drill Press Multi-Speed Attachment

    I know that a functional part wouldn't have to be as elegant as the SB part but usually I go for the aesthetics since I have time.
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    Local trucking - Oahu

    I've used a bunch of them. Can you be more specific? Are these empty pallets? Is this a delivery to a gate or inside the base? You might call DHX in Honolulu and see what they can do. Local Office 808.841.7311 or [email protected] For my personal smaller stuff I really like this guy who...
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    Advice for the greenest student imaginable

    This is the strangest thread I have seen in a long time. I don't understand the OP or any of the responses. Maybe I am too green at trolling? Insensitive? Either way it's clear that there are a lot of people on here that are willing to help out those with questions, so that is nice too see since...
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    SB Drill Press Multi-Speed Attachment

    There is another forum I look at sometimes that approaches projects like this as a "group" project. They get a tally of how many people want one and then figure out a design. People look at the parts list and see what parts they could make and it gets group fabricated piecemeal. Each person...
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    OT: warning GE fridges do not work

    That sucks, We've always had high end stuff until this last house, big fan of basic sub-zeros like the model 690 but anyway the place we have now was a rental and so I have a full suite of very not fancy GE everwhere, it's ugly, it's simple, it looks cheap but you know what? It works pretty darn...
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    Large Diameter (12-16") Smooth Surface Stainless Drum - Need Ideas arbor

    I like the stock pot idea! Overstock.com might have one for cheap. Don't understand the arbor requirement, how fast does it spin? The bottoms of a lot of the stock pots can be thick. Can you use one that has a copper sandwich bottom? Those are even thicker. Is the axle like the handle on this bell?
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    Please help with thread cutting

    Emotional support?... "Emotional" support? Where do I send the invoice for the "Tech Support"? I got five kids to feed man. lol
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    Another third world machining video - but well done!

    When he is turning the diameters down on the crank halves, why does he rough in a taper first? Ah I watched a little farther and I see that he was looking for relief to weld downstream but it seemed odd to me.
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    When the Tailstock & Follower Rest are Heavier than a SB 13"

    Wow! awesome pics. Will definitely pop over to your thread. Look at that follow rest! Makes the 13 look like a toy!