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    At whits end with a employee

    I had considered this but after a bit of reflection I think it could possibly create a worse attitude. It might be "he can't handle the truth"
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    Thread gauge help.

    To add to this, is the ring gauge used, if so inspect the internal threads for any trash/ bits of metal that can get lodged and ground into the threads. In another life I inspected parts(lots of them) with that style of ring Gauge and that caused issues due to the tighter fit. Hodge
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    Is my bench lathe for production idea viable?

    That's what I was thinking. I did get lucky and picked up a harding turret Lathe (hc) in the price range your indicating. Though it's been a few years and prices have gone up. Hodge
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    OT: what can i use to hollow out a tree stump?

    Heck, just get a log same diameter, hollow it on lathe of choice, attach to stump.......voila On the plus side you already know how to bore the log. ... .🤣
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    Who makes the classic 'belt disc combo' sander/grinder with dust collection in the base ?

    I picked up a second hand Kalamazoo and if memory serves me correct it had a 3hp motor on it
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    OT Recommendations for Best Garden Tractors

    Does that model come with the extra operator's needed to run it?
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    Clausing drill spindle rpm reduction

    Assuming it only has 2 pulleys, add a third for extra gear reduction.(in between pulleys) I converted one years ago with a larger chuck and it worked a treat. Dropped the low speed to a very usable range. This seems to be an issue with a number of 110v drill presses. It didn't hurt that I had...
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    Undercutting the dogs on gears in a motorcycle gearbox

    On a positive note, opscimc was active yesterday. He's still around for an update on the Mc gear undercutting thread.
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    OT-super capacitor to help lawnmower start?

    Assuming this is an ohv setup, as most are these days, check your valve adjustment. Ran across this a few years ago on a smaller B&S. It solved hard starting/cranking issues and weak performance dramatically. You may have covered this point already but I mention it due to the difference it...
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    Hog wash

    Well, the good news is that you aren't behind a house of ill-repute. On second thought, that might increase business....... maybe a new location?
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    Cutting #8-32 threaded rods

    I use a mini chop saw that utilizes a thin cutoff wheel. It incorporates a small clamp which I added a threaded stop. I have done thousands of cutoff operations with small threaded stock. Short of going fully automated it's the quickest way I've found. I also have a harding turret...
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    Large radius cutter for the lathe?

    That was what I was thinking(sorta)
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    Large radius cutter for the lathe?

    With 3 fingers.......
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    Jet 13 x 40 Lathe

    Electric fence by chance?
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    Why do people buy massive lathes for their home shop?

    That should be against the law... period. Unfortunately the world seems to be full of entitled idiots with way more money than sense. Back on topic: My over over-sized lathe to shop ratio happens to be a 1946 American Pacemaker 16x102. Way to big for my shop. Had to add a little extra to one...
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    Advice wanted for an apprentice beginning his tool collection

    Hey Matthew, Congratulations on your career choice. It's not the easiest path out there and fairly costly acquiring proper measuring equipment and tools. Bit of a learning curve as well. This leads me to this observation: You should be making $15.00 or more an hour at...
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    Source for small chain/wire hardware

    Lowes maybe
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    O.T. ~ "CVT"s ~ Continually variable (automobile) transmissions

    What is considered regular maintenance on a cvt?
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    What is that ?

    Color me impressed, quite the well thought out response and explanation. This should be in the stickies.